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Mike Berkley, L.A.c, founder and director of the Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness, has been so extremely helpful to us on a ton of levels. I can’t say enough about him as a professional, an individual, and now I can say a friend.

First of all, his offices are immaculate, gorgeous and very spa-like. You feel instantly transformed into a cocoon of calm when you walk through his doors. Anyone looking for acupuncture in the New York City area needs to consult with Mike Berkley. He is the “acupuncture for acupuncturists” – a true leader in his field.

Anyway, he recently created this video discussing how he has been using our programs in his practice.  He has 4 i-pod Nanos, loaded with all of our programs, allowing his patients to choose the program and track of their choice and listen during their sessions.

When a patient comes into his office and is being “needled,” they choose one of our programs to listen. They then “bliss-out,” as Mike refers to the relaxation and “clinical” benefits that our programs provide.

Mike “absolutely” recommends our programs. He says they aren’t just relaxing, they have clinical benefits –  opening our mind-body connection to guide our bodies towards health. Watch this video to find out how our programs has transformed his business:

If you are interested in discussing ways in which we can partner with you please contact us at

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