About Susan Cooke

IMG_0027My life has not taken the path that I imagined as a young girl.    There have been many detours off “my” path, many of the detours have been positive and others very painful, and I realize now, yes that is life!  Up until I was married the detours were small in nature, but that changed when I was three months pregnant with my first child.  For reasons out of my control, my world began to collapse around me and by the time my son was two years old I found myself a single mom, realizing that I would have to fully support me and my son.  There were many benefits that came from this pain, the greatest of which is an incredible bond with my son that I know would not be as strong if it was not just the two of us making our way in the world together.  I also realized how important friendships and family are in life and because I became the sole income provider I ended up with an incredible career with a fantastic company and life long friendships.

As the years past, I remarried at 39, a little late to have another baby, but clearly something we both wanted.  There was so many emotions going on at the same time, happy that “my family” now included a husband, anxious that if I was not able to conceive what stress that might put on my new marriage, and concerned if I was to get pregnant what that might do to my relationship and strong bond with my son.  I was fortunate to have a support system to help me through the “what if” anxieties, and a great OBGYN that helped me understand the biggest issue with my ability to conceive was going to be stress, and not my age.   He encouraged me to learn ways to manage the stress and not run with all the “what ifs”.    It did take longer to conceive my second child, and at times it was hard not to let the “what ifs” creep back into my mind, but my support group helped me through these times.

When my sister Joanne started to research the link between stress and fertility I was immediately intrigued about what she might find out.  Over her two year journey of creating Circle + Bloom, my excitement grew as she shared more information about the link and the power that the mind has on the body.  Her passion about Circle + Bloom was contagious and there was not question in my mind that I was ready to jump in 200% to help her bring Circle + Bloom to the market.

It is yet another detour in life, starting a company at 44 with a three year old running around the house, but what a detour it is!   The incredible success stories that we have already seen and hearing about the “profound” experiences our customers have while using Circle + Bloom brings my energy to a whole new level.

I hope we can help you and would love to begin to get to know you and your life journey – sue@circlebloom.com