Circle + Bloom Announces Women’s Health and Fertility Financial Support Program

Circle + Bloom announced today a financial support program to help people afford their doctor recommended, mind-body audio programs for women’s health and fertility.

Circle + Bloom offers doctor recommended mind + body audio programs for women’s health. They have programs that address many health concerns including:

It was their desire to give access to the powerful mind body science used in their programs to everyone regardless of ability to afford the programs. There are long-term plans to expand the financial support offered under the program to other women’s health related products and services. Earlier this year, Circle + Bloom launched a deal site ( focused on infertility related products and services and this newly launched program expands on the ways that Circle + Bloom is helping women to afford women’s health products and services.

Health issues, including infertility, can be very expensive which only adds to all the other aspects of dealing with a health concern.

“We are passionate about educating people about the powerful mind + body connection, and helping people to make lasting life changes around their health and wellness. Health issues, including infertility, can be very expensive which only adds to all the other stressful aspects of dealing with a health concern. It was important to us to find a way to help with the financial burden”, said Susan Cooke, CO-CEO of Circle + Bloom.

To apply for the financial support click here, or visit Circle + Bloom’s website.

Circle + Bloom’s programs are comprised of audio tracks which use a combination of music and spoken word to bring the listener into a deep relaxed state and unleash a powerful mind-body connection. They are doctor recommended and Circle + Bloom offers a full money back guarantee. The body is not able to distinguish between what is physically happening to it and what the brain is visualizing, therefore the body responds to “instructions” from the brain. Mind-body medicine has been used to help people fight cancer; lower blood presser and address back pain for many years. Circle + Bloom has brought mind-body medicine to women’s health issues, by basing the visualizations, or “instructions”, on what should be occurring medically in the body to address specific health issues.

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