About Circle + Bloom

Our Story

Our story starts more than twenty years ago when our founder, Joanne, was diagnosed with PCOS as a late-teen. The words from her OB-GYN that “pregnancy may be difficult” were hard to hear. Not surprisingly, she had problems with conception. After her difficult emotional journey which ended with two beautiful and healthy children, her close friend then started having fertility problems which prompted her to action.

Exploring the connection between the mind+body, as well as the direct connection between stress and hormone balance and ultimately fertility, she had the idea of creating a daily relaxation program that tracked to the monthly cycle. Given the fact that our bodies are changing every day throughout the month, a physiological daily guided visualization made complete sense to her. As she says “it was my “ah-ha” moment and one that I will never forget standing in my kitchen with this idea that hit me like a bolt of lightening. I have never turned back.”

Susan Cooke, Joanne’s sister, recently made the decision to join her to be part of what she calls “an opportunity to help women with my business experience to build a company that we can truly be proud of.”

What is Important to Us

We are a family and woman-owned business that cares deeply about helping other woman who are experiencing the emotional toll of trying to conceive. We create, share, laugh, cry, dream and try to make a difference every day. We have a vision that Circle + Bloom will be part of everyone’s pregnancy planning process because we are so convinced of the benefits of our programs.

  • We care deeply about the experience people have using our programs…and yes, we ultimately hope that as many women as possible will become pregnant while using our program, but we know we are not selling a “magic potion” and we do not want to give the false impression that our programs work every single time. We do feel passionate about helping you to have a profound experience, bringing calm to a crazy world, helping to shift your thoughts, re-arrange your body, and improve your outlook. Empowering your body and taking control over your own health in a wonderfully positive way.
  • We constantly challenge ourselves to improve our work, our programs, our business and ultimately the benefits to our customers.
  • We hope to advance mind + body awareness, in particular to as it pertains to fertility.
  • We make the pledge to always be honest in everything we represent, communicate and stand for.
  • We seek to be a helpful contributor to the fertility community on a national basis.

Our Mission

We are passionate about the power of the mind-body connection and helping women, including those wanting to conceive, to use this unbelievable resource and body “intelligence” to improve health, well-being, fertility, energy, and anything else we desire. We want to ignite a mind-body movement that empowers women to take charge of their health.

Our initial programs focused on women wanting to conceive, and can be the start of your infertility treatment, or can be used in combination with other infertility treatments. We have also expanded to other areas to help you live a healthy lifestyle, including energy, sleep, PCOS and sexual health.

Not only do our programs help you to reverse the harmful effects of stress, but by using guided imagery to communicate with your body, we can leverage this innate and powerful mind-body connection. Our body has an intelligence that we no longer should take for granted. As Dr. Bernie Siegel states, “visualization is a key component of the mind-body tool-kit we can all employ.”

Our programs are elegantly simple, yet surprising effective and make it easy just sit back and let the enjoyment, relaxation and healing begin. We are doctor recommended, with a full money back guarantee. For women wanting to conceive, learn more about our fertility programs, for all other women who are on a journey to live a healthy lifestyle, learn about our other health programs.

Our Advisory Board

We are fortunate to have very esteemed members of the professional medical community who have provided guidance and counsel throughout the creation of our programs. These are highly regarded professionals who immediately recognized the value in consistently applying mind + body techniques and relaxation to help in the fertility process. Read more about our Advisory Board and Professional Endorsements

Joanne Verkuilen’s Story (Founder & Partner)

I have PCOS and have known about it since my late teens. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a hormone imbalance that affects about 5-10% of women in the U.S. It basically puts your ovaries into overdrive, producing many cysts (hence the “poly” in the name) instead of healthy eggs. Throughout my twenties and early into my marriage, the diagnosis that “pregnancy may be difficult” was there lurking in the background, but I honestly didn’t get too hung up on it as it was something to be dealt with at a later time. I was blessed to have two perfect children, but not without a lot of heart-ache and emotional ups and downs along the way.

Our first child came within six months of “trying but not trying.” It was easy, actually. No temperature monitoring, no buying pregnancy tests in bulk, no infertility procedures, and more importantly, very little stress. There was no figuring out when my period was supposed to come, and waiting with baited breath to see if it did. It was living life normally.

The second child, who came almost five years later, was a bit of a different story. We did the same approach to start, but after a year of trying unsuccessfully, we knew that we needed to start taking things more seriously. So, the tests, the timing, and the waiting started in earnest. It was hard, and what I found was that my normal thought pattern started to shift. Images of swaddled babies smelling like baby powder became regular. I would get a twinge in the pit of my stomach when I saw a pregnant woman. I found myself looking at those tiny little outfits and imagining a fully stocked dresser of tiny diapers, lotions, and wipes. Looking back, I am sure I had become a bit depressed and somewhat crazy. Well-meaning friends and family would comment how lucky we were to have one healthy child. A few times the pregnancy test came back positive and the rush of those emotions flooded me, only to find out weeks later that the pregnancies were not viable and needed to be terminated. Heart. Ache.

I had two very different experiences having two terrific kids. Can I say that my depression and stress that I felt hampered my ability to get pregnant the second time? Who knows. What I can say for sure, however, is that my infertility problems certainly did contribute to my stress and depression and we all know the detrimental effects on our body when we have such extreme emotions.

I have always believed in the mind-body connection, but in the case of my second pregnancy, had no idea how I could help myself through the problem. I know that the emotions that we carry around with us, especially anger and anxiety, can be energy-sappers, but can also be destructive to the careful balancing of our hormonal and immune systems. The negativity captures excess energy that could be redirected elsewhere in the bodies – most importantly your reproductive system. By freeing this negative energy through relaxation, meditation and even recording your thoughts in a journal, we begin the wonderful process of recovery and healing.

I started Circle + Bloom™ to help others in this process of taking a more proactive stance. Helping ourselves help ourselves. Through the power of the mind-body connection along with the stress-infertility link – we have the knowledge to take matters in our own hands (we do not advocate, however, to delay seeing a doctor, if you suspect problems with being able to get pregnant).

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or ideas: joanne@circlebloom.com. We’d love to hear from you.

My Professional Affiliation with
American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)


Susan Cooke (Co-CEO)

My life has not taken the path that I imagined as a young girl. There have been many detours off “my” path, many of the detours have been positive and others very painful, and I realize now, yes that is life! Up until I was married the detours were small in nature, but that changed when I was three months pregnant with my first child. For reasons out of my control, my world began to collapse around me and by the time my son was two years old I found myself a single mom, realizing that I would have to fully support me and my son. There were many benefits that came from this pain, the greatest of which is an incredible bond with my son that I know would not be as strong if it was not just the two of us making our way in the world together. I also realized how important friendships and family are in life and because I became the sole income provider I ended up with an incredible career with a fantastic company and life long friendships.

As the years past, I remarried at 39, a little late to have another baby, but clearly something we both wanted. There was so many emotions going on at the same time, happy that “my family” now included a husband, anxious that if I was not able to conceive what stress that might put on my new marriage, and concerned if I was to get pregnant what that might do to my relationship and strong bond with my son. I was fortunate to have a support system to help me through the “what if” anxieties, and a great OBGYN that helped me understand the biggest issue with my ability to conceive was going to be stress, and not my age. He encouraged me to learn ways to manage the stress and not run with all the “what ifs”. It did take longer to conceive my second child, and at times it was hard not to let the “what ifs” creep back into my mind, but my support group helped me through these times.

When my sister Joanne started to research the link between stress and fertility I was immediately intrigued about what she might find out. Over her two year journey of creating Circle + Bloom, my excitement grew as she shared more information about the link and the power that the mind has on the body. Her passion about Circle + Bloom was contagious and there was not question in my mind that I was ready to jump in 200% to help her bring Circle + Bloom to the market.

It is yet another detour in life, starting a company at 44 with a three year old running around the house, but what a detour it is! The incredible success stories that we have already seen and hearing about the “profound” experiences our customers have while using Circle + Bloom brings my energy to a whole new level.

I hope we can help you and would love to begin to get to know you and your life journey – sue@circlebloom.com