Tips to getting pregnant

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Tips To Getting Pregnant

Joanne Verkuilen

As we go about our business of helping millions of women realize their family building goals, we have learned a great deal about how to help you focus in a positive way, your thoughts, feeling and desires to reach your goal of becoming a mother.

I hear everyday from women like you how when they apply their mind to the task of influencing the body, truly amazing things begin to happen. We’re here to help you do that.

We hope this e-book provides an extra bit of encouragement and support throughout your journey and that you find the tips to getting pregnant in the e-book helpful. Using positive intentions and thoughts, can only bring about peace, reduction of stress and prepping your body in the best way you can. Every day we can help our bodies balance and improve their ability to become pregnant.

“I love this ebook! It is really been such a great daily practice for me. It isn’t a huge time commitment and the messages really stick with me. I find myself practicing deep breathing and also being more present in the moment… Excellent!!!” ~ Lisa