Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions Page.  Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Will the program work for me if I have longer/shorter cycles?

Yes, our programs are adaptable to shorter and longer cycles. You can skip, repeat, or double up on sessions as needed and still get 100% of the benefits. Remember, it’s not the exact timing that matters, it’s that you take time for yourself every day for an enjoyable, relaxing way to feel in greater control over your body and health.

Can I download directly to my iPhone, iPad, or other smart phone?

Yes. 1. First, make sure that you’ve run all of the software updates on your mobile device and download the free app, iZip, from the App Store.
2. On your phone, open your email you received after your purchase. Click on your download link.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to “click here”. Click only only once when directed. It can look like nothing is happening at this point, but that’s okay. The download is working, there just isn’t always a progress bar displayed. Give your mobile device plenty of time to process the download. This step can take up to 15 minutes, depending on your cellular network’s speed or the strength of your wi-fi signal. If it still looks like nothing is happening after 15 minutes, give your phone and additional 10 minutes to process the download.
4. When your zip file appears on the screen, you should have the option to “Open in ‘iZip’” in the upper corner. Click here once. (This may also take a few moments to process)
5. iZip will open and ask “Would you like to extract all files?” Choose OK.

You will now be able to listen to your download directly on your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device directly from the iZip app!

(Note: The mp3 files will not be in your iTunes. Whenever you want to listen please open iZip and listen to the files directly from there. If you want to be able to listen to your download in iTunes we recommend downloading to your computer first. Then sync your mobile device to have the program in your iTunes on your mobile device.)

How can a simple Mp3 file really affect my health and reproduction?

The answer lies in our brain-body connection. Based on scientific evidence, we all have the power for self-healing by directing the intelligence of our minds to help the physical make-up of our bodies. A subset of this phenomenon is the proven stress-infertility connection. Stress is something that experience from an emotional perspective, yet it is clear to have detrimental effects on our reproductive health. Our programs not only utilize the powerful mind-body connection, but it also helps minimize the stress influence as well. The Mp3 programs and sessions use a creative combination of music and words to help you bring your body back to health and wellness.

What types of infertility was the Natural Cycle Program designed for?

Our flagship program, the Natural Cycle Mind-Body Fertility Program, was designed to help reduce the anxiety and stress associated with trying to conceive, therefore, anyone experiencing problems getting pregnant can use this program to better align your mind-body connection and help your body find balance. We’ve had women diagnosed with unexplained infertility, endometriosis and PCOS all become pregnant while using our programs.

I have not been diagnosed with infertility but I would like to keep my changes of pregnancy as high as possible. Should I still use the program?

Yes, especially if you have been experiencing growing anxiety as it relates to your pregnancy goals. This program should help you reduce the levels of anxiety associated with getting pregnant, and studies have shown a direct link between stress and infertility.

Why are there multiple audio files?

In our product design and research, we discovered that the best possible way to connect mind-body healing with our fertility cycles – both natural and medicated – would be to track our product with the daily changes in our bodies accordingly. Every day our hormones are changing as we move from the follicular phase, to egg maturation and ovulation to the luteual phase. Therefore, since our program is designed to best elicit the mind-body connection, we thought it best to tailor each individual day to the specific-happenings in your reproductive cycle. The mind-body connection is a very powerful innate healing intelligence that we help you use to find balance inside. Our Pregnancy Program has a different session for each trimester – again, to correspond to the fluctuations happening in our bodies.

How can I augment the program?

We have found that the program can be enhanced by performing other relaxation-inducing actions, such as listening to soothing music, yoga, acupuncture – and especially journaling. Picking yourself up a nice looking journal, while letting the words flow about anything that crops to mind can be incredibly therapeutic. Studies have shown that by writing down events that have caused pain can possibly be more therapeutic than talking it through with a therapist. Throughout the program, we pose certain questions towards the end of each session that hopefully will illicit certain thoughts and emotions that can be written about on your own. It’s not necessary, but it certainly can’t hurt.

Should I listen more than once per day to get double or triple the effects?

There is certainly no harm in listening more than once, but we would suggest that you spend that time – if you find it useful – to do yoga, mindful walking, breathing exercises, meditation, listening to soothing music, and journaling to help round out the program. If you find it best to listen to each session twice per day for you, then it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

I have been listening to the program for a few days, but I don’t feel any different. Am I doing something wrong?

This program is not necessarily designed for you to have a “breakthrough” change in your outlook or in your physical makeup. You may not feel any different right away. Over time, you might find yourself being able to accept stressful moments a bit easier, and you may also have a less negative outlook on your ability to get pregnant. You might also feel effects from being in the state of complete relaxation as new way to manage any kind of stress or difficult situation. Since the relaxation techniques are based on meditation practices and self-hypnosis, we would hope that you could employ the techniques of self-relaxation on your own to achieve this relaxed state whenever you wish. It can be very helpful for those who have problems falling asleep and staying asleep.

Why do you recommend “journaling” and how do I do it the correct way?

Studies have shown that free-writing exercises through journaling can be incredibly therapeutic – even better than traditional couch-based therapy in terms of excising especially painful events in your past. It doesn’t need to be on a daily basis; it should be done when the mood strikes for how long you wish. It could be something special that happened that day, or how you felt when something stirred negative emotions in you. Anything that you feel will help you in your self-discovery process. It should be only for your eyes – unless you want to share with others.

What does relaxation have to do with getting pregnant?

Since stress negatively impacts our fertility, reducing stress through relaxation should positively impact your fertility.  Repeated relaxation – something you can do everyday by using Circle + Bloom- will help to reduce stress each and every day.

I think this might be helpful to a friend of mine. Can I share this product with her?

Absolutely. We have this email form that you can use, or simply send that person the link to our website. However, please note that it would be unlawful to send the actual audio files to her unless that person has also purchased a license from us directly.

Do I pay the fee on a monthly basis, or can I use the product indefinitely?

Our fee is a one-time fee for indefinite use of the product by you.

I have PCOS and having troubles getting pregnant. Will this help me?

Yes.  The mind/body aspect of our program focuses on the correct balancing of the reproductive hormones.  And don’t worry if you don’t have the perfect timing of your cycle figured out when using the program – it doesn’t need to perfectly aligned to reap the full benefits.  Also, the stress component will also be minimized so if you are feeling increased anxiety the relaxation component will most certainly help you.

I keep falling asleep while listening to the programs. Will it still be as effective if I listen while I am asleep?

We do often hear that women are getting better rest while using our programs regularly, so that’s good news. In relation to sleeping while listening – we believe that your brain is still hearing the program while you are asleep, so it is still very effective and powerful, but we also suggest to listen again while you remain awake to really put yourself into the experience full conscious. We believe this heightens the experience and allows you to reap the benefits.

I have been doing acupuncture. Should I continue with acupuncture at the same time that I have doing Circle & Bloom?

Sure.  There would be nothing that would fundamentally run in conflict with doing acupuncture – especially if you have found that acupuncture has been helping you.

Why do you offer a program for pregnancy?

A mind-body connection is a powerful thing – and we are finding that stress does negatively impact your pregnancy in terms of potential for low birth weight and pre-term labor. We think that just as important as taking your vitamins and watching your diet, using relaxation should be something you address on a daily basis.

I am over 40 years old and trying to get pregnant. Should I use this program?

Absolutely. This program has nothing to do with age but everything to do with implementing relaxation to help improve fertility. Click here to read more.