Trying to Conceive After Age 40

We received a call on our customer service line from a kind woman who inquired about our pregnancy program. After answering her questions about it, we gently asked if that meant she had recently found out she was pregnant. It was at this point that she opened up to us to share her incredible story:

At 47 years of age, and with an 8 year-old who had been conceived through IVF, I decided to try the Circle + Bloom Natural Cycle Program. A few weeks later, I happened to go to my OB for my annual exam. I had been a late for my period and told the doctor as such, thinking that maybe I was pre-menopausal. To my delight and amazement, my doctor told me that I was in my early stages of pregnancy. If this could happen for me, I am hopeful for other women in their 40s who wish to become pregnant naturally!

So is it possible for women over 40 to conceive naturally? Heck yeah! Read more from the wonderful feedback we’ve received from other women who were over 40 and trying to conceive and found that our Circle + Bloom programs helped them on their journey:

“After 16 years, trying off & on; going bankrupt using fertility doctors… I am starting my 4th month of pregnancy. It’s a dream come true. A dream at the age of 40, I thought I would never see come true. My life partner and I feel so blessed and I know without your program, it wouldn’t have happened. I am so grateful.” Millie, via email

“And now that I am pregnant at 42, I want to do everything I can to ensure that this pregnancy is carried to term and we have a healthy baby, and so I am really looking forward to starting your pregnancy program! Your voice has become such a comfort to me.” Carla, via email

“Thank you for putting your amazing programs out there. I am a 40 year old woman with PCOS and was told by my doctor that I had only about a 12% chance of getting pregnant. Luckily, I came across your IUI/IVF program and after religiously listening to it every night I was free of any anxiety and relaxed as can be. I played the special IUI session right after the injection and peacefully drifted off while “things went to work”. Understandably the two week wait was somewhat unnerving but the daily hypnosis sessions kept me surprisingly calm. To make a long story short, I AM PREGNANT! On my very first try against all odds and I am convinced that it’s to a large part thanks to your program!!! A BIG thanks to you, Joanne and Amy! These are the best $60 I have EVER spent! I am now enjoying your new pregnancy program and am looking forward to each new week/month’s recording.”
Stephanie, via email

“I have been a customer of yours for over two years, having purchased multiple programs including the IUI/IVF program, Egg Donation program and Happy Birth program. After multiple attempts, my husband and I are expecting our baby in six to eight weeks. I believe your programs have really made a difference for me throughout my fertility journey and your warm and personal emails are inspirational as well. At 44-years-old, my dream is being fulfilled. I have referred you to many others including my RE and nursing staff. Thank you!” Elizabeth, via email

“Thanks for your amazing ivf circle & bloom recordings I downloaded in January this year when I faced my first full ivf & icsi attempt. I religiously listened to your program twice daily, sometimes more, to focus and to keep positive on our scary journey with everything against us (2% chance of working). I am a healthy 42yo & very happy to be 8 weeks pregnant and I know your program was a large part of our success. We struggled with infertility for many years, trying all forms of natural therapies, herbs, tonics, yoga, acupuncture and Meditations and when faced with ivf being our last option the stress you face is all consuming and as much as people say “relax” sometimes it’s easier said than done, but your program kept me relaxed, focused, positive and balanced for whatever was to eventuate.”
Allison, South Australia

“I am so thrilled to find out that I am pregnant at 47 years of age completely naturally, especially having to do an IVF for our first child. Thank you Circle and Bloom.”
Sandra, via email
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“There is no question that Circle + Bloom gave me an opportunity every day to relax and just take care of myself – and that is truly invaluable when you are dealing with the incredible stress of fertility doctors and trying to get pregnant. ” Deb, via email
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“I decided to use Circle + Bloom programs because I am a believer in the wisdom of the body and in the body’s ability to heal, to transform, to come about to a new way of being. We are dynamic beings, ever-changing, and we carry within us the innate ability to heal ourselves yet it seems to me that we do not trust this enough, nor is it taught to us, and one would be truly lucky to find an MD who held this same philosophy and espoused it to his/her patients.”
Carrie, via email
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“After 3 years and 40 cycles trying for our second child we got a positive pregnancy test less than two months after starting visualizations and mind-body work…my first cycle using the Circle + Bloom Natural Cycle Program.”
Sandra, via email
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