Special Offers for the Fertility Alignment Breakthrough Teleclass!

We are thrilled to offer you TWO special package offers:

The IVF / IUI and Pregnancy Package
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Undergoing an Advanced Reproductive Treatment?

Do everything you can for a successful outcome

Circle+Bloom has created a special mind-body visualization program tuned exactly to the requirements of a medicated cycle. The 18-session program set combines a unique combination of words and music that offers an enjoyable way to reduce stress, feel in greater control and could improve your chance for success. In just 15 minutes a day, allow your mind and body to experience an advanced communication using visualization exercises that experts have reported to allow people to recover from blindness, serious illnesses – and yes, set the stage for your body to be in perfect alignment for pregnancy.

This special package includes the new Circle+Bloom Program for Pregnancy as well so that when you get the news you’ve been waiting for, you can continue with your mind-body exercises timed perfectly for your pregnancy. Research has shown that stress can negatively impact the health of your baby, so reducing stress should be as high on your priority as taking vitamins and watching your diet.

Act now for a special 15% discount! Only $79.00 for both the IVF / IUI and Pregnancy Program from Circle + Bloom!

Natural Cycle Program Exclusive Offer!
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Have you been trying to conceive without success?

15 Minutes per day to improve fertility through powerful and innovative mind-body exercises

Circle+Bloom’s widely recognized program now available with the Program for Men completely free! Start anytime, this relaxing and enjoyable treatment option uses the power of your brain to help your body find balance and harmony on a physical basis. With the added benefits of reduction of stress, Circle+Bloom’s program tracks to the natural cycle such that each session is tailored to where you are in your cycle. Why is this important? The use of visualization is a very powerful tool for helping our bodies find health and balance, and when the visualizations are specific on a physical basis our bodies respond in-kind.

This exclusive offer also includes the Circle+Bloom Program for Men that includes a special relaxation and visualization for optimum health. This program will not only help him from an emotional and stress perspective, but it should also give him a really good understanding of how our mind-body programs are helping you.

Only $59.00 for both the IVF/IUI and Pregnancy Program from Circle + Bloom! Download now.