Week 12: The Love Response® (part two)

All We Need is Love

Let’s make no bones about it. Life sometimes is downright hard. It challenges us to our core, but time after time, we get up to fight the good fight.

What Dr. Eva Selhub teaches us in her book, The Love Response®, however, gives us a very powerful weapon to steer us towards finding peace no matter what life is throwing us at us. And it’s love.

As simple as flicking a switch, we can make the choice to feel love in our hearts. Even if it starts as a faint flicker, focus on it and let it grow. Something amazing happens inside. Peace and tranquility, and yes, happiness, soon follows.

Listen now to my conversation with Dr. Eva as we discuss why she wrote this book, and how we can use love as a “SHIELD” to live our best lives.

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The Antidote to Fear

Dr. Selhub talks about the Fear Response that is usually prevalent in our lives. We tend to run scared, full of stress, in our modern lives, and it’s so harmful to not only our bodies, but our lives overall.

But, we need to learn to control it, and use it as an advantage when necessary. We have the choice to counter-balance these feelings with those of joy and pleasure. And we can do that by activating our Love Response.

“When love is infused into the process of relaxation, a positive physiology takes over that allows the body to heal and allows joy to dominate your existence. Love represents a fusion of varied emotions, thoughts, positive neuropathways and reward mechanisms that ultimately allow the body, mind and spirit to maintain equilibrium. Love has a unique hormonal marker, a biochemical function that creates bonding, attachment, and pleasurable sensations. Certain physical processes occur in the body and brain when you feel love and you give love and affection,” continues Eva.

When you experience love, a cascade of positive hormones and peptides run through every element of your body. These include endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine, vasopressin and nitric oxide. They help reverse the symptoms of the fear response.

How to Feel Love, Whenever, Wherever

Every single chapter of Eva’s book gives you excellent exercises you can do to help yourself move towards the Love Response.

Most of them have you relax, do some deep breathing, visualize a certain barrier of protection, accompanied by a strong sense that you are never alone. After a period of 5 – 10 minutes, she asks you to them take out a piece of paper and write about what you just experienced. If it makes sense, to go back in time to re-experience something that will help you let go of deep-seated emotional memories that no longer serve any purpose but to elicit the fear response. If you set your mind to it and do these exercises with a mind-set towards personal growth, I know they will be hugely beneficial for you.

I highly recommend checking out her book!

As I spoke about above, you can experience the feelings of love anytime, anywhere. Here is a little mini-exercise that can’t help but make you feel better:

    1. Stop
    2. Notice your environment
    3. Pick out something, or someone, of beauty. It could be as simple as a ray of sunlight, or your dog looking at you
    4. Take a deep breath
    5. Feel the feelings of love and gratitude for your object of affection right now
    6. Let these feelings expand and grow, expand and grow, expand and grow

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  • New Year Mum February 12, 2011, 12:31 am

    Dear Joanne…
    Love your blog /podcast and can’t wait to get a copy of this book – sounds very inspiring 🙂 Just what I need at the moment :)) Thanks again for all your great work.
    Warm regards, New Year Mum @ blogspot xo

  • Joanne February 12, 2011, 10:06 am

    Thank you New Year Mum for these kind words as well as taking the time to come back and comment. Let us know what you think of the book! Well worth it…

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