Holiday 2010 Free Journal Offer

Special Holiday 2010 Package Offers

Give the gift of possibility this holiday season! Buy either our Natural Cycle 6CD set, or the IVF/IUI 4CD set, and receive a FREE journal and gift wrapping. Limited Quantities. Order by December 20th to ensure Christmas arrival.

Natural Cycle 6CD Set Program

For the couple who is trying to conceive – either just starting, or now many cycles into the process, our Natural Cycle Fertility Program is a patent-pending program that allows for stress reduction and unleashing the mind-body connection to potentially help balance hormones and optimize fertility.  Click to get started:


For the couple proceeding towards an Advanced Reproductive Treatment (either IVF or IUI), using the same relaxation and mind-body therapy behind our highly popular Natural Fertility Program, this program is dedicated for special timing and protocols of in-vitro and intrauterine insemmination. It includes special attention to the synthetic hormones, nomination of the highest quality eggs and special timing of the medicated cycle.  Click to get started: