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Mandy’s Story

Secondary infertility with clomid…

The hardest part of our journey has been explaining to our daughter that we miscarried…

I live in Iowa and I am currently a full-time student, studying to be a Physical Therapist Assistant. This is my second career. I am the oldest of four and for quite awhile in my life, I did not want to become a mother. However, after meeting the man of my dreams, I quickly changed my mind. Within our first year of marriage, I became pregnant and welcomed a daughter into our lives. As she approached the age of two we began thinking about adding to our family. And two years ago I got pregnant again and miscarried at Eight weeks. After continuing to try without any success, we began clomid treatments. After 4 rounds, we did not get pregnant. We are now working with a Reproductive Endocrinologist and hoping for good news soon.

The hardest part of our journey has been explaining to our daughter that we miscarried. We would love to make her a big sister and she wants that more than anything else in the world. We hope and pray together as a family that it will become a reality very soon.

We have learned how to manage stress, started eating healthier, and cutting out caffeine. With the help of Circle + Bloom’s resources and information we are staying positive. I love the relaxation programs and through the resources I have been able to continue to do research on how and what I can do to improve my chances of adding to our family. Baby dust to all of you!