Ageless Fertility: Conceiving During the Waning Years

Guest Blog by Sara, an active nanny as well as an active freelance writer.

Getting older doesn’t necessarily mean that it will become impossible to conceive a child. It just means that it may take more effort than if you were younger. It’s perfectly OK to wait in order to become pregnant depending on your situation. You may have wanted to develop your career, travel the world, or enjoy the last 40 years of your life before having a child. It’s not selfish to want these things.

Some of us have no problem with conceiving at an older age. However, there are many who may have had problems leading up to this point. For those who are getting a late start on parenthood, is it realistic to conceive a child? Yes. It may take more preparations and considerations to balance life with a child, but it is possible.

1. Physical Condition – Conceiving a child is a physically taxing experience even for women in their prime. As age is now a factor, the importance of being healthy is more prevalent than ever. Getting into the best shape you can prior to conceiving can help you adapt to the changes your body is going to be facing. Deteriorating health can be detrimental to yourself and your child. As terrible as it may sound, being in bad physical condition while carrying a child could do great harm for both of you. Never underestimate the need for physical fitness.

2. Dietary Concerns – Any physically straining activity can benefit from the right diet. The little one growing inside you is going to put a great deal of strain on you. As you are eating for two, consuming a proper diet can help prepare yourself for the presence of a child. Eating a diet of lean proteins, whole grains, and plenty of calcium can do a great deal of good for helping yourself and your child develop.

3. Sicknesses – Although you may feel great, you could still be a carrier of a sickness or disease that can be detrimental to your conception of a child. As well as maintaining an optimum health, you need to be sure that your body isn’t harboring anything that you may not be aware of. Not only can some of these wreak havoc on the reproductive system during the experience, some can be extremely dangerous to conceive unless the illness is removed from the equation. Having your doctor do blood-work to make sure you’re in optimum health can help you save time and energy if you are fighting an illness that you’re unaware of.

4. Stress – Levels of stress can be detrimental to a great deal of physical aspects of people of any age. Stress has been attributed to stomach aches, nausea, headaches, and even increased and decreased blood pressures. Reducing your stress can help you conceive as well as protect yourself from greater risks.

There is a lot to bear in mind for those having a child after 40. Although it may be considered morbid to think about, you need to put extra effort into making sure your child is cared for should something happen to you. The more miles you put on your tires, the sooner the tread is going to eventually wear out. Take care of yourself and your child and don’t leave anything up to chance.

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 9.23.22 AMSara is an active nanny as well as an active freelance writer. She is a frequent contributor of NannyPro. Learn more about her

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