Male Infertility Success Story – Sara’s Complete Story

Sara’s Story

I am a preschool teacher. I just love children, and even as a little girl I had the same dream as most little girls, to find my prince charming and have a wonderful family. Two years ago I met my Prince charming and I was so happy. We had a beautiful wedding and I was so excited for the next part of my dream to come true, to be a mother and have a wonderful family. Unfortunately, as a teenager my husband was diagnosed with Klienfelters. At the age of 16 he was told he would never be able to produce enough sperm to produce children.

Even though I knew this I prayed for a miracle.

Doctor after Doctor told us the same thing not to get our hopes up. My heart was crushed. To work with children everyday and to come from a big family every time I heard someone was having a baby I would get so depressed and “say why not me?”. After a little over a year of trying and praying for a miracle my husbands doctor encouraged us to go to a fertility doctor. I was embarrassed to think I needed help to have a baby, something that is suppose to be so natural. We met with two different doctors, the first doctor at our first visit kept talking about sperm donation.

My husband and I wanted our own baby not someone else’s. I left that doctor even more depressed and crying. The next doctor we met with was wonderful. She explained everything step by step and gave me my hope back. Soon, we were going for test after test, blood work after blood work. Then having to give myself injection after injection sometimes up to four or five a day. My mood swings were everywhere. I was happy and hopeful one day then the next crying and depressed thinking that all of this will never work. My doctor explained that I needed to relax and the more I relax the easier everything will be. The problem was how do I relax? I had no idea.

I have always been so busy doing everything for everyone and just on the go all the time in a way I forgot about myself. I attended a support group that was sponsored by my doctor’s office, to talk to other couples going through this same process. It’s nice to talk to others going through the same things I was. At the support group we did talk about relaxing and taking time out of each day for yourself. Well, I was also given a CD to try it was one of Circle + Bloom’s programs . I plugged it in as soon as I got it and listened closely and I was relaxed in minutes. I was amazed!

I had never felt so relaxed before. I continued to use the CD. I went through IVF in May and continued to use the CD. Finally, I found out the greatest news ever on June 2nd – I was finally going to have my dream of being a mother come true. It is now October and I am six months pregnant expecting a little girl on February 9th and I couldn’t be happier. This program has shown me how to relax, even after the most crazy and awful days I know I can listen to it and feel better in minutes.