Happy Mind + Healthy Body Program


Change your life with better health, less stress, and positive new habits in 21 days

Accomplish the health goals you’ve, until now, been unable to achieve. If you’ve never been able to keep New Year’s resolutions, lose weight, or stick with a comfortable bedtime routine, this program can help. Get the results you want with achievable health goals and build healthy habits that will last for life.

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The Happy Mind + Healthy Body Program is a 21-day program featuring guided meditations to help you create healthy habits. Often, we set health goals generated from insecurity, and we stop halfway through reaching these goals when we don’t see changes quick enough, or find change too hard. This program will help you see health goal-setting in a whole new way, a way that can help you create lasting habits and stay away from fad diets and health regimens!

You’ll also receive the Happy Mind + Healthy Body Journal FREE with this program, so you can record your thoughts freely and reflect on your progress.

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Other benefits of this program include:

  • Learn stress reduction techniques through relaxing guided meditation sequences;
  • Feel refreshed and energized;
  • Take a holistic approach to health goals—there are sessions that cover healthy choices, stress reduction, cleansing, mindfulness and a BONUS immunity boosting session.

This program uses visualization and meditation techniques that can have a strong placebo effect (you get the same results without medications, supplements, etc.). You’ll learn how to empower your mind to heal your body, and how to develop a positive habit instead of just a one-time fix.

Your one-time purchase includes lifetime access to this program and is also available risk-free with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Are you ready to approach your health with fresh eyes and vigor? Get started now.

Read what our clients have to say about the Happy Mind + Healthy Body Program:

I believe that I have become a lot happier with myself since starting the Circle+Bloom Program. I even feel beautiful! — Roberta

I’ve been listening to the program every morning, and it’s become my favorite part of the day. I sit in a reclined chair overlooking a garden, with the sun shining on my face. The guided visualization and relaxation takes me to a place I would not reach on my own. At the end, I feel refreshed and thankful. — Marli

I have been sleeping better and more relaxed, but I especially appreciate the positive thinking aspect. — Jen

Program Outline

Our program consists of four different audio sessions, with a bonus program for when you are starting to feel ill. You will receive instant online access once you create your account and will be able to download the sessions as well to listen to them however you prefer to.

As with all our programs, each session consists of three distinct components:

  1. Body Scan Relaxation
  2. Guided Visualization
  3. Strengthening Emotional State and Optimistic Feelings

To learn more about how our guided meditation programs work, please view here.

Every day, for the 21 day period, you will take 15 – 20 minutes to listen to the audio session. We promise the time will go by quickly and it will become your favorite part of the day. Each session is designed to be listened to for one week (or 5 days). Every 5 days, or so, you switch to the next session. It’s as simple as that.

The first day of the program, you will spend the 15 – 20 minutes writing out everything that you would like to accomplish for the next 12 months of your life to begin your inner shift to a more fulfilling life of accomplishment and health.

Listen to each weekly session as many times as you need to during that week.

Week 1—Healthy Choices: Learn how to develop healthy habits, and use the power of your subconscious to overcome negative thinking. You can choose to focus on any goal you like, including diet, weight-loss, exercise, or stopping procrastination.

Week 2—Stress Reduction: Learn how to become resilient in stressful situations by recognizing stress and managing it before it spins out of control. Change automatic negative thinking and learn how to be calm under stress.

Week 3—Body Cleanse: Studies show dramatic self-healing can occur by using visualization and meditation. Learn how to use your mind-body intelligence to cleanse, rejuvenate, and energize your body.

Week 4—Positive Thinking/Mindfulness: This last session can change your life. Learn how to remain positive and present, while being free to express your true self. Learn how to positive thinking and mindfulness can bring you towards enlightenment and the end of suffering.


How does this program help to make healthier choices?

The answer lies in how our subconscious interplays in every decision we make. We have old negative thinking that keeps us from making healthy decisions. Sometimes we aren’t even aware of this little voice – but have you ever wondered why you have lofty intentions of exercising every day, but then don’t – why is that? I don’t think it has anything to do with so-called will-power – but everything to do with the subconscious. Now, we can simply replace those old negative voices with positive ones – easily and forever. It can be that simple.

Why do you recommend journaling and how do I do it the right way?

Research shows that free-writing exercises—writing for a set period about what’s on your mind, without worrying about spelling and grammar—can be incredibly therapeutic. Journaling can even be more beneficial than in-person therapy sessions, regarding excising painful events from your past.

You can set a timer, though we recommend journaling for as long as you need on days when you feel the urge. Throughout our programs, we pose questions near the end of each session that will bring up emotions and thoughts. Use these as prompts for journaling, or write when the mood strikes, such as if you’re feeling strong negative emotions or when something’s nagging at you. You’ll be surprised at how much writing about your reaction to the emotion helps to ease stress and move on.

We highly recommend picking up an attractive journal (something you look forward to picking up) and practicing free-writing during your program.

How can a simple MP3 file really affect my health?

The audio files you receive with the programs employ mindfulness meditation techniques. We use a science-based technique that enhances and balances your mind-body connection. While stress is experienced emotionally, it can negatively affect your physical health. Listening to calming music and meditation prompts helps you relax and increase your feeling of well-being. We offer audio files so that you can listen privately through your headphones at any time of the day.

Learn more about the science behind our work.

How else can I get more benefits from your programs?

Try other relaxing activities, such as listening to soothing music, yoga, acupuncture, and especially journaling. You can redesign your lifestyle to include regular relaxation in a variety of forms, which will help you cope and manage stress in a more sustainable way.

Should I listen to sessions more than once per day to get double or triple the effects?

You can certainly listen to more than one session per day, though it would be more useful to try complementary practices like yoga, mindful walking, breathing exercises, meditation, listening to soothing music and journaling in addition to listening to your daily session. Building a daily mindfulness and relaxation habit that includes a few activities will help round out the program and set you up for success.

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