PCOS Success Story

Danielle’s Story

Because I have PCOS I knew it could be a long and rough road for us….but the month I used Circle+Bloom I got pregnant!

I’m 29 years old, a scientist and currently reside in Texas. My husband and I started our journey to build our family in January 2010. Because I have PCOS I knew it could be a long and rough road for us.

I went through all the rigorous testing, an Hsg, numerous ultrasounds and constant blood work. I was lucky because I decided to take my temperature every morning and found out that I do ovulate on my own. I was very surprised about that but happy that maybe this journey would not take too long. By August 2010 I was getting very stressed out that we were not getting pregnant and we were doing everything right. We decided to add OPKs to our arsenal to make sure we were pinpointing ovulation.

That helped but my stress level was through the roof. That was when I decided I needed to find a way to relax and that is where the Circle and Bloom relaxation program came in. At the end of September I decided to get the PCOS for fertility program to try to calm down and let things take its course. I used it for that cycle and it helped immensely. I felt so calm and relaxed during this cycle that I was OK with whatever happened that month. Well, that month was the month I got pregnant!! I found out October 21, 2010 that I was pregnant and the only thing that we did differently that month was this program.

Thank you Circle and Bloom.