Trust Your Inner Guide Related to Infertility, Diet and Exercise

It seems every day there is a new article published about a new type of food, diet or exercise regimen that will help you get pregnant.  Scary headlines that shock you into guilt-ridden nightmares that all this while you have been eating green apples instead of red – and it being the reason you aren’t pregnant yet. The Things-You-Need-To-Avoid-List grows longer every day.  And exercise?  Definitely, but not too much!  You aren’t pregnant yet, but don’t consume any alcohol!  Coffee is a no-no, and so is white bread, potatoes, any kind of trans-fat, etc.

Hidden in all of these messages is that everything you have been doing to date has not been the exact right kind, the exact right combination – and there you go, you aren’t pregnant. 

Now, I am not saying go smoke a pack of cigarettes, or consume an entire bag of fried snickers, or stop exercising.  There are obvious limits to what we know is base-line health for us, and each one of us is different. You know you don’t feel so good after eating two cheeseburgers from McDonalds.  Take this information and learn from it.  Do more of what makes you feel balanced, healthy and whole.  The most important thing here is that you can trust yourself.  I contend if you feel better and more relaxed after a nice glass of wine…then have at it.

I also recognize that these studies usually contain very good information about how our bodies work. Knowledge is power, so continue to research and understand the ramifications of how such processed foods and other unhealthy choices can have on our bodies.

My biggest problem with all these recommendations is that it adds to our “stress-list.”  More do’s and don’ts as how to live your life and trying to conceive at the same time.  We know for sure that stress, guilt and anxiety is a toxic combination for balancing our bodies and finding our inner hormonal harmony.

Go ahead and enjoy that piece of chocolate cake, cocktail or baked potato.  Don’t exercise today – or do exercise.  Find your inner guide and let her tell you what is appropriate for you – your mind, your body and your emotional well-being. 

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