Three Things You Can Do Today to Advocate For Your Health

We’ve been talking about advocating women’s health for a while now. You understand how important it is and why it needs to be done, but maybe you’re wondering what exactly you can do to advocate for yourself and for women’s health in general? If you want to get serious about women’s health advocacy, here are three things you can do today to begin your advocacy efforts.

Start with Yourself

First, make a list of health concerns that you have that your doctor has not addressed to your satisfaction. Or maybe there are concerns that you have not even brought up to your doctor yet. What you need to do now is sit down and create a list of all of the health concerns that you have and schedule an appointment to see your physician to discuss these concerns.

Remember, if your physician doesn’t seem to be listening to what you have to say when you arrive for your appointment, refuse to take no for an answer. You may have to speak up to get his or her attention, but be sure that you get down to the bottom of the questions that you want answers to.

Reach Out to Others

Do you have advice and support that you could give to others? Then reach out to them! Start a blog promoting women’s health advocacy or join one of the message forums that is already established on the Internet so you can begin sharing your knowledge with other women who are in need of it. You’ll be surprised at just how thankful people will be when you begin giving them answers to the questions they’ve been harboring.

Start Lobbying

Want to take women’s health advocacy a bit further? Why not begin lobbying for certain rights, such as the right to have health insurance that covers infertility and infertility treatments. Visit websites like and find out exactly how you can lobby for women’s health rights and make changes for the future generations of women who will follow in our footsteps.

No matter what you do, the important thing is you do something. Whether it’s simply making a list of your own health concerns or dedicating time to lobbying for women’s causes, the truth is that you have more power than you realize and will have more of an impact on your life and the lives of others than you may ever have dreamed of.

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