Vasectomy to Hopeful Pregnancy Story

Mierda’s Story

Your program encourages the attitude I need to have for this journey and gives me acceptance.

I live in northwestern California and have a great job. As the oldest grandchild of 15, I always thought I would eventually become a mother. After a failed marriage, I fell in love with a wonderful man-who unfortunately had a vasectomy at a young age.

We have been trying to expand our family for over 5 years. I refer to our fertility journey in Plan A, B, C, etc… Plan A-reversal (failed), Plan B- IVF (failed). We are currently on Plan C- IVF frozen cycle (pending results). Even when everything looks like it’s going right, it doesn’t mean it is. The setbacks have been difficult and morning the loss of my two little embryos from the first IVF cycle made moving forward even more challenging.

I was listening to archives of Conceive on-air and they were going over the program. My hope was that the program would help improve my ability to relax and have a positive outlook. I signed up for the frozen IVF cycle with the attitude that I needed to give them a chance to live, but did not believe that they would survive-especially after the failed fresh cycle.

The first time I listened to it, I could only make it about halfway through. I tore out the earbuds and cried. My husband held me quietly. The program was telling me to imagine holding my babies and I couldn’t do it. I was so convinced that this cycle would fail like the last one. After so much failure in our fertility journey, I don’t get the luxury of baby fantasies-like normal couples do.

Your program gave me perspective. It made me realize that I needed to visualize and believe that this will work. If not now, then hopefully some day soon. My heart will be broken if this frozen cycle doesn’t work, but I don’t believe I will be as devastated as the last time. Even though the odds are stacked against us. Yet, your program doesn’t dwell on the past-it’s the now/in the moment. It encourages the attitude I need to have for this journey and gives me acceptance.