OnAir with Conceive Magazine

I was interviewed by Emily Kruckemyer, Senior Editor of Conceive Magazine. It is a fun and engaging portrait of not only how Circle+Bloom became to be, but real information and suggestions to really get started on your own brain fitness journey to improve fertility.

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From the start, Conceive Magazine has been very interested in the progress of Circle+Bloom and our unique approach to managing and improving the ability to conceive. At this point in our relationship, it was very exciting to a host on their show that has a tremendous following.

Not only that, but towards the end, Heather (aka FertilityChick on Twitter) from the popular blog “He Said, She Said” joins us to discuss her “life-changing” experience using our programs. She bravely tells us her incredibly moving story of strength and determination and we are thrilled to be a part of that journey in a small way. By the way, she sounds as cute as she looks…

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