Week 8: An American Adoption Story

To celebrate National Adoption Awareness Month, I thought we would change gears a tad and discuss adoption.

On our podcast today is a very special guest and my personal dearest friend, Stephanie Clark Fitzgerald. Stephanie is no stranger to this blog; we have written about her many times. Her adoption story is actually very intertwined with the creation of Circle+Bloom. After a two year adoption roller coaster, they are now proud parents of this gorgeous baby boy.

When I tell the story of why I created Circle + Bloom to begin with, I almost always have to mention Steph. After having gone through secondary infertility, Steph then started having troubles of her own. Seeing her month, after month going through what I just did stirred me from a deep place inside to want to help her. I created Circle+Bloom with her in mind.

In fact, when they were trying to become pregnant with their third child, she listened religiously to our mind-body fertility relaxation recordings. Her  enthusiasm was clear.  In her second cycle something happened. She recalls clearly that while being in a relaxed state and trying to visualize her body, a strong intuitive message made itself clear: her body said “sorry dear, this ain’t happening.” It was then they decided to move directly to adoption. She kindly credits Circle + Bloom for helping her to move more firmly in that direction quicker than what otherwise would have been the case.

For reasons she mentions in the podcast, they decided to stay domestic. They used American Adoptions (which they highly recommend) and did all of their paperwork and home studies. Then they were matched with a baby girl in the Bronx. And then they were matched with a baby boy in Jacksonville, and then they were matched with another baby boy in Jacksonville – but never brought any of them home.

Learn what happens next by listening to Steph and I talk about this journey..and hear the words of someone with an incredible amount of bravery to endure the time involved, and the heart-aches leading to the wonderful ending we can now all celebrate.

      Click here to listen to the podcast.

We also should mention Dawn Davenport who specializes in helping families through the adoption process…with her organization called Creating a Family. This non-profit provides resources and support for this alternative journey.

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