Pregnancy Delivery Success Story | Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer’s Pregnancy
& Labor Success Story

We love to share customer e-mails to us, hearing that we have made a difference makes all our hard work worth while!

I just wanted to let you know that I had the baby a couple weeks ago, and again, your meditations deserve some major credit. I had been using the happy birth meditation periodically in the last month of my pregnancy, and had been planning to have a natural delivery. Well, after 18 hours of labor, I couldn’t resist that epidural, and then my labor stopped progressing, and for hours I was stalled at 8 cm dilation. Even with Pitocin. My OB told me I was going to have to have a c-section, which I absolutely did not want, but she basically felt like the baby was too big to be delivered vaginally (I’m under 5 ft tall, so this wasn’t such a crazy thought). She gave me another hour to think about it, and one of things I did during this hour was to listen to the happy birth meditation. When she came back and checked me again, I was 9 cm! When I hadn’t progressed past 8 cm for the previous six hours! My OB said “What was in that meditation?!” Then we waited two more hours, she upped the Pitocin, and I did the meditation two more times. And I was fully dilated, and after almost three excruciating hours of pushing, and a vacuum-assist, I had a (totally unnatural, full of medical interventions) vaginal delivery!

Thank you so much–your meditations have kept me company for 10 months, through fertility treatments, the pregnancy and the delivery. It’s hard for me to even imagine what the whole experience would have been like without the meditations, but my guess is I would have been far less physically and emotionally comfortable, and for sure I would have had my abdomen cut open to get the baby out.”