Secondary Infertility Story | Amy’s Story

Amy’s Story

Although my husband and I have a beautiful 5 year old daughter, we don’t feel as though our family is quite complete yet. After a long two years of tracking, calculating and stressing over conception we finally received the news that were expecting. However, at my 10 week doctor’s appointment I found out that I was no longer carrying a viable fetus. After losing that child, I became very negative and began to think that maybe we were not meant to have another child. I could not get out of the funk that I was in, although I did know in my heart I wanted more children.

A dear friend of mine was very aware of my situation and gave me the greatest gift; another chance at conception. She introduced me to Circle + Bloom Mind + Body Fertility Program. After listening to the introduction and calming voice of the narrator, I knew that this was for me. The most important part of this program for myself, ( a very intense, stressful, and at the time, negative person), was the twenty minutes of pure alone, positive, relaxation time. I had spent so long stressing out my mind and body, worrying about getting pregnant, it would not happen.

Following the relaxation and visualization suggestions of the program, I allowed myself to let go of the negative thoughts and get into a positive, relaxed state of mind and body which enabled me to conceive this little baby boy that I am now carrying. The process of conception was what it should have been all along, a beautiful and natural experience…not a scheduled task!

With Circle + Bloom Program, we were able to conceive in 3 months!