Fertility Relaxation Program

cb_freefertility_iconWe are thrilled you found us and decided to take this important step in your fertility journey! Welcome to the Circle + Bloom community.

You have two options from which to listen to this program: you can either click on the link below to listen through your mobile device, or download to your computer to listen on whatever device you would like.

With the listen now link this should open a media player on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or any other mobile phone or player you have. And then simply bookmark this email to easily find it in the future.

It is our sincere hope that you will find our complimentary fertility relaxation program helpful. You should have already received the zip file to download the program on to your computer. You can also use the link below to listen to the program where ever you have internet access!

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Please note that if you are viewing this page from an iOs device (iPhone, iPad, etc.), this option may not be available.   However, simply pull up the thank you email that we’ve sent to you, and click on the link embedded there and that should allow you to listen directly from your mobile device.

Please know that it is our SINCERE hope you find this complimentary program helpful. As someone who walked in your shoes, I know how difficult a time this is.

Please let us know – anytime – if you have any issues, questions, ideas or comments.

Our best wishes to you,
Circle + Bloom