Fertility Success Story after 2 years of TTC | Nicole’s story

Fertility Success Story – Nicole’s story

Pregnant after TTC for 2 years

As I type this I’m crying tears of joy. After 2 years of negative pregnancy tests I was extremely sad and starting to get stressed.

My husband and I vowed if we didn’t get pregnant by summer of 2011 we would start to look at fertility doctors. I was beyond worried about taking the fertility doctor route since I tend to have adverse reactions to heavy medications and procedures.
I came upon your Circle + Bloom Natural Cycle for Fertility Program early April 2011. I figured I would start the program and if anything start a relaxation program to help with the stress. I totally believe Circle + Bloom helped me to get pregnant. On May 26, 2011 I was on my knees in the bathroom at our home crying tears of joy finally looking at a positive pregnancy test. 8 months later I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl, Aubrianna.

Thank you so much for your program(s).