Why Become an Egg Donor?

Guest Blog by Natalie on behalf of The London Egg Bank.

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Becoming an egg donor is an altruistic affair. Many women choose to become egg donors so that they can give the gift of parenthood to those couples who have embarked upon the difficult and emotional journey of trying to conceive.

Some women may have had a close friend or relative who has experienced the trauma of infertility and wish to prevent others from going through the same emotionally draining experience, whilst others donate their eggs out of the goodness of their own hearts. Whatever their reasons, these women have undergone the egg donation process with the same motive in mind; to help childless couples.

The egg donation process allows those women whose ovaries do not produce enough healthy eggs, to become pregnant using donated eggs. By donating your eggs, you can offer infertile women a life-changing gift: the gift of a child and the chance to become a mother.

As an egg donor, you’re likely to experience feelings of goodwill. Why? You will know that you’ve helped couples to overcome infertility as well as grant them the greatest happiness of all: parenthood. As an egg donor, you can play a significant part in helping a loving couple make their family complete.

Why do Women Donate Their Eggs?

Satisfaction and happiness are the two key elements that tend to give women the desire to become egg donors. They feel these emotions due to the fact that they are able to help struggling women to begin or expand their family.

Egg donors are often family members or friends of those who are unable to conceive naturally. However, in most cases, the donors who work through clinics are matched up with individuals or couples that they previously did not know.

Research has revealed that 68% of women stated that helping somebody was their number one reason for donating their eggs. Of this same group that was surveyed, 100% of the egg donors reported that they would donate their eggs again.

Whilst the egg donation process can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster, being an egg donor is a wonderful and exciting experience at every step. Knowing you are going to change lives for the better is a heart-warming feeling.

How Can Egg Donation Help?

The egg donation process is able to help two different types of women to give birth to a child: those who don’t have eggs fit for conceiving, and those who unfortunately have no eggs at all.

Early menopause is the main reason that causes a woman not to have eggs fit for conceiving. This sometimes occurs around fifteen or twenty years before it would normally happen. If a woman begins her menopause when she is still very young and she has not yet had a child, she will not be able to have one without the egg donation process. Epidemiological studies have revealed that 5% of women develop this condition which is much more than people anticipate.

The cause of this is usually medical for those who have no eggs. For example, some women have to have their ovaries removed because of a tumor, once they have recovered these women still cannot have their own children unless they use eggs donated from another woman.

Do you wish to help women who are unable to conceive? You can, by becoming an egg donor. The London Egg Bank is the UK’s first egg donor clinic with the aim of encouraging people to donate eggs. For more information, call 0207 563 4306 today and learn more about the egg donation process.

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