Fertility Success Story after 5 years of TTC | Dianna’s story

IVF Success Story – Dianna’s story

After trying to conceive for 5 years, 12 rounds of Clomid, 4 artificial inseminations and two IVF ICSI cycles, Dianna becomes pregnant.

“Thank you” to you for the wonderful programs you provide. After 5 years TTC, 12 rounds of Clomid, 4 artificial inseminations and two IVF ICSI cycles I finally manage to conceive & carry my precious baby girl to term and I attribute this to listening to your IVF tracks while doing my final cycle. Listening to the tracks were the only thing we did different in that cycle. The tracks relaxed me in a way that I have never experienced before.

Since I had great success with the IVF tracks, I also went on to use your pregnancy program and can say that I had a close to perfect labor which was 3 hours 42 minutes long and a natural drug free labor. Your program gave me the strength and courage to put trust and faith in my body through the birthing process.

Your programs are loved and highly recommend by all of the ladies in 3 of my online IVF groups.
So thank you so much once again for the amazing contribution towards people trying to achieve their dreams of becoming parents & thank you for playing such a positive role in the creation and arrival of my incredible daughter.

Another thing was that not only did I successfully give birth from this round where I used Circle & Bloom, but we also ended up with two frozen embryos which was different to our first round where we only had one good quality embryo which sadly didn’t take. So I am definitely a huge fan and when the time comes, I will definitely be purchasing your frozen embryo tracks!

Keep on doing the great work you have been! We love Circle & Bloom in New Zealand! 🙂