Our Next Product – Insight and Notes, Part 2

IMG_0092This is the second installment of our experience in the creation of our second product – a Pregnancy Series for the first, second and third trimesters. Our first post was a snapshot of where I was at that time of product development, which was outlining, researching and thinking broadly about what the program should accomplish.  In this article, I would like to delve a bit deeper in the creation of the scripts.

Writing the scripts is an interesting process, one that involves walking along the fine line of providing the technical and physiological visualizations and descriptions, while being extremely tranquil and ensuring that the listener will not get confused, or worse yet, concerned that they aren’t doing the visualizations correctly.  We try to constantly reassure the listener to trust their own intuition; our words are only sign-posts to their own bodily knowledge and awareness which hopefully we can help them uncover.  I litter the scripts with things like “remember there is no right or wrong way to visualize this, the communication going on with our body is happening and trust that it knows just what to do.”

From a technical perspective, the pregnancy process is very different than our reproductive cycle given the fluctuations in hormones and bodily response.  Pregnancy, is a gradual build, ever-growing life forming inside.  There are a ton of hormones building, but they aren’t wildly fluctuating as in our monthly cycle.   So the visualization process is more about a healthy stream of energy, movement of oxygen and a complete circulation of our breath bringing everything we need to provide balance, etc.  Of course we spend time inside the womb, seeing the baby (or babies”) growing just as they should (bones growing, bone marrow making blood cells, hearing and swallowing, sleep and waking, etc.).

A brief note on the script-writing process – and this was a suggestion by Dr. Bernie Siegel – which is to first get MYSELF in a very relaxed state.  Let the words just come on the page.  I lit a candle, put on the background relaxation music, took deep breaths, closed my eyes and thanked the universe for allowing me the words to come.  Of course, I could only do this after I felt comfortable with the amount of research and outlining I had already completed.  As with the fertility series, the writing came so easily.  It’s like they were already there inside of me, and I was just letting them out.  I recommend this for anyone about to do anything creative, by the way!

General themes for each program:

  • First Trimester:  Hormone and energy movement; no blockages; letting anything negative out of the body; visualizing the embryo burrowing deep in the uterine walls, placenta/umbilical cord forming.  Knowing how first trimester can be very hard on our senses and state of equilibrium, we visualize taking  flower and the scent of that flower being just what we need to counteract anything that may be bringing us discomfort during the first trimester – and leaving them with that to use whenever they need to.
  • Second Trimester:  Visualizing floating on water with balance, everything happening in a balanced state (sending signals to body to accept those messages of balance), sensing and then releasing anything contrary to this “perfect” balance and letting it go, visualizing the growth of baby.  Sensing connection with baby by sending and then accepting gratitude – again, only signposts as the listener creates this experience for themselves.
  • Third Trimester:  As the body expands with the growth of the baby, we help counteract that a bit by focusing on the abudnance of space inside and outside.   Allow for any express of fear as they approach the due-date, taking clues from their own bodies to accomplish the birthing process with trust in their own body, trust in themselves. Visualize again the baby growing strong, the circulation of blood, oxygen, bones being fully formed, the eyes opening and closing, etc.

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