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Today I want to share a special story. Be forewarned, it’s not a happy story, but important for me to share with you and hopefully important enough for you to share with others.

I truly hope that you can’t fully understand this, that you haven’t gone through this yourself, but you might have. The M-word. I had two of them – never getting to the point of a heart-beat, but nevertheless, they were both very real in my body and real in my mind.

I’m not gonna lie: it’s a dark, scary and ugly place to be. Even when the miscarriage happens early in the pregnancy, it’s still very very hard. A baby starts to grow inside of you, and there is almost an immediate emotional connection. You start to see the future and begin daydreaming about holding her or him one day.

And then, it’s like the lights go out. When my OB told me the news, he prescribed me Valium because I was in such shock and I am not going to deny that it helped. A lot.

But as with anything, there is hope.

I was moved when Amy received this email a few months ago to help Tania and others in her shoes:

Hello Amy:
I have recently purchased your Natural Cycle Fertility Program, but I would like some advice on the best program you think for me. I have just had a D&C following my 4th miscarriage, 2 natural miscarriages in 2008/2009 and and IVF miscarriage in 2010 and this one was an IVF miscarriage. I would like to listen to something that will help me heal my body post D&C surgery and prepare my body again for the possibility of a natural conception prior to trying IVF again in April.

I felt her pain and heartbreak through every. single. word.

So she become my “muse” to create our latest program Healing + Recovery Program – Miscarriage support and your fertility story as I really wanted to help her in any way that we could. She trusted us to help her by sending us this very important email, and we simply needed to act. And quickly.

And after a few weeks, she sent us this response:

Hello, I am so sorry for the late reply to your message, I think the program is absolutely fantastic. I listened to it for about 10 days and for the first couple of days I fell asleep in the first stage of the meditation… so very relaxing and then I listened to the rest which was amazing. I feel so much better, more positive and hopeful. I also found that my body recovered quite quickly with my period returning after 28 days on the dot. I wouldn’t change a thing within the program, it was very encouraging and supporting. Overall, I think it is an amazing program and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has gone through a miscarriage or loss within their pregnancy.

“Positive and hopeful” and her period returned after 28 days on the dot. I’m not creating these programs – these programs are creating themselves. And hopefully they are even better than Valium. Thank you Tania for sharing your story with us, and for letting us help you.

We now ask you a favor – please share with your friends. The program is absolutely free of charge – today, tomorrow and always. You may never if a friend has recently had a miscarriage, so they may receive this help at just the right time. So please take a few minutes and share by simply clicking on the handy links below.

With love + gratitude,

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