Successful Pregnancy Inbetween IUI Attempts – Sandrine’s Full Story

Sandrine’s Story

Sponatenous pregnancy while using Circle+Bloom in-between the 4th and 5th IUI.
My husband and I decided that we would give us a one-month break between round 4 and 5 of IUI…

I’m almost 37, I’m French and married with Nick, 35, who is British. We met in Amsterdam (Netherlands) 5 years ago and have been married for over 3 years. We’ve just relocated to Paris for Nick’s job. We both work in Finance. As soon as we got married we tried to build our dream family – “at least two and at most 3 kids”. In the meantime we took care of our 2 cats…

Though I was already 33 when we started trying to build our family, I was not really worried about potential issues, since I have always enjoyed excellent health and had regular cycles since my teenage years. When I came off the pill, trouble started as it took me some 3 months to get my periods back. Then my cycles turned up to be quite long, and my periods quite painful, and after almost one year of failure, we started infertility investigation. Everything under the sun got tested, showing no reasons why it would not work… I tried acupuncture, vitamins, herbal supplements, with no results. Out of the blue, after 18 months of frustration, I got pregnant. But the pregnancy signs were not very strong and after 9 weeks, I lost the pregnancy. It was a really tough experience, with an exhausting miscarriage that eventually sent me to ER for a D&C as the embryo got stuck and couldn’t be expelled naturally.

After 6 months of mourning and sadness, as no new pregnancy was happening, I went for Clomid for 4 cycles – it only made me sick and depressed. Then, beginning of 2010, I took the next step and went for ART, starting with IUI with mild hormonal stimulation.

In spite of all parameters being excellent for both of us in the first 3 cycles (many follicles, excellent sperm count…), the 3 attempts failed.

I went for the 4th one with a more holistic approach, as pressure was starting to build up. I decided to do more yoga, to have Chinese tui-na foot reflexology when I was feeling too tense, and I uploaded the Circle + Bloom Natural Cycle Program since, at that moment in time, the IUI-IVF one had not been created yet.

I loved taking the 12-15 minute relaxation session every evening and visualizing a better future – in my visualization I was on an exotic beach, tanned and relaxed, with a tanned blond little boy playing by my side. It felt great and relaxing to meet my dream child in my relaxation program… On top of that, my husband and I decided that we would give us a one-month break between round 4 and 5 of IUI (there were 6 to undergo in total) to drop the pressure a little bit and give my body a rest, as I thought the 4th attempt had failed too. I was convinced IUI would do nothing for me and that, in September 2010, I would have to go for IVF.

To my amazement, on the 1st of May, I discovered I was pregnant. I was both over the moon and terrified that I might miscarry again. I downloaded the Pregnancy program to help me relax a bit, although I did miss the daily programs of the Natural cycle. Ultrasound at 9 weeks showed a normal embryo, but I was still scared until the following ultrasound (week 12) which showed a super-energetic fetus kicking and somersaulting in my womb… 25-week scan showed us that she was actually a baby girl, with all organs and limbs apparently perfectly formed. I’m now almost 7 months pregnant and enjoying every moment of it. Eventually, it seems that our dream will come true…