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“I loved the program! I think it helped me relax and ultimately helped me get pregnant. All of the other stuff I threw out the window but I stuck with this. ” ~ Jennifer

Natural Cycle Fertility Program
For Those Ready to Get Pregnant
Joanne Verkuilen

Start today to feel in greater control over your fertility success. This program has 28 unique audio mind-body sessions designed to be listened to each day of your cycle. 15 minutes a day to relax and focus on your fertility success. Each meditation is matches to what’s happening in your body during that day in your cycle and utilizes the most cutting edge knowledge of mind/body techniques to empower your ability to conceive. It was developed by prestigious doctors in conjunction with a mom like you who really wanted to get pregnant.

“Thank you SO much!!! I used the program for a natural cycle for 3 months after almost 5 years of TTC (unexplained) – got pregnant on the 4th and had to purchase the pregnancy program ASAP. Thank you for your high quality programs and great, personal customer service.”~ Elissa

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