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Welcome our guest blogger A Birth Within. “The journey to becoming a parent is a different road for every woman. Fertility by Hypnosis® relieves stress and empowers women to fulfill their dreams and prepare their mind, body and spirit to conceive a child.”

Due to its unique ability to address the body, mind, and spirit, hypnosis has been used for many decades to treat a variety of health conditions. Today more than ever, physicians and their patients are taking the need for holistic care to heart, and those struggling with infertility are looking for ways to maximize its treatment and minimize the stress and pain it can cause.

Fertility challenges often result from a constellation of factors, and a diagnosis of “unexplained infertility” can be especially confusing and discouraging. Chronic stress, anxiety, or depression can result in a suppression of the reproductive system. The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)—a network of nerves connecting the organs of the body to the spinal cord—is responsible for maintaining the body’s internal equilibrium. The sympathetic nervous system is a component of the ANS that is responsible for the infamous “fight or flight” response to stressors. Intense or repeated emotional responses to personal, social, and work-related stressors can cause a physical reaction in the body, throwing it into a state of emergency. Since the reproductive system is unnecessary for immediate survival, its function is suppressed and the body’s energy is directed elsewhere in preparation to fight or flee. This response is our body’s way of protecting us from harm; however, modern-day stressors can be constant and all-consuming, leaving us suspended in survival mode.

Common stressors that may affect fertility (to name only a few) include the strain of “trying” to conceive and being unsuccessful; worry that you’ve “waited too long” to try to conceive; anxiety caused by invasive infertility-related medical procedures; unresolved grief from a previous miscarriage or abortion; memories or current experiences of abuse; and persistent beliefs that you will be a bad parent or be unable to conceive.

Negative messages that we receive from the media, family, friends, co-workers, and healthcare providers can manifest themselves as subconscious blocks, preventing the body from regaining the equilibrium lost in fight or flight. As long as the negative thoughts or feelings generated in response to these messages are internalized, or stored in the subconscious, they can possibly alter ovulation patterns, disrupt hormonal balance, and lead to any number of other barriers to conception.

Hypnosis is the most direct and effective way of tapping into the subconscious mind. Far from the strange, amusing, (sometimes even frightening!) portrayals of stage hypnosis that we see on TV, the hypnotic trance is as natural as a daydream and entirely self-controlled. Skilled hypnotherapists can ease you into a relaxed state where you will become acquainted with your subconscious and begin to reverse the negative thoughts and feelings that are potentially damaging to fertility.

Fertility hypnosis programs are not only designed to aid relaxation and enhance the efficacy of medical treatments, they are designed to help you get your life back and look forward to all its possibilities. You will become empowered to stop waiting for the other shoe to drop, stop preparing for the “worst case scenario,” and instead look forward to experiencing a healthy pregnancy and appreciating the natural healing powers of your mind and body.

About A Birth Within

Jacqui Pilla is the founder of A Birth Within, and Meg DeSanta, certified fertility and Birth by Hypnosis® consultant. A Birth Within offers both fertility (Fertility by Hypnosis®) and pre-conception hypnosis programs at its North Andover practice in person and by phone. For more information, visit its Website at www.abirthwithin.com.

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