Review Of “Things We Don’t Talk About”: Woman’s Stories From The Red Tent

“Things We Don’t Talk About”: Woman’s Stories from the Red Tent is a recent documentary by filmmaker Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost that focuses on the Red Tent and the emerging Red Tent Movement. Here are 5 surprising things you can learn from the film:

  1. A Red Tent is a safe, woman-only space that fosters a supportive community and self-empowerment. It’s a place for storytelling, relaxing, laughing, listening, crying, arts, eating, and being with friends.
  2. It has to do with much more than menstruation. A Red Tent is a place for self care and support for a healthy mind and body for women of all ages, from little girls to grandmothers. Everyone can share their story or thoughts about anything going on in their lives and listen to others as they do the same.
  3. A Red Tent enables open conversations about the things that women don’t want to talk about in other venues. A safe, nurturing place for women allows them to discuss positive ideals for womanhood, educates women about their bodies, opens discussion about issues of body image and self-acceptance, and provides a place where women’s voices can be heard.
  4. A Red Tent can often serve as a powerful spiritual place for many women. It is a comforting space that offers a chance for self-renewal and meditation.
  5. The Red Tent movement can offer a unique environment for the TTC community to find support. Some women use it as a place to go to reconcile their sense of identity as a women and their idea of womanhood with infertility and to find comfort, inspiration and advice from other women.

You can find more information about Things We Don’t Talk About and the Red Tent Movement at

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