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Visualization and meditation are powerful forces that can help you control your body with your thoughts. We consulted many experts as well as our community members to provide solutions that have helped many women conceive, heal after cancer treatment, and achieve other important health goals.

Natural Cycle Fertility Success after IVF- Amanda’s Success Story

We have always wanted children and when we had difficulty conceiving it changed everything. After so much testing it was still unexplained infertility. They say getting a diagnosis of infertility is as stressful as a diagnosis of cancer. It felt that way and it changed our marriage. We underwent the long journey of infertility treatment… Read more “Natural Cycle Fertility Success after IVF- Amanda’s Success Story”

Eva Selhub, M.D., Physician, Clinic Instructor at Harvard Medical School and Author of, The Love Response®

Eva Selhub

Circle & Bloom offers empowering mind-body programs. Their guided visualizations can help patients not only manage infertility, but many other health issues to find happiness and wellness.