Fertility Acupuncture License Offer

Announcing A New and Easy Way to Improve
Your Patient Experience and Outcomes.

Gain a competitive advantage in your practice!

By popular demand, Circle+Bloom is pleased to offer the ability to share our doctor-recommended programs with your patients so they can experience the healing powers of the mind-body connection during their fertility acupuncture session. You can also sign up for our affiliate program and have the opportunity to earn commissions when customers buy our programs to use at home.

“I had the most amazing acupuncture session today while listening to Circle+Bloom.  My acupuncturist inserted the needles in the areas of my body that Circle + Bloom’s audio was directing me to visualize. It was much more powerful than past acupuncture sessions. My acupuncturist and I were amazed at the difference listening to your program during the session made.”

Contact us today to get your Circle + Bloom Professional Partnership Kit

  • The Kit will include copies of your choice of Circle + Blooms audio programs and Circle + Bloom literature to share with your patients
  • If you give your patients the opportunity to use our programs during the session all we ask is you give them our literature so they know how to purchase the programs to use at home
  • Please do not make copies of the programs we provide, or allow others to use the programs outside of your office
  • Contact information – amy@circlebloom.com or call (866) 237-2271
  • It is a win/win for your business and your patients.
    Benefits to your patients include:

    • Access to patent-pending, doctor-recommended, customer-loving Circle+Bloom programming
    • Ability to activate the mind-body connection through physiological visualizations, a powerful combination with the benefits of acupuncture
    • Deeper relaxation while being treated, leading to more enjoyable sessions with higher chance for repeat customers
    • Ability to earn affiliate commission through your network of customers, allowing you to earn extra money from your business. Click here for more information on our affiliate program.

    Mike Berkley, L.A.c, founder and director of the Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness, says, “Offering Circle + Bloom mind-body programs to my patients to listen to during their acupuncture sessions has not only helped my patients relax during the sessions, but have also brought additional clinical benefits through a mind-body connection.”

    Watch Mike talking about his experience using Circle + Bloom’s programs in his practice:

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