Babyhopes Special Pregnancy Offer

Pregnant? Drop the Stress.

Announcing a new and essential addition to your prenatal toolkit for a healthy pregnancy and fearless delivery. Our program gives you 15 minutes per day for yourself to use proven mind-body techniques to reduce stress, and best balance and prepare your body timed to the changes occurring during each of the trimesters, and now, receive a completely FREE session aimed at helping you best prepare for labor and delivery.

Enjoy 15% discount for our special BabyHopes, Down the Lane and Amazing Pregnancy readers! Simply enter BabyHopes15 in the shopping cart. Offer valid for any program, expires on 2/28/11.

Our special program for a healthy pregnancy and delivery allow you to:

  • Reduce stress, which has been shown to cause low birth-weight and premature labor, and effect your baby’s temperament and neurobehavioral development.
  • Employ powerful mind-body exercises that corresponds to the specific requirements of each trimester.
  • Connect emotionally with your baby sooner.
  • Use your mind-body intelligence to potentially improve blood and oxygen flow, healthy growth of placenta, balance hormones, and;
  • Feel in greater control through labor and delivery.

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