28 Ways In 28 Days to Re-think your Fertility eBook


Tips to help you start your family

Think you’ve tried everything? We’ve helped many women realize their dreams of starting a family. Try these 28 tips to help you use the power of positive intentions and focused thought to bring peace, reduce stress, and prepare your body for conception.

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28 Ways in 28 Days to Re-think your Fertility was written by founder Joanne Verkuilen, who through her guided meditations for fertility programs, has helped many women engage their mind-body connection to create the right environment for conception. This ebook is full of great tips to help you think about your body and pregnancy differently. Why not try something new?

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Circle+Bloom Fertility Support Circle:

You’ll also be able to join our Circle+Bloom Fertility Support Group, a private Facebook group. This is a special and secret (shhhh) support group for women who are on a fertility journey. When you are on a journey to build a family, it can feel isolating at times and feel like you have no to talk to – no one who really understands. Rest assured that you don’t have to walk this journey alone.

Our Private Facebook Group is a group of women dedicated to learning, helping, and supporting each other on the journey to building a family. In this group we will share our stories, be inspired, find hope, discover kinship, and take joyous, positive action in our journeys. Since this is a private group – rest assured your family and friends on Facebook will not be able to see you are member of this group or anything you post in this group.

We also offer free online live events on our private group where we will be joined by fertility coaches, yoga instructors, nutritionist and other partners we work with to help provide you with free classes and resources for your journey. To join our Private Facebook Group, please send an email to amy@circlebloom.com to be added to our group.


Happy reading (and practicing)!

This empowering new book not only compliments Circle and Bloom’s wonderful visualization program for fertility but reminds women and men of their innate beauty, strength and of all the grace and health that always lies with in…we just need to unpeel the layers to reveal our most vibrant healthy selves.” ~ Patti Safian, MS, CA, LAc Founder and Director, NJ Acupuncture Fertility and Wellness Center

Joanne Verkuilen’s latest work, a book called 28 Ways in 28 Days to Rethink Your Fertility is a gorgeous book of inspiring affirmations and encouraging advice intended to help you maximize your fertility holistically through the days of your cycle. The words will ground you in peace and lift your spirit. Topics covered include mind-body, acupuncture, managing stress, diet, yoga and more, all told in the gentle voice of a wise and compassionate friend. It makes for the perfect companion on your fertility journey.” ~ Cindy Bailey, co-author of The Fertile Kitchen® Cookbook: Simple Recipes for Optimizing Your Fertility (www.fertilekitchen.com)

I love this ebook! It is really been such a great daily practice for me. It isn’t a huge time commitment, and the messages really stick with me. I find myself practicing deep breathing and also being more present in the moment…Excellent!!!” — Lisa

Program Outline

28 tips to help you use the power of positive intentions and focused thought to bring peace, reduce stress, and prepare your body for conception.

Access to the C+B Infertility Support Circle group on Facebook

Participate in monthly Circle+Bloom online jam sessions with Rosanne Austin.


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