Circle + Bloom Celebrates its First Year Anniversary of Helping Women With Infertility

Circle + Bloom, founded by Joanne Verkuilen, has been helping women to get pregnant for a year using the power of the brain.


Montclair, NJ – July 30, 2010 – Circle + Bloom™ is celebrating their one year anniversay and as part of the celebration they are asking people who are trying to conceive to give input into Circle + Bloom’s next year.  Circle + Bloom will donate $1 to Resolve, a non-profit organization, for every submitted survey. The survey can be found on the Circle + Bloom website.

Circle + Bloom offers health mP3 programs to help people use a powerful tool they all have easy access to; their brain.  The programs are based on the brains scientifically proven ability to direct the body to bring real physical changes to optimize health, well being and fertility.  Circle + Bloom’s programs have been developed based on brain-body research that can bring about true and lasting changes in the body.  The brain works by using images or pictures – so “seeing” what your body should be doing; you become the director of your body to help it restore its own health, energy and balance.

This is essential to your fertility, since it is mostly hormone-driven.  The programs also give another enormous benefit: the reduction of stress, which is being found to affect most of our bodily systems and make-up, especially the effects on our fertility

“It has been an amazing year on so many levels, but the best part of the year has been hearing a big thank you from our customers for developing our programs”,  said Joanne Verkuilen, Founder and Partner of Circle + Bloom.   One customer told Joanne, “IVF is so emotionally exhausting. The drugs and the procedures are out of your hands. But I could control my attitude and my positivity, especially with the help of Circle + Bloom. I believe with every fiber of my being it’s one of the reasons we can finally say we are EXPECTING!”  Comments like these are the most rewarding parts of all the hard work.

Other Circle + Bloom accomplishments over the year include:

  • Named one of the Top 50 Health Blogs to watch in 2010
  • Established relationship with The Berkley Center for Wellness, a large respected acupuncture practice that now offers Circle + Bloom programs to all of its patients to listen to during their acupuncture sessions.
  • High rated reviews, including a review from Cindy Bailey, author of The Fertile Kitchen.
  • Introduction of 4 programs

o   Natural Fertility Cycle Program

o   IVF/IUI Fertilty Program

o   Pregnancy Program

o   Energy for Empowerment Program

  • Intorduction of the programs on Amazon
  • Guest on Conceive On-Air, a weekly show that offers information and emotional support to women contemplating starting or expanding their families, whether by natural conception, assisted reproductive technologies (ART), or adoption. Noted professionals share their expertise, as well as educate and empower women on the journey to parenthood.

About Circle + Bloom™ LLC

Incorporated in 2009, Circle + Bloom is a women-run business seeking to passionately bring brain/body solutions to women’s health issues and general well being.  Joanne Verkuilen, Founder and Partner, Susan Cooke, Co-CEO and Bernie Siegel, M.D. and Dr. Josiane Caggiano are members of Circle + Bloom’s Advisory Board.  Circle + Bloom publishes a blog that was noted as one of the Top 50 Health Blogs to watch in 2010.  Their current mind-body programs include Natural Fertility Program, IVF/IUI Program, Post-Conception Program and the newly released Energy for Empowerment Program.  More information can be found at

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