Healing + Recovery Program

100% Free Healing + Recovery Program
Miscarriage support and your fertility journey.

Joanne Verkuilen

We offer this recording that focuses on miscarriage with the assumption that you may have just gone through just a traumatic event in your life. This program is designed to prompt you with questions or statements to help you reflect on your journey and what you have gone through with your miscarriage. By facing our fears head on, shining a light on them, letting the feelings bubble to the surface, we can learn, grow and move on. It’s not easy, but it’s necessary and we hope this program can provide you with some measure of comfort and healing. If you have suffered a miscarriage or other traumatic event; are feeling sadness, grief, anger and pain; recently undergone a D&C or other procedure, or any combination of the above, then this program should be your next step in your healing journey. Our gift to the trying to conceive community, we are offering this completely free of charge.

“I think the program is absolutely fantastic, I listened to it for about 10 days and for the first couple of days I fell asleep in the first stage of the meditation… so very relaxing and then I listened to the rest which was amazing. I feel so much better, more positive and hopeful. I also found that my body recovered quite quickly with my period returning after 28 days on the dot. I wouldn’t change a thing within the program, it was very encouraging and supporting. Overall, I think it is an amazing program and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has gone through a miscarriage or loss within their pregnancy.” ~ Tania

You receive for free…

  • Part 1: A relaxation meditation that includes some simple deep breathing exercises and visualization work to help the body and mind fully relax and go quiet
  • Part 2: Focus on the physical aspects of your body to enlist your mind-body connection to help it heal and to find balance and harmony again
  • Part 3: Emotion exercises to acknowledge grief, allow emotional recovery, and create an abundance of self-love
  • 8 minutes of pure healing, relaxing music
  • Conveniently packaged in a downloadable MP3 format to give you ultimate freedom to use in the privacy of your own home at your convenience

“Having recently suffered a miscarriage, it was a very dark time for me and although my family and friends were very understanding, they had not experienced loss and did not really know how to console me in the way I needed. The Healing and Recovery program made me feel understood and I remember crying the first time I listened to it. I needed to hear those words and I did need to just carve out a thoughtful time for myself to heal, reflect, and plan next steps for the future.” ~ Patricia

Benefits Include:

  • Best prepare your body for the next stage in your fertility journey
  • Support through the grieving process
  • Visualization to best heal the body and more importantly help it get into best preparation for possible pregnancy
  • Healing by focusing on strengthening love for oneself
  • Use your mind-body intelligence to achieve renewal
  • Extremely easy to use – only 22 minutes to listen to whenever and however many times you want

“The effectiveness of your programs goes beyond the meditations themselves. I think it is also due to the genuine compassion, caring, and support that you convey through your programs. Infertility and miscarriage are terrible, cruel, and isolating experiences. Having your kind words guide me through each day that has played a key role in my surviving this agonizing process and my willingness to continue to endure what feels like a never ending cycle of hope and fear, of joy and loss.” ~ Michelle

“I absolutely love Circle+Bloom, I recently had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks which broke my heart, I didn’t think I’d ever recover and I stumbled across the free, yes FREE, guided meditation to help heal from the inside out after such a trauma. When I first listened to the introduction the story moved me and I cried, again! When she said I’d need to do the meditation for about a week I thought to myself I will never heal in this time but here I am 5 days in and I feel amazing. Obviously the pain of loosing my child will never leave me, but this meditation has helped me so so much, it made me realize other issues I had and has helped me find acceptance of myself and peace for my baby. I can’t recommend this enough and I will definitely be trying other meditations from Circle + Bloom.” ~ Sharon

“I originally heard Joanne speak at the Conception Summit a few months ago. I was really taken by you and listened to your free gift. I have had multiple miscarriages and downloaded the healing & recovery program. I purchased your program for natural conception & have just fallen pregnant! I am looking forward to continue my morning visualization routine throughout the next few months. Thank you for your wonderful service to those in need of some emotional support on their individual journeys!” ~ Laura

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