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Feel optimistic about your future pregnancy

Are you and your partner trying to conceive (TTC)? This should be a fun, exciting time, but it can also be stressful if you’re putting too much pressure on yourself to conceive right away. Sometimes, it takes a little while. De-stress and prepare your body for pregnancy with this free guided meditation for fertility.

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The Free Fertility Relaxation Program is an excellent introduction to our in-depth programs, and features an audio guided meditation for fertility that you can listen to daily. In 10 minutes a day, increase awareness of your mind-body connection, balance hormones, and learn valuable relaxation techniques that will make you feel more positive about your future pregnancy. As an added bonus, meditation can help you sleep better!

This program is completely free and a great way to experience what our comprehensive fertility programs are like. Get to know us while getting to know yourself better.

Read what our clients have to say about the Introduction to Relaxation for Fertility Program:

I was hesitant about using meditation as a way to relieve my stress and to become pregnant. Having someone tell me to talk to my body? Crazy. After trying out the free download for a week straight, I already felt better and more optimistic about getting pregnant. I finally got the urge to buy a program, and after using it for a couple days, I am even more positive about my situation. Visualizing what’s going on in my body helps me mentally relieve all the stress I had built up prior. I am so thankful for this program. It gave me a new perspective on meditation. — Marissa

The Circle and Bloom audio programs were fantastic. I am a strong believer in visualization, and cannot emphasis how much these audio programs helped me in my pregnancy journey. I really enjoy waking up every morning and listening to them. It is the perfect way to start the day, as it gets you in the right mindset. I find the visualization easy to follow and very calming and reassuring. I would highly recommend the audios to anyone wanting to get pregnant and I can honestly say it is one of the best investments I made.—  Amy

Program Outline

You will receive instant online access once you create your account and will be able to download the sessions as well to listen to them however you prefer to.

Listen to this introductory guided meditation session any time.

Spend 10 minutes feeling the benefits of relaxation and stress reduction, while rebalancing your hormones.

As with all our programs, the session consists of three distinct components:

  1. Body Scan Relaxation
  2. Guided Visualization
  3. Strengthening Emotional State and Optimistic Feelings

To learn more about how our guided meditation programs work, please view here


Should I listen to sessions more than once per day to get double or triple the effects?

You can certainly listen to more than one session per day, though it would be more useful to try complementary practices like yoga, mindful walking, breathing exercises, meditation, listening to soothing music and journaling in addition to listening to your daily session. Building a daily mindfulness and relaxation habit that includes a few activities will help round out the program and set you up for success.

How else can I get more benefits from your programs?

Try other relaxing activities, such as listening to soothing music, yoga, acupuncture, and especially journaling. You can redesign your lifestyle to include regular relaxation in a variety of forms, which will help you cope and manage stress in a more sustainable way, which, as we can tell you from experience, will help you adjust to changing family life!

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