Fertility Success Story after high FSH, low AMH | Alison’s story

Fertility Success Story – Alison’s story

Pregnant after TTC with Natural Cycle for Fertility Program

I want to share with you my wonderful news that I am pregnant, in spite of my high FSH, low AMH, and my husband’s low morphology, and much to the doctor’s shock, after one month of listening to your Natural Cycle Fertility series.

We were about to head into our first cycle of IUI when I got the first positive pregnancy test of my life! I know there are many factors involved, including a lot of luck, but I do believe that listening to the nightly meditation made a huge difference for me. No matter how stressful my days were, no matter how many self-defeating thoughts crossed my mind, I always ended the day with deep relaxation and positive imagery, thanks to you. It’s too early to know if this baby will make it, but this is the best news I could hope for: that my 37 year-old, supposedly infertile body is fertile after all, and capable of doing exactly what it is supposed to do! We are amazed, overjoyed, and immensely grateful! Thank you.