Welcome Affiliates!

We are looking for  individuals, bloggers or other companies that fit within our overall strategy as a company seeking to help women with their health and well-being.  Take a look at what we are all about and if you feel our company and programs are a good match to what you represent then we would love to hear from you!

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to help us grow our business and of course share in the profits that we make from any referrals you send our way – and when you are ready to incorporate our images with embedded links into your website – simply click here for a gallery of buttons and ads for your convenience!

Sharing in the Profits

You will receive a 20% commission all sales of any product that comes from your website using the links as described below. We use a third party trusted technology to ensure you receive credit for all sales that come through your referrals (see more details below).

Easy to Sign Up

Simply register with E-Junkie (we will send you the instructions once you have filled out the form below).

Trusted Tracking Technology

  • We have leveraged third party technology to track all of your referral sales. You simply have to embed your unique affiliate code onto your website, blog, images, etc. This unique affiliate code will be supplied to you when you sign-up with E-Junkie and follow the instructions below.
  • The technology will make sure you receive credit for anyone that went to our site through your links for up to six months. In other words, if someone goes to our site from your link and does not buy right away, but then comes back to our site within six months you will still get credit for the sale.

Marketing Support

We have created a gallery of buttons, advertisements and other valuable materials to help you make your website or blog sparkle a bit more. After the instructions, you will see this gallery of images with easy to copy and paste code. Let us know if you have any ideas on these advertisements, by the way and shoot us an email (amy@circlebloom.com).