Circle + Bloom’s Mind+Body Audio Programs Reviewed on Connected Mom

“Circle + Bloom’s Women’s Health Mind+Body Audio Programs Reviewed On The Connected Mom” featured on, July 28, 2011

Circle + Bloom announced today their doctor recommended mind-body audio programs for women’s health were reviewed by members of The Connected Mom.

01810 (I-Newswire) July 28, 2011 – The Connected Mom is a natural parenting site that focuses on fostering positive connections with our children, our communities, our planet, and each other. They had members review three of Circle + Bloom’s women’s health mind + body audio programs, including their Natural Fertility program used by women wanting to conceive. The other two programs reviewed were their Energy for Empowerment program and their newest program, Happy Mind + Healthy Body. In all cases the women found the programs to be enjoyable and helpful to the health challenges they were facing.

Circle + Bloom’s programs use mind + body science to help with women related health issues, including infertility, pregnancy, PCOS, lack of energy and general health. They are doctor recommended and come with a full money back guarantee. Many women have incorporated their fertility programs in their infertility treatment approach, and general health programs.

The member who reviewed the Natural Fertility program commented on how taking 15 minutes of a day to focus on herself and deeply relax was exhilarating. She also commented on how it helped her to trust her body. An excerpt from her review, “I have a lot of trouble trusting my body after what I have been through, and the day 19 track talked about how negative thoughts and feelings won’t hurt your baby, but keeping those thoughts and feelings in will cause stress which isn’t good for trying to get pregnant and while pregnant. Everyone always tells me to think positively, and to let go of the negative energy, which is great advice, but after six losses and three years of trying, it is so much harder to do than they believe. Having a mind body connection knowing that my negative thoughts on my body won’t hurt the growing egg was absolutely invaluable. It was so refreshing to know that it is okay to be worried and scared.” Click on Help Me Get Pregnant to read the full review.

The member who reviewed the Happy Mind + Healthy Body program has battled with depression for a long time. She was amazed at how quickly the program helped. An excerpt from her review, ”I found that after just two days of listening to the program, I felt less like crying and more in charge of my emotions again. It was a little like being able to come home to myself once more instead of constantly fighting with the crazy person who sometimes tries to take charge of my body. I’ve tried journaling for my depression, going to counseling for my depression, listening to uplifting music for my depression, and changing my diet for my depression, but this is the first time that it’s only taken two days for something to make me feel better. It was awesome.” Her full review can be read at Women’s Health.

The Energy for Empowerment review can be read by clicking on Improved Sleep.

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