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Trying to conceive is a time in a woman’s life when a trusty, long-term relationship she has had is suddenly “on the rocks”—her relationship with her body.

Whether that relationship has been one of ambivalence, frustration, complexity, or an undying love affair, it will undeniably enter into a new phase when conceiving isn’t happening as quickly or quite in the manner she expected.

If you have found yourself doubting or maybe even at bitter odds with your body, wishing your ovaries, uterus, and everything else would just “get with the program,” you aren’t alone.

So how do you make peace with the skin you are in when it seems like you and your body are headed in two different directions?

At Circle+Bloom, we get it.

That is why this month in our teleseminar series, we are inviting you join us for a truly special conversation about how you can build unshakable confidence in your gorgeous body…no matter what!

Our dear friend, Fertility Journey Transformation Coach, Rosanne Austin, will lead this powerful conversation that will introduce you to the tools for falling in love with your body in spite of the challenges you may encounter on your fertility journey. You will have the chance to ask your smart, heartfelt questions and get support from other women who truly get it.

As women who have personally lived the fertility journey, Rosanne and I know what a dramatic difference it makes for a woman to be seen, heard, and actively supported during this chapter in her life—this is why we do what we do!

Join us for:

“Building Unshakable Confidence In Your Body:
Trust & Love the Skin You Are In On Your Fertility Journey”
March 25, 2017
7:00 AM California/10:00 AM New York/2:00 PM London

You will:

  • Learn why falling deeply in love with your body is one of the best things you can possibly do for yourself on this journey—and where to start with that,
  • Discover the power of “clean slating” any messiness festering between you and your beloved bod—and why you need to do it NOW,
  • Understand exactly how getting insanely comfortable in your body is the turning point for breaking free from fear, negativity, dreading your social media feed, and crushing the habit of “why me,” AND
  • By the end of the call you will have a practical starting point for deeply trusting and loving that gorgeous skin you are in!

Discover Unshakable Trust In Your BodyThis 60-minute teleseminar is our gift to you and will offer a highly interactive combination of great education and access to powerful support.

Ladies, you don’t want to miss this!

CLICK HERE to grab your seat for this teleseminar

Can’t attend live? No problem! You will have access to a 48-hour replay to enjoy it later! As soon as you sign up, you will receive a confirmation and all of the call-in information you will need to attend this fantastic class.

We are grateful to be part of your journey to conceive and we are glad to provide you with the undeniably powerful combination of our mind+body programs and Rosanne’s expertise to support you along the way!

With love & gratitude,


Guest blog by Meera Watts, founder and owner of Siddhi Yoga International.

Yoga is a multi-faceted exercise that has tons of benefits for the body. Learning yoga for good health has been increasingly popular because of the impact it has on stress management and all in all well being. Amongst all the benefits of yoga, there is one that is yet to be discussed; yoga’s effect on fertility and conceiving. There are Asanas that women can do to increase their chances in getting pregnant.

Here are some of the best poses that can greatly impact fertility for those who have been trying to get pregnant:

1. Paschimottanasana – Seated forward bend

An exercise for the lower back to the hamstrings that will revitalize the ovaries and uterus which are key for conception. This is done by sitting with your legs outstretched and your toes pointing towards you, slowly reach for your toes as you exhale and bend forward.

2. Janu Shirasana – One-Legged Forward Bend

This pose strengthens the lower back and is done by bending one leg where the foot touches the other leg’s thigh while reaching for your toes.

3. Baddha Konasana – Butterfly Pose

The pose brings back flexibility to the groin region and is done by bending both legs letting the feet touch at the bottom while flapping both thighs.

7 Yoga Asanas That May Boost Fertility

4. Balasna – Child’s Pose

Bending forward until your forehead touches the floor while your legs are bent under you strengthens your muscles from the lower back to your ankles. Not only does it relieve stress and tension in the pelvic region, it also increases blood flow in that area.

5. Viparita Karani – Legs Up The Wall Pose

This pose is better done after intercourse; laying on your back with your legs up the wall will help keep the sperm inside the uterus for better conception chances.

6. Bhramari Pranayama – Bee breath

This is a great breathing exercise for relieving stress. Studies have shown that stress greatly contributes to infertility and this pranayama relieves the body of stress and anxiety.

7. Kapalbhati Pranayama – Rhythmic Rapid Breathing

The quick breathing done in this exercise purifies the blood which brings more oxygen to the cells and balances hormone levels in the body.

These simple yet powerful fertility yoga poses should be practiced on a routine basis to increase your chances of conception. Learning from a good yoga teacher and a certified yogic practitioner for training and inputs on these asanas is advised to get the pose right.

Yoga will cure Infertility for sure but it takes time to get in alignment with nature.

Meera Watts is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur and mom. Her writing on yoga and holistic health has appeared in Elephant Journal, Yoganonymous, OMtimes and others. She’s also the founder and owner of Siddhi Yoga International, a yoga teacher training school based in Singapore. Siddhi Yoga runs intensive, residential trainings in India (Rishikesh, Goa 
and Dharamshala), Indonesia (Bali) and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). 


Are there days on your fertility journey when you just want to scream, “Is IT ever going to happen for me?!”

If so, rest assured, you aren’t alone!

With uncertainty being an inherent (and annoying) aspect of this chapter in your life, it’s easy to feel discouraged and anxious.

This is why having real, heartfelt, inspiration from other women, who have faced challenges on this journey and have triumphed is critical.

At Circle+Bloom, we get it.

Listen to our FREE podcast with Rosanne, where we invited you join us for a truly special conversation with women from the Circle+Bloom community who are making their dreams come true and are happy to share their stories to inspire you. These women are nothing short of amazing!

      Listen now to the replay

Our dear friend, Fertility Journey Transformation Coach, Rosanne Austin, will lead the conversation and you will have the chance to ask your smart, heartfelt questions of the panel.

As women who have personally lived the fertility journey, Rosanne and I know what a dramatic difference it makes for a woman to be seen, heard, and actively supported during this chapter in her life—this is why we do what we do!

This is your chance to get inspiration from women just like you, who are making their dreams come true, on this journey, and in their lives.

Listen to all of our teleseminars:

1) Your Simple + Fun Toolkit for a Negativity-Free Fertility Journey
2) Secrets To Fertility Journey-Proofing Your Relationship
3) The Luxuriously Low Stress TWW
4) Build Unstoppable Confidence On Your Fertility Journey
5) Money Mindset Makeover For Your Fertility Journey
6) Make The Holidays Awesome On Your Fertility Journey
7) The Best Year Ever On Your Fertility Journey
8) The Best Year Ever On Your Fertility Journey Q&A Session with Rosanne Austin
9) How Smart Women Make Their Dreams Of Being A Mom Come True and Create Lives They Love Along The Way

You will:

  • Learn the key mindset shifts that smart women make to break the cycle of fear, negativity, and toxic stress,
  • Discover what smart women do to stay focused on their dreams in the face of disappointment and scary statistics,
  • Have an opportunity to hear the inspiring stories of women in this community, and ask the questions you long to ask of women who truly “get it,” AND
  • By the end of the call you will have real inspiration you can sink your teeth into and fuel your belief that YOU TOO can make your dreams come true on this journey.

Could You Use Some Inspiration On Your Journey

We are grateful to be part of your journey to conceive and we are glad to provide you with the undeniably powerful combination of our mind+body programs and Rosanne’s expertise to support you along the way!

With love & gratitude,


Guest blog by Sophie Yang, an infertility specialist at Fertile, a surrogacy agency in California.

Any Fertility Center will tell you that, when discussing fertility in women, the age of the egg is the most important factor. The age of the uterus doesn’t really matter, how young the woman looks is irrelevant as is the kind of shape she’s in. The things that really matter are the age, quantity and quality of the eggs. Egg quality, while generally not an issue with young women’s eggs, becomes a factor as women age too because older eggs are more likely to have chromosomal abnormalities.

Fertility Center Secrets, It’s All About the Eggs

It’s no secret that a lot of women are putting off child bearing until their 30’s and beyond around the world today. The waiting room of any fertility center will feature healthy women who waited until the right time, and the right partner, to bring a child into the world only to find out they may have waited too long. Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have, at birth that’s approximately 1–2 million follicles. By the time a woman hits puberty that number has dwindled to 300,000-400,000 and when she hits menopause, it’s less than 1,000. As you can see from these numbers, that’s quite a drastic drop and the majority of it happens before a woman’s reproductive years. Those numbers are for follicles, the number of actual oocytes released via ovulation during a woman’s lifetime is approximately 400.

Correlation Between Aging and Fertility in Women

Why is Egg Quality Important?

When a fertility center devises a plan of action for a woman needing reproductive assistance one of the first things they look at is the egg quantity and quality. Quantity is important because you have to have something to work with but quality is as important because it’s often the determining factor as to whether you can produce a viable embryo. Younger eggs are healthier and have less chromosomal damage. At age 30 about 30% of eggs are chromosomally abnormal. This is why fertility center egg donation programs have an age cut-off of 28 or 29 for donors. By age 40 about 60% are abnormal and by 44 years old 90% are abnormal. The chances of a 44-year-old woman producing a viable embryo that can be carried to term using her own egg is around 2%. Now that same woman using a younger, donor, egg has a 65% chance, roughly the same chance a woman in her 20’s has.

Here are some statistics from a 2013 CDC Report covering the IVF live birth percentage rate per cycle for each age using fresh, non-donor eggs or embryos resulting in live births:

Age 40: Live birth rate of 17%
Age 43: Live birth rate of 6%
Age over 44: Live birth rate of 2%

Why Does Egg Quantity Matter?

The quantity of eggs remaining in a woman’s ovaries is often referred to as “ovarian reserve”. While this number doesn’t have much impact on people trying to get pregnant naturally, it can make a big difference when going through fertility treatments, as many older women do. At fertility centers they have noticed that the quantity of eggs remaining influences response to ovarian stimulating medications. The larger the reserve a woman has the more eggs that can be retrieved within the in vitro cycle. More eggs mean more chances to find healthy eggs that can be made into healthy embryos that will “take” to create a successful pregnancy. A fertility center will often test an embryo for chromosomal abnormalities using a preimplantation genetic screening before transferring the embryo into the uterus. Embryos that have a normal chromosomal analysis after PGS have a very high potential for implantation and live birth, these are the embryos they want to implant. The younger the egg at the time the embryo is created the more likely it is to be free of chromosomal damage so the chances of the embryo being healthy and able to survive a pregnancy and birth are higher.

The average woman reaches her peak fertility at age 24 then it’s a gradual slide down until age 38 when there is a steep decline in fertility. This is about the time these women are looking for a fertility center. Not all women’s fertility declines at the same rate, it is genetically determined. In healthy women, most will see major fertility declines and hit menopause at about the same time their mothers did. However, the average age of first birth is going up, in 2014 the average new mother was 26.3 years old as opposed to 1999 when the age was 24.9. That’s a large increase in only 15 years and is due in equal parts to declining teen pregnancies and a rise in the rate of first pregnancies to women over 35. With more women over 35 giving birth, often with the help of donor eggs and a fertility center, the average age of new mothers is going to continue to rise for the foreseeable future.

Sophie YangSophie Yang works as an infertility specialist at Fertile. Fertile is a renowned surrogacy agency in California. She also has a passion for writing blogs on reproductive system and wants to spread awareness about the treatments available for infertility. Apart from writing, her other hobbies are gardening, cooking and playing guitar.


Manifesting a Miracle

Guest blog by Stephanie Roth, a certified fertility and integrative nutrition health coach and founder of Your Fertile Self.

In January 2013 I was waiting to return to fertility treatment after a cancelled IUI cycle a couple of months before. I’d thought my cancelled cycle would just be for a month, but it ended up being a few months’ break from treatment.

That cancelled cycle was the latest of my woes down the path of trying to get pregnant.

In the 11 months that I’d been trying to conceive, I’d had two miscarriages; a Diminished Ovarian Reserve diagnosis; a grim prediction by a fertility doctor that I had less than a 2% chance of getting pregnant with my own eggs; and a recommendation to pursue donor egg IVF as my best chance to have a baby.

I’d already made a lot of positive changes in my life. I’d learned about my cycles through tracking my fertility signs. I’d made great strides in cleaning up my diet. I was moving my body through yoga.

I still knew that I needed to do more to approach my fertility journey differently.

I’d taken charge of my physical body, but hadn’t yet worked on my mindset. While I was optimistic that I’d get pregnant and have a baby, I still approached every month thinking, “God, I hope it works this time.”

My body and my mind weren’t connected.

That winter I turned to the power of my own intuition and imagination, to harness my dream of becoming a mother. In my mind’s eye I envisioned a successful treatment cycle, and meditated on this vision. I created affirmations that I repeated to myself daily.

This practice not only connected my mind and body. It enabled me to let go from the routine setbacks in trying to conceive. It gave me a sense of overall peace – I felt better about the process, and in my body. It laid the foundation for me to manifest my miracle.

I was truly grounded in the present moment, rather than dwelling on my past unsuccessful cycles or worrying about the cycles to come.

No longer was I begging God for my treatment to work. I knew it would work.

I had reprogrammed my subconscious.

Manifesting a Miracle

When I ended up having to sit out yet another month from the fertility clinic due to a previously-planned vacation, I wasn’t upset. The change of scenery in sunny Puerto Rico that February was a respite from the snow and cold of Washington, DC, and I welcomed the time away from “real life” and trying to conceive. I meditated on the trip as my last hurrah before having a baby.

Two weeks after returning from Puerto Rico I got my period and started my 4th IUI cycle. I innately knew that this one would bring my take-home baby. Through the cycle I continued my visualizations and affirmations. I wasn’t surprised by the positive pregnancy test, or the uneventful pregnancy, which followed.

Creative visualization works.

Stephanie RothStephanie Roth can help you create the family of your dreams and a life you love.   A certified fertility and integrative nutrition health coach, Stephanie founded Your Fertile Self to help those who are trying to conceive to prepare physically, mentally and spiritually for motherhood. She offers individual and group fertility coaching programs to help you not just copy – but thrive – on the fertility roller coaster.

Stephanie is a yoga enthusiast, wellness junkie, marathon runner, and over-40, first-time mama – despite a diagnosis of Diminished Ovarian Reserve at age 42, she conceived her son, after just a year of trying and with no major medical intervention. She steadfastly believes in the power of healthy living and intention setting to help us achieve our dreams.

You can follow Stephanie at Your Fertile Self, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, and through her blog B Fit, B Fertile for Conceive Fertility Hospital in Dubai.

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Do you ever wish you had someone to really talk to about how you can best approach life on your fertility journey? Maybe even ask the scary, perhaps even messy questions, you wouldn’t dare ask your friends, family, or partner?

Certainly you’ve got your doctor, treatment team, nutritionist, and other healthcare professionals to talk to about the physical side of trying to conceive, but what about when it comes to mindset and day to day, real-life living on your fertility journey?

Do you ever wish you had a super-cool, judgment-free, fertility journey-big sister, who personally lived this journey, knows how to crush fear and stress, and happens to be an expert coach that has helped women all over the world make their dreams of being a Mom come true?

That would be pretty awesome, right?

At Circle+Bloom, we get it.

Listen to our FREE podcast, where we invited you to bring your smart, heart-felt, most burning questions to our dear friend, Fertility Journey Transformation Coach, Rosanne Austin.

      Listen now to the replay

Got Burning Questions You’d Love To Ask?As women who have personally lived the fertility journey, Rosanne and I know what a dramatic difference it makes for a woman to be seen, heard, and actively supported during this chapter in her life—this is why we do what we do!

If you haven’t met Rosanne yet, you are in for a treat. A former trial attorney, she uses lessons learned from her own lengthy fertility journey, to help women across the globe cultivate a miracle mindset that supports their fertility, so they can make their dreams of being a Mom come true. In the face of PCOS, endometriosis, poor egg quality, and unexplained infertility, her clients have manifested miracles in their lives. We love Rosanne, because she keeps things fun, relevant, and real!

This is your chance to get journey-tested, insider information from someone who learned to rock her fertility journey and teaches women all over the world how to do the same.

We love the Circle+Bloom community and are passionate about providing information that will empower you to approach whatever you face on your journey with strength and profound confidence.

Listen to all of our teleseminars:

1) Your Simple + Fun Toolkit for a Negativity-Free Fertility Journey
2) Secrets To Fertility Journey-Proofing Your Relationship
3) The Luxuriously Low Stress TWW
4) Build Unstoppable Confidence On Your Fertility Journey
5) Money Mindset Makeover For Your Fertility Journey
6) Make The Holidays Awesome On Your Fertility Journey
7) The Best Year Ever On Your Fertility Journey
8) The Best Year Ever On Your Fertility Journey Q&A Session with Rosanne Austin
9) How Smart Women Make Their Dreams Of Being A Mom Come True and Create Lives They Love Along The Way

Rosanne will provide awesome materials to support you in thinking differently about your fertility journey, and you will have the chance to ask the questions you’d most like to get answered!

We are grateful to be part of your journey to conceive and we are glad to provide you with the undeniably powerful combination of our mind+body programs and Rosanne’s expertise to support you along the way!

With love & gratitude,


Guest blog by Sarah Grathwohl, a social media specialist and writer for DrugRehab.com.

Infertility may lead to stress, and this can affect a woman’s mental health and well-being.

While not being able to conceive can be difficult, it is important to relax and manage stress, as it can negatively affect the health of one or both partners in the relationship. There are other mental health responses in addition to stress, such as depression, low self-esteem and anxiety, that are linked to infertility.

In order to handle tough times, some develop outlets or coping mechanisms for reducing stress. Drinking or using drugs in most cases is seen as a normal way to blow off steam and alleviate pressure from a troubling situation. Although it may seem socially acceptable to cope using drugs or alcohol, this can lead to addiction.

Substance Abuse May Lead to Infertility

Men and women are not equal when it comes to how drugs and alcohol affect the body. Although men are more likely to use almost all types of illicit drugs, females can become addicted faster using smaller amounts. Not only can drugs and alcohol lead to a substance use disorder, they can cause infertility.

The Real Side Effects of Infertility

Female sex hormones are sensitive to certain substances, and this can have negative consequences on the reproductive system.

Consuming too much alcohol can result in problems conceiving. Regular and excessive alcohol use can be risk factors for shorter and longer menstrual cycles. Drinking alcohol excessively can also prolong the pain in women with painful menstruation cycles. These menstrual disorders can cause infertility.

While trying to conceive, using marijuana can slow the egg’s progress as it travels through the oviduct. This loss of momentum caused by cannabis can prevent implantation in the uterus.

Cocaine can create a hormonal imbalance and can damage the fallopian tubes because it increases the hormone prolactin. This substance can also suppress ovulation and interfere with the ovarian cycle which can cause infertility.

Using opioids complicates one’s ability to get pregnant as well. Opioid use can lower a female’s sex drive and cause hormonal imbalances that make it difficult to conceive. The use of opioids can also lead to missing periods.

No matter what substance a woman uses while trying to get pregnant, these can impact the female reproductive system and lessen her ability to conceive.

Sarah GrathwohlSarah Grathwohl is a social media specialist and writer for DrugRehab.com. Since 2013 she has professionally managed Facebook and Twitter accounts. Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Central Florida.


Huljich, P. (2012, September 27). Identifying Coping Mechanisms. Retrieved from: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/mind-wellness-awareness/201209/identifying-coping-mechanisms

National Institute on Drug Abuse. (2015, September). Sex and Gender Differences in Substance Use. Retrieved from: https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/substance-use-in-women

Pardes, A., (2014, November 4). How Do Illegal Drugs Affect Women’s Fertility? Retrieved from: http://www.vice.com/read/we-asked-three-doctors-how-illegal-drugs-affect-your-pregnancy-101

The New York Times. (n.d.). Menstrual Disorders In-Depth Report. Retrieved from: http://www.nytimes.com/health/guides/symptoms/menstrual-periods-heavy-prolonged-or-irregular/print.html


Guest Blog by Nita Ewald, Holistic Health and Fertility Coach.

The holidays are filled with joy, feasts, family gatherings and more. Unfortunately, the holidays can come so fast that it startles you. Gifts buying and wrapping, cocktail parties, volunteering, holiday recitals, decorating, baking holiday goodies…. the list goes on. You feel like you don’t have enough time to do everything on your to-do list. The pressure and the stress may not seem to let up until the first of 2017. However, it is important to remember that your time is exactly that: your time. You have the power to use your time as you deem fit. This means during the holidays, during your fertility struggle and throughout your life.

The idea that there isn’t enough time is just an idea. It is not an inarguable truth. However, it might be true that you don’t have enough time to do everything all at once. It is probably true that you sometimes try to get more done than is humanly possible. However, the idea that time is in short supply is just a thought. This is simply a belief and it’s not an empowering one. It leads to rushing and attempting to cram too much into your day. It leads to complete dissatisfaction.

We all have exactly 24 hours each day. Is that a little? Is that a lot? It isn’t either one of these. Instead, it is “what it is”. It’s perfect. It’s not too much. It’s not too little.

Want to know what is truly more important than worrying about the time you are given? It is what you do with the time you’re given. Time is a non-renewable resource. When you find something that is important to you, choose to believe that you will have enough time for it – no matter what. Ultimately, using your time well means knowing your priorities and then choosing to focus on them.

How to Manage Your Time When Time is Not Enough

Prioritize What is Most Important

The real issue is not whether you have enough time. The real issue is whether you are using your time well. Do you know what your true priorities are? Clarifying your priorities sometimes requires being honest with yourself and making some tough choices. This includes events during the holidays. You must decide between which gatherings are most important and which ones can be left behind. Maybe there is a weekend you want to block out for no obligations.

In Steven’s Covey’s bestselling book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, he explains how every activity we do during the day can be put into one of four categories:

1. Urgent and Important
2. Not Urgent and Important
3. Urgent and Not Important
4. Not Urgent and Not Important

Ideally you would be spending your time on only important activities that would fall into either category 1 or 2. However, if you are like most people, the majority of your time is spent on categories 1, 3, and 4 and not enough time is spent on category 2.

Paying your water bill and taking out trash or feeding the dog are example of category 1 and 3. Working with a health coach or reading a book that increases your knowledge about your fertility is not urgent but very important (category 2).

Scheduling important but not urgent items is very important. Because these items are not urgent, there is a tendency to put them off until later. Frequently, you keep putting them off indefinitely because your days and weeks always seem to fill up with activities from the other categories. Identify actions which fit into category 2. Then decide which ones are the highest priority. Then schedule time in your calendar for working on them.

It is a very good idea to spend 10 – 15 minutes at the beginning of every week to identify your priorities of the week. When you do this weekly planning, you can include as many category 2 items as possible and schedule time to work on them. Review the other categories as well and prioritize your tasks accordingly.

Saying No

Being able to say no can be challenging, but whenever you say yes to something, you are inadvertently saying no to many other things. The consequences of not setting a boundary when you should are frequently much greater than you realize.

During the holidays, it can be easy to say yes more often due to the spirit of the season. However, you must remember that your conception journey is relying heavily on your stress levels. Keep it cool.

The number one best reason to say no more often is that you have more time and energy for focusing on your biggest dreams.

For example, someone may ask you to volunteer for the fourth Christmas meal in the upcoming month. Do you have time? No. Will you be stressed if you take the bait? Yes. Should you do it? No.

Do not run yourself ragged trying to please everyone all the time. Saying no is not denying someone of something. Instead, it is giving yourself peace of mind and your other important tasks priority in your life.

Being Selfish in a Healthy Way

Being selfish in a healthy way is about taking excellent care of yourself so that you’re more resourceful, powerful and attractive. This means “scheduling” time for self-care during your week. This will look different to everyone. You may want to read a book, take a long bath or write in a journal. Whatever it is that gives you strength, do it. It is healthy to take time for you.

You must remember that your future baby deserves to grow in a habitat that is stress-free and joyful as stress can impede conception. Click here to learn about the impact of stress to your fertility and how to destress.

It is not an issue of “not enough time”. It is simply you taking on more than you know and losing more than you realize. Learn to prioritize. Learn to say no. Take time for self-care during your busy week. Gather you thought and remember how you want to feel this holiday season. Centered? Connected? Spacious? Try to look at the holidays with your well-being in mind. All of these things can give you your inner strength back and create a happier you!

nitaewaldHolistic Health and Fertility Coach Nita Ewald’s work and passion are all about empowering women to achieve total wellness, specifically during preconception, conception and pregnancy to help ensure the birth of healthy children. From proper nutrition to finding potential obstacles in conceiving, Nita shares concrete ways women can improve their ability to conceive, experience non-problematic pregnancies, and deliver healthy, wholly-developed babies.

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Will 2017 Be Your Best Year Ever?

Can you believe that 2017 is just a few weeks away?

This time of year can be so much fun, with tons of laughter, celebration, and forging deeper connections with the people you love.

But in the back of your mind, when you are trying to conceive, there is a question looming in the background…

Will this be the year that my dream of being a Mom will come true?

While this question can spark delight and hopeful excitement, if your experience thus far as been one of disappointment, loss, and heartbreak, the tone of that question might be anything but delightful and exciting.

You might be asking yourself that question with a lot of fear.

At Circle+Bloom, we get it.

Listen to our FREE podcast with Rosanne where we are going to support you making 2017 the best year ever on your fertility journey.

      Listen now to the replay

Having personally lived our own fertility journeys, Rosanne and I know how what it’s like to fearfully wonder if our dreams of being a Mom would ever come true. We want something better for you. We love the Circle+Bloom community and are passionate about providing information that will empower you to approach whatever you face on your journey with strength and profound confidence.

Listen to all of our teleseminars:

1) Your Simple + Fun Toolkit for a Negativity-Free Fertility Journey
2) Secrets To Fertility Journey-Proofing Your Relationship
3) The Luxuriously Low Stress TWW
4) Build Unstoppable Confidence On Your Fertility Journey
5) Money Mindset Makeover For Your Fertility Journey
6) Make The Holidays Awesome On Your Fertility Journey
7) The Best Year Ever On Your Fertility Journey
8) The Best Year Ever On Your Fertility Journey Q&A Session with Rosanne Austin
9) How Smart Women Make Their Dreams Of Being A Mom Come True and Create Lives They Love Along The Way

Rosanne will be sharing:

  • The insanely simple, yet tragically overlooked, thing you MUST DO if you truly want to make 2017 your best year ever,
  • The secret to finally releasing the grip of fear and doubt have on your journey once and for all,
  • The exact mindset shifts that will support you in making 2017 your best year ever no matter what, AND
  • HOW you will be absolutely unstoppable in making 2017 your best year ever.
  • By the end of the call you will have an actionable plan for living your fertility journey like never, ever before!

Will 2017 Be Your Best Year Ever

If you haven’t had a chance to meet our dear friend Rosanne Austin yet, you are in for a treat. A former trial attorney, she uses lessons learned from her own lengthy struggle with fertility, to help women across the globe cultivate a miracle mindset that supports their fertility, so they can get pregnant. Her clients manifest miracles in their lives. We love Rosanne, because she keeps things fun, relevant, and real!

We are grateful to be part of your journey to conceive and we are glad to provide you with the undeniably powerful combination of our mind+body programs and Rosanne’s expertise to support you along the way!

With love & gratitude,


When The Holiday Mood Strikes

There is always one day of the season when my spirit finally kicks into gear and I get excited about celebrating the holidays.

Maybe it’s because every year – growing up – we would put up and decorate our tree on December 8th. That was the day that the feeling of the season would begin to finally take hold in our household.

December 8th was the birthday of my oldest brother – baby Gregory – and my mother’s first born. He lived only a few days, dying after his lungs collapsed. My mother would always say that if that were to happen today, it’s a simple procedure and he would have easily survived.

In his honor, the tree would be erected in the corner of our 60’s style ranch house. We would load it up with those old-fashioned enormous GE style colored lights, sparkly garland and a ton of those fire-hazard paper-plastic icicles.

I remember laying on the floor of our living room with my chin on my hands, with all of the lights off except for the tree, and would just bask in its glow. It was such a beautiful sight to my 10 year old eyes!

When The Holiday Mood Strikes

I credit my Mom for reserving that day for him…it is such a special gesture and I will always remember that day for it.

So, December 8th is usually when my holiday spirit begins to bud. When the work is *almost* done, and I can enjoy the time now with my own family, making our chocolate-covered pretzels and bark, playing with the train we have at the base of our tree and setting aside one day to go to lunch and do our shopping.

The holiday season is really about love in all its forms, as it brings back all the memories reserved for this special time of the season. And aren’t we lucky to have such memories? And we get to create our own new memories as we go.

So, no matter when the holiday spirit strikes you, everyone here at Circle+Bloom wishes you the most peaceful, joyful and restful holiday season this year 2016 with a special 25% coupon. Simply enter coupon code Peace25 at checkout (expires December 19th).

With love & gratitude,


How Does Energy Affect Fertility?

Guest blog by Nancy Mae, Creator and Author of The Energetic Fertility Method™

How Does Energy Affect Fertility?

Have you ever considered that your desire to have a child is a request bound of energy? Everything is energy; the words we say, our pets and houseplants, the clothes we wear, foods we eat and the electronics we use. Even our desire to become pregnant is energy. Without energy, we would cease to exist. The great thing about energy is that you can learn to harness it for fertility. You can direct it to bring yourself into wholeness for you and your future child.

Considering that everything we’re made of and everything around us is energy, it’s important to become aware of things that could be affecting your energy as it relates to fertility. One of the best ways to learn to shift your energy is by understanding potential energetic blocks that can affect fertility since only five percent of our thoughts are conscious while the other 95 percent are unconscious.

In my practice, I see many energetic issues that can affect the ability to bring in a child. These are things that cause energy to get stuck, be stagnant or leave an energetic imprint. Here are seven common energetic issues that can affect fertility:

1. A less-than-positive relationship with your body
2. Doubting that your body can conceive, carry a pregnancy and birth a child
3. Our own and other people’s expectations, judgments and frustrations
4. Fear of connecting – with ourselves and others
5. Unresolved grief or anger from past miscarriages, childhood trauma or loss of a loved one
6. Energetic residue from past intimate partners
7. Too much doing – not enough being

These things can take up a lot of energetic space making it more challenging to conceive. To create something new, like space for a baby, it helps to shift the energy in a positive manner.

How Does Energy Affect Fertility?

Here are three simple tips to help you alter your energy for fertility:

1. Shift what you say to yourself.

Energy follows thought. Be mindful of what you tell yourself and do what you can to start shifting how you relate to those thoughts. Become a cheerleader for yourself.

2. Create closure.

Events from the past can influence our fertility. It’s great to have closure with these events. Perhaps write a letter or create a memory box to have closure with an event.

3. Slow down.

Even just a little bit of slowing down can make a huge difference when you want to bring in a child. Take some time to be out in nature, take a bath or meditate.

Learning how energy affects fertility can be the key to bringing in your future child. I invite you to start becoming more aware of what you say to yourself, things that are in need of closure in your life and when and if you allow yourself to slow down – all things that are important to take note of when you yearn for a healthy fertility journey.

Nancy MaeNancy M. Mae is a life transitions coach and energy practitioner. She has taken her experience with infertility and combined it with her formal education in the fields of psychology and energy medicine to create the Energetic Fertility Method™. She resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her daughters. Visit her online at www.nancymae.com


Guest blog by Cassie Brewer.

We live in a fast-paced world. Our everyday lives are filled with to-do lists and we are a constant stream of activity. After a while, that constant activity can really start to weigh you down. Your mind and body start to feel overworked, worn out and even disconnected from the people you hold dearest to you. Fortunately, there is a way that you can revive your inner self and manage the daily stressors that you are faced with: Through yoga and meditation.

Individually, yoga and meditation provide a wealth of benefits; however, when they are practiced together, they are a powerful combination.

The combination of yoga and meditation strengthen the connection between the body and the mind, boost physical fitness and well-being, and can actually help to improve personal relationships. How can yoga and meditation do these things? – By encouraging mindful thinking, reducing stress levels, increasing flexibility and promoting more restful sleep.

Experience An Improved Quality Of Life With Yoga And Meditation

Improved Connection Between Body and Mind

While practicing yoga and meditation, the mind and body work together as one. These two separate elements begin to realize just how vital each one is, and they also realize how dependent they are on one another. As such, the mind and body gain an appreciation for one another, which fosters a great connection between the two.

When the mind and body are better connected, it becomes easier to manage stress. When stress is more manageable, more restful sleep is possible, individuals experience greater connections with others, and a person’s overall well-being receives a powerful boost.

Heightened Physical Fitness

The very act of performing yoga poses encourages increased physical fitness. The positions practiced in yoga stretch and lengthen the muscles, which helps to build muscle mass, increases flexibility and can even serve as a way to manage weight.

Adding meditation into the practice of yoga allows the body to become more focused on the positions, allowing it to overcome doubts and fears, thus improving a person’s ability to hold poses for longer periods of time and allowing them to encourage themselves into trying more advanced positions that can yield even more physical benefits.

Boost in Emotional Well-Being

Yoga and meditation have the ability to improve mental focus and offer a powerful boost in a person’s overall emotional well-being.

The majority of yoga disciplines are centered on an a theme that encourages improved well-being. For instance, the philosophy surrounding Anusara yoga encourages a person to find the good in everything, thereby uplifting the spirit and lightening the heart.

The act of meditation provides deep relaxation, which automatically boosts an individual’s well-being and improves the mood.

By brining the two together, a person can reap immense benefits for emotional well-being.

Improves Relationships

Yoga and meditation encourage one to think mindfully, or to ‘think about thinking.’

In a world that is so bogged down with stresses, time restraints and schedules, it is not unusual for people to forget to stop, think and reflect on what truly matters. Through yoga and meditation, an individual will have the opportunity to reflect on their personal relationships, which can prove to be truly powerful for improving the connections that an individual shares with others. Yoga and meditation clear the mind of the stressors that weigh on it, thus allowing a person to gain a clearer picture of their lives, including their relationships.

When practiced together, yoga and meditation provide a wealth of benefits and can truly improve a person’s overall well-being and quality of life. They are truly a powerful, life-changing combination.

Cassie BrewerCassie Brewer is a make up professional in Southern California. In her free time, she enjoys writing about her passion healthy living and everything beauty related. Nothing makes her happier than helping other be the best version of themselves they can be. You can read more at cassiembrewer.weebly.com and follow her on twitter @Cassiembrewer


Guest blog by Dr. Eva Littman, Founder and Practice Director of Red Rock Fertility Center.

We want all of our soon-to-be moms to be as prepared as possible for the journey of bringing a little miracle into this world. After all, the state of the mother’s health influences the baby’s health so it’s best to start out on the right foot.

In addition (of course!) to the wonderful Circle+Bloom programs, here are seven tips towards a healthy lifestyle as you prepare to get pregnant.

1. Take Your Vitamins

Start with ensuring your body is well nourished and strong. It’s never too late to start taking multivitamins, or even prenatal vitamins, that can boost the nutrients in your body. Folic acid is particularly important because it aids in the prevention of birth defects and anemia. Generally, you should be taking between 400 and 800 micrograms of folic acid on a daily basis when preparing to get pregnant (babycenter.com).

2. Nutritious Diet

While vitamins are a great supplement, relying on them to do all the work is not ideal. A balanced diet of grains, fruits and vegetables does wonders for your body’s health. People trying to conceive should stay away from fad diets that limit food groups or specific types of nutrients. If your body is nutrient deficient it is less likely to be accept a pregnancy that will require even more nutrients. One’s levels of calcium, iron, vitamin C, folic acid, and vitamin A contribute to fertility in both men and women.

3. Drink Lots of Water – And Mix It Up

Swap out fizzy drinks and caffeine for cool water to keep your fluids up and stay hydrated. To keep things from getting boring, try adding your choice of lemons, cucumber or berries to your water. Not only will the taste offer a change of pace, there are also added vitamins and minerals in whichever fruit or veggie you choose to add!

4. Stress Management

Stress may affect fertility in a variety of ways thus it becomes essential to manage it to ensure your body and mind are ready for pregnancy.

Try to identify the main stressors in your life. For example, is it finances, job workload, relationships or even unsuccessful pregnancy attempts? While it is normal to worry about these things, try to instead focus your energy on things you can control and are doing well. Feel confident in the fact you are doing what can and that everything else will work itself out. The less stress you harbor, the better your chances of conceiving.

5. Create an Unwind Soundtrack

A new study from University Hospital in Cleveland has found a great stress-reducer is listening to music. Music therapy can help your immune system and even has the potential to affect hormone production. Create or find a soundtrack that works for you, put on your headphones and let your stresses melt away!

6. Get Enough Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation it is recommended that adults get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Not getting enough rest on a consistent basis can cause moodiness, feelings of exhaustion and sadness and will also leave your body feeling run-down. A good night’s rest is a key ingredient to going about your day as the happiest version of you and another way to prepare your body for pregnancy.

7. Understanding the Ovulation Process

As you prepare for pregnancy it is important to understand when you have the best chance to conceive. A variety of factors can influence the ovulation process so it is important to pay close attention to your cycle and take note of any patterns or irregularities. Keeping track of your menstrual cycle will provide you with a strong indication of when your eggs will be released thus the best times to try. While every woman differs in the length of her cycle, ovulation will generally occur 12 to 16 days before the start of one’s next period.


Dr. Eva LittmanDr. Eva Littman is a trusted, knowledgeable, and honored fertility doctor based in Las Vegas, Nevada. As the Founder and Practice Director of Red Rock Fertility Center, she has successfully guided the center to produce exceptionally high first cycle pregnancy success rates and specializes in challenging cases where the patient has less than a five percent chance of pregnancy.


Guest blog by Rebecca Hogan, Founder of Your Fabulous Fertility

If you’ve been struggling to get or stay pregnant for a while now you don’t need me to tell you how frustrating the wait between fertility appointments can be. Whether infertility is ‘unexplained’ or you’ve been given a diagnosis, the eternal waiting between appointments is so agonizing isn’t it?

“Why is this not happening?” “What’s wrong with me?” “If only we’d known things weren’t going to be straightforward we’d have done things earlier, differently.” “What if this NEVER happens for us?”

Can you relate?

Making The Most Of The Frustrating Wait Between Fertility Appointments

Maybe you’ve read books about conception, confided in family and friends about your situation. Or perhaps you regularly visit online fertility forums for comfort, advice and happy endings. But no one really gets your full story, do they? You don’t want to become a burden ~ talking about negative stuff all the time. You don’t want people to feel sorry for you but you do wish they would understand how painful this still is.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. I help lots of women who want to use the wait between fertility appointments proactively. They want to talk to someone who has been there and just gets it. I have and I love to support women who are willing to make changes and invest in themselves in order to have the best chances of getting and staying pregnant. So if you are open and honest, comfortable sharing the detail and are interested in health and well-being get in touch.

Visit www.yourfabulousfertility.co.uk and add your email address to receive my free fertility guide. I’m also offering the first 5 ladies to email me at rebecca@yourfabulousfertility.co.uk a free 30 minute discovery call.

Just imagine being able to ask someone dependable, “If you were me, what would you do here?”, “What else could I be doing to give myself the best possible chance of having a baby?” Wouldn’t it be a relief to have all the info and options at your fingertips and clear direction on what to try next? I’m offering you just that when you book a discovery call.

I hope to speak to you soon. Wishing you all the best on your fertility journey,


Rebecca HoganRebecca Hogan wants to live in a world where ladies who are struggling to get and stay pregnant have access to all the detail and options out there ~ without having to spend hours researching on Google or self-diagnosing their fertility problems. As a fertility specialist and complementary therapist, Rebecca helps these women to give themselves the best possible chance of starting or completing their families. When she’s not supporting clients to get pregnant more quickly and easily, you’ll find Rebecca playing with her daughter, cooking up a storm in her kitchen or stretching out at a yoga class. To discover how to become fertility fabulous and get proactive between clinic appointments, visit Rebecca’s online home over at www.yourfabulousfertility.co.uk


Do The Holidays Get You Down?

Can you believe that the beginning of the holiday season is just a few weeks away?

This time of year can be filled with so much fun, laughter, celebration, and forging deeper connections with the people you love.

When you are trying to conceive, it can also be a time when you are faced with annoying questions, insensitive comments, and ever-present reminders of the child you long for, but don’t have…yet…

It can seem like there are emotional triggers everywhere.

This is a reality that can be difficult for others to understand.

At Circle+Bloom, we get it.

Listen to our FREE podcast with Rosanne where we zerod in on how you can take the dread out of this time of year and make your holiday season awesome again!

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Having personally lived our own fertility journeys, Rosanne and I know how uniquely challenging the holidays can be when you are trying to conceive. We love the Circle+Bloom community and are passionate about providing information that will empower you to approach whatever you face on your journey with strength and profound confidence.

Listen to all of our teleseminars:

1) Your Simple + Fun Toolkit for a Negativity-Free Fertility Journey
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3) The Luxuriously Low Stress TWW
4) Build Unstoppable Confidence On Your Fertility Journey
5) Money Mindset Makeover For Your Fertility Journey
6) Make The Holidays Awesome On Your Fertility Journey
7) The Best Year Ever On Your Fertility Journey
8) The Best Year Ever On Your Fertility Journey Q&A Session with Rosanne Austin
9) How Smart Women Make Their Dreams Of Being A Mom Come True and Create Lives They Love Along The Way

Rosanne will be sharing:

  • The #1 thing you must do if you don’t want to waste the next 6 weeks wishing it was January 2nd already,
  • The essential ingredient for keeping annoying questions, obnoxious comments, and other triggers from stealing your holiday joy like The Grinch, AND what you can do to prevent them from happening in the first place, AND
  • How mastering your mindset during the holidays can catapult you into a way of living your fertility journey and your life in a new, luxuriously low-stress way!
  • By the end of the call you will have an actionable plan for upleveling your holiday season for good!

Do The Holidays Get You Down?

If you haven’t had a chance to meet our dear friend Rosanne Austin yet, you are in for a treat. A former trial attorney, she uses lessons learned from her own lengthy struggle with fertility, to help women across the globe cultivate a mindset that supports their fertility, so they can get pregnant. Her clients manifest miracles in their lives. We love Rosanne, because she keeps things fun, relevant, and real!

We are grateful to be part of your journey to conceive and we are glad to provide you with the undeniably powerful combination of our mind+body programs and Rosanne’s expertise to support you along the way!

With love & gratitude,


Guest blog by Nicole Aurelio.

For a long time now, science has been quietly on the side of positive thinking. Cynics might tell you that it’s all New Age spiritual mumbo-jumbo, but that’s not true at all. In fact, science shows you are better off when you hold on to happy thoughts and keep an optimistic view of life than your peers who always choose to feel glum.

A plethora of scientific research has been done to provide cold, hard evidence that positive thinking makes people truly healthier and happier. Take a look at the following health benefits of positive thinking below.

Five Science Based Health-benefits Of Positive Thinking

1.   It slows down aging and extends your life.

Research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal shows older people who enjoy their lives less are 80% more likely to experience functional problems, such as less mobility, falling, and incontinence. This finding is supplemented by a separate study in JAMA Psychiatry, which shows that optimistic adults are 55% less likely to die earlier than their gloomier counterparts.

2.   It strengthens your immune system.

Scientists have yet to discover the exact physiological mechanism that makes this possible. However, current scientific research proves positive thinkers have a stronger immune system and are better equipped to fight off bad bacteria and viruses. A study published in Psychological Science shows how positive-thinking law students were able to ward off the common cold more easily than students who had a bleaker outlook in life.

3.   It keeps your heart healthy.

Developing positive thinking, whether through meditation, relaxation, or writing every day in a gratitude journal, strengthens your heart and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. One study in Circulation shows positive people are less prone to accumulating plaque buildup in the arteries and developing coronary heart disease. Subsequent research published in the same journal shows they are also far less likely to experience a heart failure.

4.   It reduces stress and its negative effects.

Several studies have shown that people who make a habit of thinking positively are better able to cope with stressful times. They also feel less stressed overall. Positive thinkers also feel more confident with themselves and are less likely to feel depressed when facing stressful life events. One study published in the Journal of Counseling Psychology shows that positive thinkers are generally happier than people who look at the glass half-empty.

5.   It improves fertility for both men and women.

Positive thinking relieves stress, and science proves that relieving stress can improve your chances of getting pregnant. In research published in the International Journal of Fertility, scientists discovered that infertile couples felt more stressed than fertile ones. Furthermore, in another study published in the Oxford Journals, women reported feeling less stressed on the month of conception, which supports the idea that feeling calm and relaxed is a key component of fertility.

Nicole AurelioNicole Aurelio is a fitness and health writer, researcher, and enthusiast. She works out in the morning, writes the whole day, and curls up with a good book at night. Visit Fitness Atrium for more of her articles, or you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.


My Cancer Story

I’m discovering that expressing gratitude even in the most darkest of situations is vital to living a healthy life (follow us on Instagram where I post my daily expressions of gratitude). It’s breast cancer awareness month, and in honor, I’d like to share a bit of my own story and find ways to be grateful.

My mother’s diagnosis was swift and her life prognosis was short (cancer of the duodenum). She was 55 at the time, and I was living and working in NYC. Our relationship was always a bit strained: after the death of my Father when I was only 12, and he was 41, my Mom’s life fell apart. She became a severe alcoholic that brought her to the brink of death when I was only a sophomore in high school.

My Cancer StoryWhen you are trying to essentially kill yourself with booze, it leaves no time for things like cooking dinner for your daughter, taking her to the doctors, or actually doing anything that would resemble a normal mother/daughter relationship. She was severely broken, and moved out to live with her boyfriend when I was only 13. After a hospital stay where the detox almost killed her, she recovered and got the help she needed.

A decade later, then, when we learned that she would only have a few short months to live, I made the decision to move home to take care of her. We had about six months starting in November to her death in April. We celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and her last birthday together. She taught me how to crochet and sew, and we watched endless oldie-but-goodie movies while our two cats lounged with us around the house.

I was by her side when she took her last breath. And it was beautiful.

Here is what I am grateful for:

  • Life can be a celebration even through very difficult times;
  • Human connection is everything;
  • Forgiveness sets you free;
  • Even after death, loved ones are still with you; and
  • Remembering that life is now.

With the same level of depth and research as our programs for infertility, I set out to create a program to help people with cancer at every step of their journey, and it is made specifically to help any type of cancer and stage. It has meditation programs and guided visualization that focuses on chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and new areas of research like immunotherapy and angiogenesis. I am very proud of this recently released program and feedback has been pretty spectacular.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we have a special offer of 75% of our Program for Cancer (expires 10/31). Please click here for more information.

With love & gratitude,


Money can be a loaded subject. When you add it to the mix of all of the other things that we have to consider on the fertility journey, things can quickly go from “interesting” to downright scary.

One minute you might find yourself delightfully daydreaming of the family you desire to create and in the next, you are in a fear spiral thinking, “but, how much is that going to cost?!”

Money is one of the top stressors for women on this journey.

Whether it is #1 or #5 on your list of concerns, it is something to be aware of.

But, being aware is not the same thing as being afraid.

What if you could feel more empowered and less afraid when it comes to the subject of money and your journey?

Would you stop putting such intense pressure on yourself, and therefore your body?

Would your mind be open to new options?

Would there be less strain in your relationship?

Would you finally get the additional support you desire?

We bet it would be a big relief.

There are subtle, yet powerful shifts in your money mindset that can dramatically reduce your stress…who couldn’t use some of that right now?

Listen to our FREE podcast with Rosanne where we explored how you can up-level your beliefs about money and in the process welcome more abundance, possibilities, and calm confidence about it into your life.

      Listen now to the replay

Having personally lived our own fertility journeys, Rosanne and I know first hand that being smart about your money mindset is key. We love the Circle+Bloom community dearly and are passionate about providing information that will empower you to live your journey with joy, sumptuous well-being, and of course…confidence.

Listen to all of our teleseminars:

1) Your Simple + Fun Toolkit for a Negativity-Free Fertility Journey
2) Secrets To Fertility Journey-Proofing Your Relationship
3) The Luxuriously Low Stress TWW
4) Build Unstoppable Confidence On Your Fertility Journey
5) Money Mindset Makeover For Your Fertility Journey
6) Make The Holidays Awesome On Your Fertility Journey
7) The Best Year Ever On Your Fertility Journey
8) The Best Year Ever On Your Fertility Journey Q&A Session with Rosanne Austin
9) How Smart Women Make Their Dreams Of Being A Mom Come True and Create Lives They Love Along The Way

Rosanne will be sharing:

  • The biggest tall-tales we buy into when it comes to money, how they keep us trapped in fear and believing we have limited options, and what you must believe to break free,
  • How becoming aware of your “money story,” can help you make wiser decisions about how you truly wish to invest your money on this journey, and how spending generously may be the best thing you ever do,
  • EXACTLY how get out of overwhelm and into reality about money, so you can put yourself on the path to having the abundant resources you want for the things, experiences, and possibilities you desire when it comes to building your family, AND
  • By the end of the call you will have an actionable plan for upleveling your money mindset…and the way you live your journey!

Worried About Money And Your Fertility Journey?If you haven’t met Rosanne Austin yet, you are in for a treat. She is a Fertility Journey Transformation Coach. A former trial attorney, she uses lessons learned from her own lengthy struggle with fertility, to empower women to overcome the fear and stress that plagues this journey, so they can become the Mom, partner, and woman they were meant to be. Rosanne keeps it fun, relevant, and real!

We are grateful to be part of your journey to conceive and we are glad to provide you with the undeniably powerful combination of our mind+body programs and Rosanne’s expert mentorship to support you along the way!

With love & gratitude,


Guest Blog by Naomi Shaw.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, one million married women between the ages of 15 and 44 suffer from infertility, and 6.9 million women have sought medical intervention to try to become pregnant. “Just relax” is a phrase that many infertile women hear often, and it’s become a phrase that has become loathed in online infertility communities.

Mind over body has more power than most women realize. While relaxation alone doesn’t magically result in pregnancy, a positive state of mind keeps harmful stress at ease. Stress wreaks havoc on the body—increasing blood pressure, causing stomach issues, headaches and a host of other problems.

The strain of trying to conceive is daunting on a woman’s body. Seeing one red line or the words NOT PREGNANT on a pregnancy test rips the heart apart. Financial stress caused from expensive fertility drugs and procedures combined with the marital strife that accompanies scheduled and on-demand intercourse can easily cause a woman to reach her breaking point.

Relaxation techniques like yoga center the mind and allow the body to find peace from harmful stress. For women undergoing fertility treatments or who are actively trying to conceive naturally, yoga provides a quiet vacation for the mind while challenging the body to become stronger.

How Practicing Yoga Will Help You Conceive

The breath is vital to yoga. Without mindful breathing, the postures for the body would be nearly impossible. When beginning a yoga routine, focus on the breath. Sit with arms outstretched and take deep cleansing breaths through the nose. Feel the body take in healing oxygen, and then let the stress escape with a long exhale from the mouth.

Women who are newly introduced to yoga and its benefits should begin with easy, less strenuous positions. Yoga positions vary in difficulty depending on experience. Basic positions to incorporate into yoga routines may include the Hare Pose, the Cat Pose and Upward Facing Dog.

Kristin McGee, of MindBodyGreen, recommends the Fertility Flow Sequence of yoga positions. The sequence “opens up lungs, stretches the hips, waist and back, brings blood flow to the pelvic floor region, and is deeply soothing and relaxing.” The Fertility Flow Sequence begins with the Cat/Cow pose, moves into the Crescent Lunge, followed by the Pigeon, and the Child’s Pose, into the Mermaid which eases into the Revolved Janu Sirasana, which then flows into the Janu Sirasana. The sequence ends in the Goddess Pose or in the Rest in Final Relaxation.

While specialized yoga classes are available for women who are experiencing infertility, women may also browse instructional videos via YouTube or online. Yoga instructor Lynn Jensen, who also struggled with infertility, designed the program “Yoga for Fertility” as a means to help women use yoga to counteract the stressful challenges of infertility. While Jensen is based on the West Coast, her book and videos are available on her web site.

For women battling the mental stress of fertility struggles and the physical stress of infertility treatments, yoga provides a comfort for both the body and the mind. Through guided breaths, the body is able to feel at ease and let go of unwanted worry and anxiety. By closing the mind to negative thoughts and energy, the body is able to overcome physical limitations and contort in amazing ways. With the mind at ease, the body is capable of conquering the most incredible obstacles. Even the burden of infertility.

Easy Meditation Techniques For Growth And RelaxationNaomi Shaw is a freelance journalist residing in sunny Southern California with her husband and three children. She is a work-at-home mom that enjoys writing on fashion, beauty, jewelry, and health. She loves to garden, craft, and revamp furniture, making it look very much her own.


How different would your day be if you could approach your fertility journey with unstoppable confidence?

What would a gorgeous infusion of confidence do for your self-esteem, relationships, stress-level, decision-making process, and overall well-being?

It would be nothing short of transformational, right?!

Whether you realize it or not, cultivating confidence is powerful self-care.

In fact, it is one of the best things you can do for yourself as you navigate the stressful uncertainty that can be a frustrating reality on this journey.

While repeated disappointments may have you thinking that confidence is a ridiculous impossibility, the truth is: unstoppable confidence on this journey is not only possible, it is closer than you think.

Listen to our FREE podcast with Rosanne where we explored the absolutely essential building blocks to cultivating the unstoppable confidence that can take you from living like a prisoner to fear and doubt to having the innate “knowing” that will positively transform the way you live this chapter in your life.

      Listen now to the replay

Having personally lived our own fertility journeys, Rosanne and I know first hand that cultivating confidence is a game changer. We love the Circle+Bloom community dearly and are passionate about providing information that will empower you to live your journey with joy, sumptuous well-being, and of course…confidence.

Listen to all of our teleseminars:

1) Your Simple + Fun Toolkit for a Negativity-Free Fertility Journey
2) Secrets To Fertility Journey-Proofing Your Relationship
3) The Luxuriously Low Stress TWW
4) Build Unstoppable Confidence On Your Fertility Journey
5) Money Mindset Makeover For Your Fertility Journey
6) Make The Holidays Awesome On Your Fertility Journey
7) The Best Year Ever On Your Fertility Journey
8) The Best Year Ever On Your Fertility Journey Q&A Session with Rosanne Austin
9) How Smart Women Make Their Dreams Of Being A Mom Come True and Create Lives They Love Along The Way

Rosanne will be sharing:

  • The #1 mistake most women make when it comes to building confidence on this journey that keeps them stuck in a rut of insecurity and freak-out, AND what to do about it,
  • The key awareness that can quickly catapult you onto the path of confidence no matter what comes your way, and HOW she used it to break the habit of relentlessly beating herself up when disappointment showed up on her journey,
  • HOW to create your very own “treasure map” to unstoppable confidence that will keep you grounded in a confident reality and out of drama, AND
  • By the end of the call you will have an actionable plan for upleveling your confidence…and the way you live your journey!

This 60-minute teleseminar is our gift to you and will offer a highly interactive combination of great education and access to powerful support.

Want Unstoppable Confidence On Your Journey?If you haven’t met Rosanne Austin yet, you are in for a treat. She is a Fertility Journey Transformation Coach. A former trial attorney, she uses lessons learned from her own lengthy struggle with fertility, to empower women to overcome the fear and stress that plagues this journey, so they can become the Mom, partner, and woman they were meant to be. Rosanne keeps it fun, relevant, and real!

Ladies, if you truly desire to feel more confidence, joy, and ease on your fertility journey, you don’t want to miss this!

We are grateful to be part of your journey to conceive and we are glad to provide you with the undeniably powerful combination of our mind+body programs and Rosanne’s expert mentorship to support you along the way!

With love & gratitude,


Guest blog by Anna, blogger at tomakeamommy.com.

When I started sharing with people that we were having a “hard time getting pregnant” I couldn’t believe how many people told me if only I’d “just relax” it would happen. They said I needed to stop “stressing out” about getting pregnant. I read fertility blogs and fertility books, and they all told me about how stress was incredibly detrimental to fertility. I tried to yoga “OM” away my stress, I walked, I breathed, I watched TV, I read books, my husband and I went on vacation after vacation, and yet, nothing. Not only was I not pregnant, I was even more stressed! The more I tried to RELAX the more STRESSED I got. I was stressed about being stressed!

Once the “infertility” diagnoses started rolling in – endometriosis, MTHFR mutation, high FSH, diminished ovarian reserve, low AMH, repeated early miscarriages– and the doctors started to say things like “donor eggs,” the stress tripled. I felt like I was broken. My dream- to have a baby made from the genetics of my ancestors – was coming crashing down around me. I was anxious, depressed, and feeling lost on my baby journey. I had hit my “infertility rock-bottom.”

My husband suggested we take a break. For a few months I had a glass of wine when I wanted to, a cheeseburger occasionally, and I didn’t worry about whether I was stressed or not. A magic thing started to happen – no I didn’t get pregnant!- but I started to relax- just a little. By not FOCUSING on relaxing, I was able to focus on other things, like enjoying my life.

How I Relaxed and Got Pregnant-Without Ever Relaxing! Anna’s Success Story

We decided that we would convince the doctors to give us one shot of IVF before we agreed to move forward with donor eggs. And we would do ALL THE THINGS we could to prepare. The full fertility diet for both of us with no cheating, cleansing our house and personal care routines of toxins, and every natural fertility healing alternative therapy I could find (acupuncture, hypnotherapy, yoga, dream journaling, energy healing, etc.). I even developed a daily fertility practice that infused fertile efforts into my entire day. People thought I was crazy. My family and friends said- stop stressing! I told them- I’m not stressing, I’m taking action!

This was backed up by some great advice from a fertility guru- you need to feel ALL your feelings, including stress, anxiety, excitement, nervousness, anticipation, joy, hope, etc. There are NO bad emotions. Don’t squash your feelings down- let them out! This was key- I no longer had to be stressed about being stressed- it was OKAY to feel stressed. In fact, it was NORMAL.

Luckily, I found Circle and Bloom’s Natural Cycle for Fertility Program. I had been doing ALL THE THINGS to maximize my health and fertility for about a month and half when I started a new cycle and started listening to the program every night before I went to sleep. Sometimes I would listen to it on my morning bus ride to work as well. I loved the imagery and how I could really SEE the mystery of life unfolding inside me each day.

More than the imagery, the deep full-body relaxation that these short 15-20 minute sessions induced was incredible. I didn’t have to worry about meditating or relaxing during the rest of the day- Circle and Bloom’s program let my body get the complete deep relaxation it needed and managed my “stress” unconsciously. I was passively relaxing and taming the stress reaction in my body- by just lying down and putting my headphones in. I never consciously “relaxed” during the day; instead I let myself feel whatever feelings came up. I channeled all those feelings into “fertility energy.”

At the end of the month a miracle happened- I was pregnant. No donor eggs for this “infertile” girl. I’d healed myself naturally- without ever consciously relaxing. I was happy- but terrified I would lose the pregnancy like I had previously. I used Circle and Bloom’s Pregnancy program to help me manage the fear and had a beautiful healthy pregnancy. My sweet 14 month old toddler is cuddled next to me as I write this post. I’m still not “relaxed” but I sure am happy! We’re starting to think about trying for another, and you can be sure I’ll use Circle and Bloom again.

Baby dust to all!

How I Relaxed and Got Pregnant-Without Ever Relaxing! Anna’s Success StoryAnna blogs at tomakeamommy.com about how she healed her “infertility” naturally. She shares fertility information and inspiration, as well as chronicles her own fertility journey. Her goal is to inspire and inform women struggling with decreased fertility to empower themselves and take control of their “baby journey” back from the doctors. She believes that each individual is their own best healer, and that we should meditate before we medicate!


Guest Blog by Naomi Shaw

At Circle + Bloom we are passionate about the power of the mind-body connection and helping women, including those wanting to conceive, to use this unbelievable resource and body “intelligence” to improve health, well-being, fertility, energy, and anything else we desire. We want to ignite a mind-body movement that empowers women to take charge of their health. Our programs are designed to be elegantly simple, yet surprising effective and make it easy just sit back and let the enjoyment, relaxation and healing begin.

Our guest blogger, Naomi Shaw, shares with our community a few relaxation techniques which could be used in addition to our programs and even some while listening to our programs.

Easy Meditation Techniques For Growth And Relaxation

Undergoing fertility treatments takes a toll on a woman’s body and her mind. Shots to stimulate ovarian production and more shots to release eggs on demand leave bruises behind, but the worst pain for so many women is looking at a solid red line on a pregnancy test indicating that the stressful treatments failed.

Our health is closely tied to our minds. A negative state-of-mind puts more stress on the body. For many women, though, relaxation seems impossible during such rigorous treatment protocols. Telling a woman to ‘just relax’ becomes almost an insult. How do you relax when every month, every cycle, thousands of dollars are being spent to try and have a baby?

Relaxation and a sense of well-being of the mind are entirely in the hands of each individual. Letting go of control, of stress, of the breaking weight of the fertility process is imperative to give the body its greatest chance at success. Women undergoing fertility treatments should investigate these relaxation techniques:

1. Yoga

Breathing is vital to yoga, as without the mind, the body movements of yoga wouldn’t be possible. Controlled mindful breathing relaxes the body and sets the mind at peace.

2. Meditation

Each individual has a unique and preferred meditation technique. Some people sit quietly and take cleansing breaths, perhaps holding a positive thought or word in the mind. Others say prayers during meditation, focusing on the divine.

3. Massage

This relaxing indulgence also has possible health benefits, like helping to reduce anxiety. Allowing each muscle to relax helps put the body and mind at ease.

4. Pranic Healing

The life force or ‘prana’ is believed to be the real healer of the body. Pranic Healing utilizes no-touch healing to remove bad energy and replace it with good energy.

5. Reiki

A Japanese technique, Reiki is a hands-on healing that helps reduce stress and promotes relaxation. The principle behind Reiki is that the body has life-force energy; a lower level of life-force energy puts the body at risk for illness. Reiki helps fills the body—especially areas affected by negativity—with positive, healing energy.

6. Crystal and Gemstone Healing

Gemstones are believed to hold certain metaphysical healing powers. Some individuals wear circles of crystals on parts of their body to encourage healing. Agate, Carnelian, and Opal are a few gemstones associated with healing energy for infertility.

7. Music Therapy

Music can be a key to relaxation. A beautifully composed orchestral piece can immediately set the mind at ease. Find a song or composition that speaks to the soul, lie down, dim the lights, and just listen.

Relaxation techniques allow the mind and body to overcome the stress of fertility treatments. Before a treatment cycle begins, try to find a time to quiet the mind and relax the body. As a new cycle begins and the body begins to feel the physical effects, block out more time for relaxation techniques to bring the body and mind to a healthy and happy equilibrium. And always remember…mind over body.

Easy Meditation Techniques For Growth And RelaxationNaomi Shaw is a freelance journalist residing in sunny Southern California with her husband and three children. She is a work-at-home mom that enjoys writing on fashion, beauty, jewelry, and health. She loves to garden, craft, and revamp furniture, making it look very much her own.


Guest Blog by Anabelle Petersen.

As I’m writing this I realize it’s been exactly 10 years since our in-vitro procedure (on August 7th 2006) resulting in the birth of our son Andy in April 2007. The moments before and after his birth are so rich in details and vivid in my mind that I get a little anxious in remembering the pain of infertility we experienced for over 5 years, the toll it took on our marriage, the roller coaster of trying to get pregnant, and also the joys of birthing 3 babies since. Tom and I got married in 2000 after we met during my vacation in San Diego from Brazil. We met on Memorial Day weekend 1999 and wanted a family ever since.

When Andy was about 14 months old I found out I was 12 weeks pregnant with Lucas. When Lucas was 15 months old I found out I was almost 8 weeks pregnant with Louisa, despite the use of an IUD. Our stored embryos were starting to add up to our monthly expenses and now with 3 kids, I really felt our family was complete. My husband started to do some research to find out what to do with the remaining embryos and after lots of prayer, he came across the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption program through Nightlight Christian Adoptions. The program allows the family with remaining embryos to select a recipient family to receive their embryo gift.

Our Embryo Donation Journey by Anabelle Petersen

Tom presented the idea of using the Snowflakes program to me when our daughter was about a month old and I struggled with the thought of giving up our remaining embryos. My doctor advised me to not make any decisions until my post pregnancy hormones got under control. One day I was in the shower crying for help with my decision when I heard a voice in my head saying “They are not yours, Anabelle. They are a gift from ME.” Louisa was just 6 weeks old, Lucas was barely 2, and Andy was almost 4 years old. I now had the answer I was seeking and the peace I was craving. My husband and I agreed to put our remaining embryos up for adoption and our journey as embryo donors began.

In December 2011 we received an e-mail with a possible match. The moment I started reading it I just knew it was them. We both cried and felt very strongly about this couple and made our decision to donate our embryos to them. They came to visit us in March 2012 when they came to San Diego to have the first embryo transfer. Amos was born in December 2012. When he was 16 months old they came again to visit and introduce Amos to us and to have another transfer. Enoch was later born in November 2014. In the meantime, we kept in touch, really in touch, and were surprised that our decision for an open adoption would be so sweet. The family that adopted our embryos and gave them life are wonderful people, so compassionate, grateful and just kind.

Amazingly, they just left San Diego last week. They were here for another embryo transfer since the one in April 2016 did not result in a pregnancy. I feel truly blessed to see them, spend time with them, to know them and to be able to see our biological kids alive. My peace rests on the fact that they are loved, nothing lacks, they are alive and well. The pain is still present, it will always be. We feel the pain of not being able to parent them, but it is ok, we live with it, we are aware of it. Our kids know they have brothers, call themselves brothers/sister and are so wanting this “other one” to be a girl. They said, “Wouldn’t it be so cool if they have a family just like us? Boy, Boy, girl?”. ? We’ll find out soon enough!

Our Embryo Donation Journey by Anabelle PetersenAnabelle Petersen was born and raised in Brazil and now lives in San Diego , CA, with her husband, 7 and 9 year old sons, and 5 year old daughter. Nightlight Christian Adoptions pioneered embryo adoption in 1997 with the creation of the Snowflakes embryo adoption program. It’s estimated there are over 600,000 embryos frozen in storage in the United States. Over 1,100 families have donated their remaining embryos through the Snowflakes program and over 470 babies have been born to their adoptive parents through successful Snowflakes placements. For more about the Snowflakes program, visit: https://www.nightlight.org/snowflakes-embryo-donation-adoption/


Guest Blog by Nita Ewald, Holistic Health and Fertility Coach.

Several years ago my husband and I were diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’. The diagnosis was devastating. The ‘unexplained’ factor made it even more painful. I felt lost and confused.

It seemed as if my dreams of motherhood had been ripped from my grasp. I began desperately searching for treatments, believing that my time to become a mother was slipping away.

Not knowing what else to do, my husband and I tried IVF. Though we hoped and prayed for this treatment to stick, it was unsuccessful. Crushed by despair, I began to feel that there was nothing I could do.

Until one day…There was a voice inside me urging me to try something different.

So I began practicing yoga. After the initial soreness, it quickly became a daily routine. Yoga taught me how to manage the stressors of a demanding career. And it helped me overcome the angst and anger that often accompany infertility.

In addition, I learned the most important lesson of all: how to love myself. I became more aware of what my body needs (and doesn’t need). I worked on realigning my body, mind, and soul. It took nearly a year before I felt that my body was in harmony with my mind and soul.

And I learned to trust my intuition. With the second trial of IVF right around the corner, my inner-voice had never been louder. It told me to cancel the second trial.

I knew I could trust my intuition that my husband and I needed to try to conceive on our own. Two weeks later, my husband and I had conceived, naturally. I was just a few months away from turning 40.

In retrospect, it’s clear to me that my life was out of balance. I learned that fertility is not just about getting pregnant. It’s also about taking responsibility for ourselves in the way we live. It’s about our relationship to ourselves — our body, our thoughts, and our soul — and the world.

When I shifted the masculine energy of ‘make it happen now’ through IVF to the feminine energy of ‘allowing it to happen’ through yoga and meditation, a miracle occurred. In stillness, I found true guidance. In silence, I was able to listen to that inner wisdom within me.

In his book, “You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter”, Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how meditation takes us from survival to creation; from separation to connection; from imbalance to balance; from emergency mode to growth-and-repair-mode; and from the limiting emotions of fear, anger, and sadness to the expansive emotions of joy, love and gratitude.

Gratitude Deepak Chopra

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions – it teaches your body emotionally that the event you’re grateful for (such as getting pregnant) has already happened. Let me explain: If you bring up the emotion of gratitude before the actual event, your body will begin to believe that the future event has indeed already happened – or is happening to you in the present moment. Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership.

Whether you’re just starting on your journey or are looking for coping mechanisms through these hardships, I invite you to join me for Monday Morning Gratitude on my Facebook page, Path to Fertility, for inspirations on gratitude practice. This practice will kick-start your week with appreciation and peace.

I share the lessons I’ve learned of my fertility struggle with women (and men) from around the world to guide them on their own path to fertility. I hope you can learn from these lessons too.

What I Learned from My Fertility StruggleBlessings to you on your journey to motherhood,


Holistic Health and Fertility Coach Nita Ewald’s work and passion are all about empowering women to achieve total wellness, specifically during preconception, conception and pregnancy to help ensure the birth of healthy children. From proper nutrition to finding potential obstacles in conceiving, Nita shares concrete ways women can improve their ability to conceive, experience non-problematic pregnancies, and deliver healthy, wholly-developed babies.


  • Master’s of Science in Chemistry from Tokushima Bunri University, Japan
  • Certified Holistic Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NY
  • Board Certified, American Association of Drugless Practitioners
  • Member, International Association for Health Coaches
  • Certified Gluten Practitioner


Make that luxuriously low stress to be exact.

Ladies this month in our teleseminar series we are fearlessly diving into one of the most hand-wringingly stressful times on this journey: the two-week wait.

These 14 or so days are where excitement and freak-out converge. They can leave you wishing you either had a crystal ball, or way to press fast-forward on your life, so you can end the suspense and know if “this is the month.”

Want A Low Stress Two-Week Wait?In the absence of either, we are left to our own devices. Whether that is a good thing, might depend on the day and our past experiences. Far too often however, we find ourselves stuck in the default position of just holding our breath and counting down the days.

What if instead of spending hours and days agonizing over every tiny twitch, symptom, or “sign,” you could make your two-week wait luxuriously low stress?

Having personally lived our own fertility journeys, Rosanne and I have had our share of crazy stressful two-week waits. Listen to our FREE podcast with Rosanne who LOVES to teach women empowering tools and strategies for transforming the way they live these two weeks.

      Listen now to the replay

Listen to all of our teleseminars:

1) Your Simple + Fun Toolkit for a Negativity-Free Fertility Journey
2) Secrets To Fertility Journey-Proofing Your Relationship
3) The Luxuriously Low Stress TWW
4) Build Unstoppable Confidence On Your Fertility Journey
5) Money Mindset Makeover For Your Fertility Journey
6) Make The Holidays Awesome On Your Fertility Journey
7) The Best Year Ever On Your Fertility Journey
8) The Best Year Ever On Your Fertility Journey Q&A Session with Rosanne Austin
9) How Smart Women Make Their Dreams Of Being A Mom Come True and Create Lives They Love Along The Way

Rosanne will be sharing:

  • Exactly where smart women START when they truly desire a low stress two-week wait,
  • The key element you absolutely, positively must have in place to make these 14ish days more luxuriously low-stress than they have ever been,
  • The secret to taking the trepidation out of “test day” and making it a treat…yes, a treat, AND
  • By the end of the call you will have an actionable roadmap for upleveling the way you live your two-week wait.

If you haven’t met Rosanne Austin yet, you are in for a treat. She is a Fertility Journey Transformation Coach. A former trial attorney, she uses lessons learned from her own lengthy struggle with fertility, to empower women to overcome the fear and stress that plagues this journey, so they can become the Mom, partner, and woman they were meant to be. Rosanne keeps it fun, relevant, and real!

We are grateful to be part of your journey to conceive and we are glad to provide you with the undeniably powerful combination of our mind+body programs and Rosanne’s expert mentorship to support you along the way!

With love & gratitude,


Guest blog by Cathy, a fitness writer at Garage Gym Planner.

Sitting in my garden, I am thinking how my life has changed upside down in the past few months. It’s astounding when I delve into it.

I must share with you what I went through. Not too long ago, I was at the lowest point in my life. I broke up with my girlfriend, went into depression, got addicted to drinking, and lost my job.

At the time, I only had two options:
(1) Throw in the towel and end my life
(2) Motivate myself to overcome my problems and lead a successful life.

While the first option seemed easier at the time, I decided to heal myself hoping life has something better in store.

Fast forward to the present, I lead a happy and successful life. I am very positive, loving, and understanding and forgiving.

I got my first shade of hope by watching videos on positive affirmations and learning how positive thinking can change one’s life.

It all starts with the mind. If you learn how to keep your mind clean and positive, your actions will become positive and consequently you’ll be able to accomplish anything you want in life.

A healthy mind is one that is filled with positive thoughts. But unfortunately, there is too much negativity than positivity around us. News on crime, rape, murder, accident, and death that are spreading like wildfire on the Internet and negative people who spread negative energy around us can easily load our mind with negativity and affect our thoughts and actions in the wrong way.

Imagine what will be the state of your mind when too much of negativity goes into it. Poor subconscious mind, it becomes an innocent victim of negativity and impacts our behavior and actions the same way.

If you are looking for a string of positive changes to take place in your life, you need to break your habit and create a positive environment for yourself. Remember, what you read, what you see, what you hear and whom you talk to are some important things that will influence you. Here are some tips to kick out negativity and feed positivity into your mind.


1. Meditation/Mindfulness

One of the most powerful ways to disconnect negative thoughts is to practice mindfulness meditation. People who meditate on a daily basis are said to be more relaxed and less anxious than those who don’t. Researchers have found that meditation boosts the growth of myelin, a protective brain tissue that enhances the mood of a person. Meditation allows you to see the world and yourself in a positive light and increases your self-confidence. With an expert guidance and commitment, you can restore the lost peace in your life.

2. Media

Fine, you want to know what’s happening in the world, so you track the news in TV channels and newspapers. But, it’s also important that you keep distance from any form of negative news. Today, the media is heavily centered on pain and sufferings and let’s not forget that they are too good at exaggerating and making up stuff for publicity.

Let’s face it. There is no point in worrying too much about things that we have very little or no control over. As far as possible, try to stay away from watching, reading or hearing negative stories. Shutting the doors on negativity will open a new room for tons of positive things in life.

3. Surround yourself with successful people

To get benefited from a relationship, you need to let go of negative people and hold hands with positive people. Learn to spend more time in the company of people who respect, appreciate, and support you rather than criticize and abuse. Their positive vibe will help attract positivity into your life. At workplace or business, look to develop relationship with successful people who have a positive outlook on their lives.

4. Exercise

Exercises are not just for the body but also for the mind. When you work out, your body boosts the production of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphin all of which are linked to controlling stress and relaxing your mind. Make it a point to exercise at least 30 minutes daily. If you don’t have time to head to the gym or outdoors, consider setting up your own garage gym so that you can exercise at your convenient time without finding an excuse to skip your sessions.

5. Spend some time doing things that you love

Doing a job that you don’t love or working with people you don’t like can bitterness to your daily life. The best way to get rid of the sourness is to give yourself some time to do things or participate in activities that you truly love. When you do things that you’re passionate about, you will start attracting positive feelings into your life. It can be playing games, watching an MMA match, or heading out to a nature-friendly place, do things that will give you an enjoyable experience.

There you go! These are simple but powerful ways to break your negative habits and make your mind healthy and powerful. If you have more suggestions, please comment them below. Cheers!

Cathy is a fitness writer at garagegymplanner.com. She writes regularly on topics revolving around exercise and diet and helps educate readers on the best ways to improve their health and looks naturally.


Guest Blog by Vineetha Reddy.

Yoga is a great way to heal your body. The best part is, all you need to practice yoga is a mat. The health benefits it offers outweigh the benefits of most other workouts. It offers a more holistic approach to health and takes care of your body, mind, and soul. So, if you practice yoga regularly, you will naturally start noticing a marked difference in your energy levels, waistline, and much more. Below are ten things that will happen once you start practicing yoga regularly.

1. You Get Fitter

Through a variety of poses, yoga works your core, shoulders, hamstrings – in fact, your entire body. Whether you are training for an event or just looking to lose a few pounds, yoga will add an extra dimension to your regular workout routine.

2. You Burn More Fat

Yoga helps speed up your metabolism, which helps you lose weight faster. A faster metabolism means you burn fat even while you’re at rest. This makes it an effective fat torching tool.

3. You Feel Happier

Did you ever notice that when you exercise, your mood seems to lift? This is because exercise releases a hormone called dopamine in your brain. Thus, regularly practicing yoga makes you a happy person.

4. You Are Calmer

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools to achieve a balanced, calm mind. It is one of yoga’s most potent tools. Regular practice can help you stay calm even under very trying circumstances.

5. You Are More Flexible

Yoga asanas require a good deal of flexibility, and hence take time to perfect. The better you get at each pose, the more flexible you become.

10 Things That Happen To You Once You Start Practicing Yoga Regularly

6. You Sleep Better

If you are someone who has trouble falling asleep, you should notice a marked improvement once you start practicing yoga regularly. Practicing yoga before going to sleep can help you sleep better. This can be attributed to the intensity of the workouts and the peace and tranquility it provides.

7. Your Strength Increases

Even the most basic poses in yoga require a great amount of strength. As you practice these poses, you will increase your muscle density, leading to increased strength. Astavrakrasana and Kukkutasana are two examples of poses that need strength.

8. Your Breathing Improves

An essential component of yoga is its breathing techniques. When done right, they can help reduce blood pressure, prevent heart disease, and keep you calm.

9. You Get Relief From Stress

Stress is one of the biggest causes of a number of health problems such as high blood pressure, strokes, and heart attacks. Yoga helps release stress and releases dopamine that leaves you feeling more relaxed and happier almost instantly.

10. You Feel More Confident

The combined result of all this is that you will end up healthier and happier, and this will ultimately make you a lot more confident.

It seems that yoga has something to offer to everyone. Better health, improved strength, and weight loss are just a few of the benefits this incredible practice offers. If you’ve been wanting to start but weren’t sure if it was for you, hopefully this article will push you to get started.

10 Things That Happen To You Once You Start Practicing Yoga RegularlyVineetha Reddy, is a regular practitioner and adviser of everything related to health, fitness and yoga, she also has begun to write and contribute to this knowledge ecosystem. She strongly believes that the organic food you find in your pantry provides the best benefits for good health. Follow her for her best ideas and solutions on Facebook and Twitter.

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Guest Blog by Dr. Lisa Ashe, D.O. Medical Director of Be Well Medical Group

Like many women, my focus for the past decade has been on my career and, in the last several years, I’ve also been called to ministry.

I admittedly have thought about what I might name my children and where I would get married, but not much more beyond that. I didn’t think about what it might actually take to be married and have children.

This year, I finally believe I’m ready to get married and am ready to be a mother. While these two things are not mutually exclusive, I’d personally like to pair them together. I found myself babysitting and on playdates with my friends without a child nor pet and I began to feel the desire that so many have expressed when it comes to being a mother. I thought to myself, yay, I actually have the mother gene.

That’s when I decided to freeze my eggs. I had heard of the procedure, even recommended it to several patients but somehow never thought much about it until this year. So I researched the procedure, asked for recommendations of physicians and had an initial appointment.

During the ultrasound, I remember thinking, oh no, “what if he says my eggs look bad”, ‘what if I don’t have enough”. The fear about my fertility was palpable. The Doctor spoke, “your eggs look normal for your age,” he said. You’ll have to lose weight, about 20 pounds, to help your fertility. We’ll do lab work and then go from there.”

I finally let out the breath I didn’t realize I was holding. My eggs look normal, sigh. It was then I realized how so many of patients feel when they are waiting on my call about their lab results or why they sit straight up in the hospital bed when I walk in to discuss their MRI report.

My decision to freeze my eggs comes at a time when I’m ready, although I wished I started three years ago. This is what I would have told myself:

1. Do your research

  • What’s the right age to begin the process? Most scholars that 32 or 33 are great ages to freeze your eggs
  • What does the procedure entail?
  • Any side effects or complications?
  • How much is the procedure?

2. Discuss with your doctor

  • What’s the timeline?
  • Ask questions about the medications- do they have side effects? How long to I need to take them? Are the cost of the medications covered in the total cost or by my insurance?
  • Do you need to lose weight?
  • Do you have any health challenges that may prevent you from getting the procedure?
  • Do you drink too much alcohol?
  • How many women actually use their eggs?
  • What will happen to my eggs if I don’t use them

3. Plan your finances

  • Set up a savings account- does this qualify as HSA expense so this can be tax free?
  • Can you afford the procedure?
  • Does your job help with cost

4. Don’t let anyone make the decision for you

  • Talk it over with friends and family but be confident of your own choices
  • If you have a spouse or partner, engage them in the process, but again be true to your own wishes and aspirations

Dr. Lisa Ashe - Be Well Medical Group - Freeze EggsDr. Lisa Ashe serves as the Medical Director of Be Well Medical Group– a leading concierge medicine and wellness group currently serving the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia metro areas. A Board Certified Internal Medicine physician, Dr. Lisa has completed countless certifications and training programs throughout the United States and abroad. She is a member of the American Medical Association, American Osteopathic Association and the American College of Physicians. Prior to founding Be Well Medical Group, Dr. Lisa was the Medical Director at Doctors Community Hospital, where she was responsible for the daily activities of the Clinical Decision and Observation Units.

Dr. Lisa completed her residency at George Washington University and Providence Hospital in Washington, D.C., and her internship at Georgetown University. Dr. Lisa earned her medical degree at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. She also received her Masters of Divinity from the Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University. She has received numerous awards, including the National Congress of Black Women’s Shirley Chisholm Award, Adam Clayton Powell Scholarship, Skinner Leadership Institute, and was awarded the key to the city of Camden, NJ.

“I lost myself and I forgot that I was more than someone desperately trying to have a baby. Meditation and the mind-body connection was my way to find my ground again.” – Davina Fankhauser


15 years of trying to build their family. 6 IVFs. Countless miscarriages, including those with twins and triplets. A painful selective reduction process. No insurance. But, an undying resiliency and dream of becoming a mother.

This is Davina Fankhauser, who is now a fiercely devoted advocate for women’s fertility insurance rights, with an unstoppable mandate to help as many couples as possible.

She is the founder and President of Fertility Within Reach, a national resource for accessing infertility health benefits as well as supporting reproductive health preservation.

Davina-Fankhauser-and-Finding-Resilience-in-the-Face-of-a-15-Year-Fertility-Journey-Podcast-121Davina Fankhauser Michael Dukasis

Michael Dukasis, former Governor of Massachusetts, said of Davina: “I thought Kitty (his wife) was the most tenacious advocate I had ever know, until I met Davina.”

Let’s just take a walk through of all of the incredible accomplishments Davina has made on behalf of infertility patients, shall we?

  • Led the strategic effort in MA to update the definition of infertility
  • Coordinated multiple groups to testify before the Massachusetts Division of Insurance to advocate for MA to maintain a Benchmark Plan, (as part of the Affordable Care Act), containing IVF benefits
  • Testified before the MA Division of Insurance in 2012, requesting Cryopreservation of Eggs is a required benefit for infertility
  • Worked with fertility clinics to create and present Recommended Guidelines for Oocyte Cryopreservation to insurers. This treatment is now being offered to patients with medical need, as well
  • Improved awareness of Infertility when she took on top medical resources, WebMD and the Mayo Clinic, and convinced them to update their medical definition of infertility to align with that of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine
  • Lobbied at the US Capitol for IVF benefits for Veterans

She demonstrates a sheer force of will and determination to make change happen.

      Listen now

Here are some things we discuss:

  • How to go through years and years of trying to conceive and retain the faith and desire to keep going
  • The pressure of infertility and how it impacts a marriage
  • Miscarriage and selective reduction
  • Why being your own patient advocate can mean the difference between success and failure
  • Davina’s own fertility journey and her major life lessons learned

Also, Davina mentioned her work with Dr. Mark Evans, who can be found here.

Soldier on wellness warriors,


I’m running a little experiment on our Instagram account.

I have to say it has made me a tad nervous to be revealing so much about my personal life, but I’m committed.

I’ve started creating a daily gratitude list (or journey) for the next 365 days to help maintain a positive outlook. I’ve read in countless books and blog posts about the power of expressing gratitude, so I finally took the plunge and decided to be very open about it to hopefully inspire you all to join me – which I hope you do.

Even on the days when it seems hard to find the positive…feeling grateful among feelings or situations seem impossible to be positive about, is a way to gain comfort…and even might become the most comforting part of your day.

I encourage you to start your own gratitude list to find the joys in your life and all that you do have to be grateful for. A list doesn’t have to be just words – you can create a list with drawings, photos, or even a combination of both. The purpose is to help you feel good about yourself, not to add another task to your busy day that you just want to get over with. It’s not always easy but that is the point – to find the special moments of gratitude because then you start noticing them throughout the day – and everything starts to change. At least that is what I am finding!

You can see my daily gratitude journey on Instagram and I hope you’ll join me in starting your own as well. Tag us @circle_and_bloom on Instagram and @CircleBloom on Twitter and be sure to use #365gratitudejournal. Below are just a few on my list so far to help you get started.

With love + gratitude ~

Gratitude List 1/365

My healthy sweet daughters // My husband of almost 16 years who truly supports me // Receiving these lovegrams  // Springtime // My work

Circle+Bloom Gratitude Journal Instagram #365gratitudejournal

Gratitude List 12/365

A good cry // Chardonnay // thunderstorms while sitting outside on my back screened in porch // peonies // oh, hello Friday!

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 3.32.26 PM

Gratitude List 28/365

Sailing with someone who really knows what they are doing //  lunch outside on a Friday //  nervous energy //  realizing that hard work is awesome (along with rest) //  the riot of summer going on in our backyard

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 3.39.18 PM


When Rosanne and I were discussing what the topic would be for this month’s teleseminar, we could not help but remember how challenging it was to juggle trying to conceive with a career, work stress, medical appointments, fertility treatments, special diets, friends, family, pets…and, well, you get the point.

Whether we are immediately aware of it or not, the proverbial ball often gets dropped when it comes to the relationship we have with our partner. Unchecked, this journey can become a destructive third-wheel in your relationship.

Circle+Bloom Rosanne Austin fertility relationship teleseminarEven the most solid relationships can be tested, which is why you’ve got to keep your “We” winning. It’s the foundation upon which you are building your family—take care of it. When you do, it’s powerful way to ensure that you and your partner have a warm, cushy, safe-haven for when the going gets rough—and it feels oh-so good!

Who couldn’t use some of that right about now?

Listen to our FREE podcast with Rosanne who LOVES to teach women and couples how to take their relationship to a whole new level on this journey.

      Listen now to the replay

Listen to all of our teleseminars:

1) Your Simple + Fun Toolkit for a Negativity-Free Fertility Journey
2) Secrets To Fertility Journey-Proofing Your Relationship
3) The Luxuriously Low Stress TWW
4) Build Unstoppable Confidence On Your Fertility Journey
5) Money Mindset Makeover For Your Fertility Journey
6) Make The Holidays Awesome On Your Fertility Journey
7) The Best Year Ever On Your Fertility Journey
8) The Best Year Ever On Your Fertility Journey Q&A Session with Rosanne Austin
9) How Smart Women Make Their Dreams Of Being A Mom Come True and Create Lives They Love Along The Way

Rosanne will be sharing:

  • Why making it “all about you” is the best thing you can do for your relationship,
  • What couples who THRIVE on the fertility journey are doing differently,
  • What it takes for you and your partner to masterfully navigate relationships with friends, family, doctors, and everyone else, AND
  • So much more!

If you haven’t met Rosanne Austin yet, you are in for a treat. She is a Fertility Journey Transformation Coach. A former trial attorney, she uses lessons learned from her own lengthy struggle with fertility, to empower women to overcome their fear and stress, so they can dramatically improve their well-being, reignite their self-confidence, and feel secure no matter what. Rosanne keeps it fun, relevant, and real!

We are grateful to be part of your journey to conceive and we are glad to provide you with the undeniably powerful combination of our mind+body programs and Rosanne’s expert mentorship to support you along the way!

With love + gratitude ~

“Struggling with fertility does not define you. How you live in the face of it will.” – Rosanne Austin


Coach. Mentor. Provocateur. Author. Speaker. Survivor: These are just a few words to describe the powerhouse that is Rosanne Austin.

Rosanne reached out to me probably about three years ago. You know when you first meet someone and you seem to immediately connect? Like that person has always been with you at some level, and you are simply catching up on “old times?” That was what our first call was like. I immediately trusted her, and more importantly, wanted to do everything I could to help her in her mission.

In the sweetspot of her career, driven by passion and mission, she absolutely loves what she does. Smart, sensitive and quick to point out your awesomeness, she helps women through the funk of infertility.

Rosanne Austin podcastBut her mission is not to just get you out of the fear, but to help you actually find how to thrive and build a new life out of the struggle to become pregnant. Using the infertility journey as the catalyst to recreate your life out of courage, love and mission.

Rosanne has actually helped me as well through a coach / mentee relationship. I was going through a difficult time with some people in my life and she allowed me to open my eyes in a way that I had never done before. I saw my life from a different vantage point, with a sense of empowerment and a “bitch, I’ve got this!” attitude.

Rosanne and I have built quite an awesome working relationship as well, as we see her adding real value to our community all the time. I encourage you to listen to this podcast, and then reach out to Rosanne. Trust me, you will be glad you did.

      Listen now

Here are some things we discuss:

  • How everything changes when you decide to lie your journey from a place of empowerment
  • Rosanne’s own fertility journey and the process of self-renewal
  • How meditation (and listening to our Circle+Bloom programs) changed everything for her
  • Fear and getting past how it shackles you on a daily basis
  • Identifying the feelings of being out of control and feeling paralyzed by the myriad of decisions
  • Why working with a coach can be life-transforming

Soldier on wellness warriors,


We absolutely love the Circle+Bloom community. We continue to be inspired and honored to share in your journey. The stories you share delight us and are constant reminders of why we do what we do.

As we have gotten to know you, it is also clear to us that you want more of the knowing and compassionate support we offer…and we are happy to give it!

One thing so many of you have asked for are tools and strategies for living your journey with more ease and less stress–especially around topics unique to women trying to conceive.

CircleBloom-RosanneAustin-fertility-teleseminarWith that in mind, we immediately thought of our dear friend Rosanne Austin, Fertility Journey Transformation Coach. She has been an active member of the Circle+Bloom community since her own personal struggle with fertility. A former trial attorney, Rosanne uses the invaluable lessons from her experience and her training as a coach, to empower women all over the world with unique tools and strategies for navigating this journey with confidence. Rosanne is warm, fun, and has so much to share with you.

Listen to our FREE podcast with Rosanne to provide you with a great opportunity to do a deep dive into the topics that will support you to live your journey with more ease and less stress.

      Listen now to the replay

Listen to all of our teleseminars:

1) Your Simple + Fun Toolkit for a Negativity-Free Fertility Journey
2) Secrets To Fertility Journey-Proofing Your Relationship
3) The Luxuriously Low Stress TWW
4) Build Unstoppable Confidence On Your Fertility Journey
5) Money Mindset Makeover For Your Fertility Journey
6) Make The Holidays Awesome On Your Fertility Journey
7) The Best Year Ever On Your Fertility Journey
8) The Best Year Ever On Your Fertility Journey Q&A Session with Rosanne Austin
9) How Smart Women Make Their Dreams Of Being A Mom Come True and Create Lives They Love Along The Way

Rosanne will be sharing:

  • The #1 step you simply must take to make your journey negativity-free
  • The 2 core beliefs that will get you keep you from getting stuck in a negativity spiral,
  • A super fun tool for powerfully pulling yourself out of negativity, AND
  • So. Much. More!

When we face uncertainty and disappointment on this journey it’s easy to fall into a place of negativity and doubt—which only contributes to your stress. If you want to learn great tools for what to do when you feel negativity creeping up, you don’t want to miss this!

We are grateful to be part of your journey to conceive and we are glad to provide you with the undeniably powerful combination of our mind+body programs and Rosanne’s mentorship to support you along the way!

With love + gratitude ~


This heartfelt email we received from Julie is a true story of faith and unwavering commitment. She’s got chutzpah in every sense of the word. She reminds us that living a life of accomplishing our dreams is for the courageous and the determined.

We are proud that our programs helped her through to living the delicious life of being a momma!

I’m Julie and I’ve lived with unexplained infertility my whole life, never being able to achieve a pregnancy.

At age 17, I had some cells frozen off my cervix as a result of having a pre-cancerous condition. Then I went about living my life, traveling, learning, enjoying, loving, never realizing my fertility was dwindling, always confident I could have kids at any age- why hurry?

Later, at age 39, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. My intestines were matted to my reproductive organs with masses of sticky puss, and there were enormous cysts on my uterus and abdominal wall. It took two years and many rounds of infusion therapy to go into remission after that. I was put on very serious drugs to maintain that state. Then my marriage fell apart in the worst possible way, and then my life fell apart.

As I got older, I started really feeling the loss of never having had any children, almost to the point of literally being able to hear my biological clock ticking. It was very hard to deal with. Cut to a couple years down the track, single, working as an executive chef, not feeling sad anymore, just getting on with my life. I’d stopped taking my meds in favor of a more holistic approach to maintaining my health- lots of exercise, lifting weights, running, eating clean, occasionally getting acupuncture…and amazingly, it worked.

I stayed in remission, and was pretty pleased with myself. It was the fittest I’d been in my life, despite everything.

Then I met a man. Things moved very fast, and we talked about having a child. I was 45 at the time.

An apprentice who was working in my kitchen became a very dear friend to me, and I confided in her about my fertility workup, where they told me they wouldn’t bother investigating the cause of my unexplained infertility because the facts were: no matter how youthful I looked, my eggs were old! I told her they suggested I use donor eggs (I desperately wanted to try an IVF cycle), but the thought of that was so far-fetched I couldn’t get my head around it.

Then this wonderful, dear girl very matter-of-factly said “Jules, let me give you my eggs”. She was 19 at the time, and someone I’d had an instant connection with, a younger “me”.

Circle+Bloom Egg Donor Success StoryI first bought the natural cycle program and we tried in earnest for a year, but deep down I knew I probably needed to do IVF.

So when we decided to do donor egg treatment, I bought that program- and the one for the donor, for Emma. I was her support person, and I loved going through all of it with her. I believed in the quality of her eggs, but had no faith in my own body to do its part.

I listened to the program religiously though, and it calmed my mind tremendously. I’m someone who thrives on being in control of her environment- this was scary territory! The day I picked up the results letter, I had been having an internal conversation all day trying to prepare for the negative outcome.

When I read the words “Julie, today you have a positive pregnancy test…” I literally exploded in tears, laughter, and screams. It was unreal! I drove to the supermarket to buy a pee stick- haha, for once I’d see two lines!!! I must’ve taken 200 pregnancy tests in my life, hoping for that extra line. I peed on a stick every week for the first three months of my pregnancy. I couldn’t believe I was pregnant. I still have to pinch myself to believe I am finally someone’s mama. I can’t imagine my life without my son. It’s been such a hard journey, but so amazing. He’s been the making of me.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that without these programs to bring balance and harmony into my being, it wouldn’t have happened for me.

I will be buying the FET program next 🙂

So, thank you, thank you, thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart x


Next week is National Infertility Awareness Week. It’s a time every year that we celebrate the strength of the infertility community, work toward educating and spreading awareness about the disease, and lend extra support to those on their fertility journey.

Resolve, The National Infertility Association, started NIAW nearly 30 years ago and each year they’ve nourished discussions around a certain aspect of infertility. This year’s theme is #StartAsking, and we encourage you to do just that –

Every day people with infertility are asking questions. “Why me?” “How can we afford this?” “Why don’t you understand?” National Infertility Awareness Week® is not only an opportunity to raise awareness about this disease, but also motivate all that are touched by infertility to commit to the cause.

What will YOU #StartAsking? Use all your social networks, your platforms, and tell anyone ready to listen. Tell them you’re ready to #startasking the tough questions.

Circle+Bloom National Infertility Awareness Week 2016

We’ll be sharing our #StartAsking questions all next week on Circle + Bloom’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and as our gift to anyone on their journey, we’re offering 20% off all Circle + Bloom products through May 18! Simply enter coupon code NIAW20 at checkout.

Please join us in supporting this wonderful initiative.

With love + gratitude ~


Guest blog by Sarah Prater, L.Ac., Founder and Acupuncturist of Tennessee Center for Reproductive Acupuncture.

If you find yourself sitting in the waiting room of the fertility clinic, you’re probably wondering if you’re doing all you can to help your cycle be a success. You might have heard about some women adding acupuncture to their treatment cycles or even considered it yourself.

Acupuncture is a safe and effective way to increase your chances of conception and can be combined with IVF, IUI, and other fertility treatments. Many fertility clinics are even starting to offer acupuncture in-house! If you aren’t so lucky as to have such a clinic nearby, this article is for you!

At our clinic, Tennessee Center for Reproductive Acupuncture, we specialize in combining acupuncture and fertility treatments. We see many benefits to this approach such as:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Decreased medication side effects
  • Improved egg quality and quantity
  • Increased thickness and quality of the endometrial lining
  • Improved pregnancy and live birth rates
  • Prevention and reduction of uterine contractions
  • Decreased chance of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy
  • Encouragement of embryo implantation
  • Hormone regulation

Adding acupuncture to your already complicated fertility treatment schedule can seem like a daunting task, but luckily there is help! Read below for a few tips we’ve learned on how to best incorporate the two treatments:

  1. Try to find a fertility specialist in your area. An acupuncturist who specializes in fertility will be familiar with the type of treatment you are undergoing and may have even worked with your doctor. They will usually have flexible scheduling to allow for last minute changes in your treatment and even have extended availability for pre and post embryo transfer appointments.
  2. Call before your treatment starts. While acupuncture can be started at any point during a treatment cycle, many acupuncturists have protocols they use for each type of cycle. So calling a month or so before your cycle begins can allow you to plan for your appointments. At the Tennessee Center for Reproductive Acupuncture, we often recommend treatments in the weeks before your cycle, but most of our protocols begin when the cycle starts.
  3. Keep communication open. Make sure your acupuncturist knows of any changes or problems that come up during your cycle. This can help us better time your appointments and allow us the opportunity to help treat side effects and issues, all to help your cycle become a success.
  4. Continue treatment during pregnancy. Assuming your treatment is a success, (fingers crossed!) acupuncture can be safely used to support a healthy pregnancy for you and your developing baby. We strongly recommend treatment during the first trimester, as this is the time when most miscarriages occur. It can also help alleviate morning sickness, fatigue, stress, and other symptoms. Many women will continue treatment throughout their pregnancies!
  5. Let your acupuncturist know your treatment results: We are very passionate about our trade and feel the highs and lows right along with you. So, please let us know how your cycle turns out! And we always welcome little ones for a visit!

Sarah Prater - 5 Key Secrets to Successful AcupunctureSarah Prater, L.Ac. is the founder and acupuncturist at the Tennessee Center for Reproductive Acupuncture in Knoxville, TN. Sarah combines her diverse background to offer a safe, effective, and integrative approach to families experiencing fertility challenges. More information can be found on their website.


Happy Spring! The season of new life is upon us and as the flowers blossom, the grass turns green, and the birds start chirping, I find myself ready to embrace nature’s abundant energy and spirit of rejuvenation.

My intentions, however, are often thwarted by another thing that comes along with Spring – the beginning of calendar chaos!

From events with family and friends, to business travel, to juggling the extra-curricular activities of two very busy adolescent girls, my Spring Zen doesn’t stick around for long.

I try my best to savor little moments of tranquility when I’m able, and to carry the feelings of calm and refreshment that they bring me throughout my day.

Circle+Bloom 5 Ways to Sneak in Moments of Relaxation

Here are a few of my favorite, sneaky ways to squeeze in a few more moments of relaxation each and every day:

  1. Make the bed. Making the bed helps set a positive tone for the day and gives me a little morning quiet-time to reflect and relax before jumping into the hustle and bustle. This simple habit makes me feel like I’m starting the day off neat, tidy, and prepared (even if my to-do list is a mile long and there’s unfolded laundry piling up in the corner).
  2. Take a walk around the block after lunch. A 5-minute afternoon stroll can be as revitalizing as a cup of coffee (and it’s a lot better for you!). While you’re walking, try to quiet your mind by thinking about one thing that you were proud to accomplish so far in the day. Focusing on this positive energy you feel much more relaxed as you tackle the afternoon.
  3. Meditate! This one really shouldn’t surprise you as one of my favorite ways to grab a few moments of peace?. Sit in your favorite comfy chair, put on some relaxing music or your favorite Circle + Bloom program and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing and let the music or words wash over you. Embrace relaxation as your only task.
  4. Write in a journal. Journaling can feel a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. More than trying to feel that you need to do a long and involved journal entry, just try to take 5 minutes a day and make it a habit. When you sit down to write, ask yourself a simple question – “How am I feeling today?” – and then set a timer for 5 minutes, and start writing! Be truthful, brutal, honest and open.
  5. Unplug. I mean it – no cell phones, no computers, no TV. Period. Numerous studies have shown the impact of screen time on the brain, and I’d argue that periods of NON-screen time are just as impactful. Instead of scanning your phone at night to “wind down,” adopt screen-free hobbies like reading, coloring, playing cards, or gardening. Even if you only have a few minutes, activities like these help us relax by tuning out all the noise and letting your brain focus gently on the what’s in front of you.

How do you sneak moments of Zen into your day? I’d love to hear from you.

With love + gratitude ~


Happy Friday, All!

In my mind, there’s no better way to end the week than with a story that brings hope, inspiration, and light into our hearts.

Sandra’s story does just that. Read on to hear the heartfelt story of Sandra’s journey with secondary infertility and how she tapped into the power of her mind + body connection, and finally became pregnant with her second child at the age of 41.

Secondary Infertility and Pregnancy Success Over 40 - Sandra's Story

Hello Joanne,

I’m writing to thank you personally. I believe you and Circle + Bloom were pivotal in allowing me to get pregnant at 41 after 3 years and 40 cycles trying for our second child.

Here’s my story:

I was married when I was 23 but we knew we weren’t ready to start a family right away. A couple of years later my husband decided that he didn’t want any children. I tried to resign myself to not being a mom, but it was tough. I ended up having a cancer scare with a suspicious ovarian cyst when I was 27. It turned out to be nothing, but it brought up a lot of questions about my fertility and the kind of life I wanted. We divorced two years later after months of couples counseling. I knew that I wanted a family, he knew he didn’t. Besides that, I came to the conclusion that he wasn’t the right match for me for a variety of other reasons.

I met and fell in love with my current husband 5 years later. We started trying 6 years ago when I was 35. We were healthy, active and in our mid-thirties. We got our first positive pregnancy test on our very first month trying. We were elated. Sadly, it turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy. I needed surgery but they were able to save my ovary and tube. Doubt took hold after that experience. Getting subsequently worse prognoses with every fertility consultation, we questioned whether we would ever become parents. We believed every word of what we were told: low morphology, low AFC, high FSH, blocked tubes, etc. I was told that I’d start menopause within 2 or 3 years. That was in 2010 when I was 36. We opted for IVF after a year and a half of trying on our own and our son was born in 2011 from our first round.

Now for the next chapter: We’ve had 4 failed IVF’s, one chemical pregnancy and one miscarriage since the birth of our son. I wanted so desperately to become pregnant again and to give birth to another baby, but I had lost the optimism I felt when we had first started trying. I believed every word that those well-meaning doctors had said and although I hoped and prayed, I realize now that I didn’t really believe it could happen. I wasn’t confident. I didn’t trust my body. I was emotionally detached from my body. Don’t get me wrong. I did all the right things. I ate well. I took supplements. I started acupuncture. I exercised (although not as much as I could have.) But still, I felt something was missing. I felt it had something to do with the mind-body connection. After a miscarriage at 12 weeks I became quite severely depressed and desperate. I sought professional help but I still felt detached and that I was missing out on my life, my son’s life, my marriage and my friendships.

Before our last round of IVF (which I knew would be my last since we couldn’t afford any more) I happened to get an email about the Fertility Focus Telesummit hosted by Sarah Holland, which would be starting right around the start of my cycle. I signed up and listened religiously during the many drives to and back from the fertility clinic (2.5 hours each way). I heard so many inspiring stories. I FINALLY felt that I wasn’t alone. There was a whole community out there to offer support through my fertility journey. The one thing that stood out to me was that nearly everyone who shared their story had a poor prognosis or one or more miscarriages, yet for many, after a change in attitude or after dealing with a certain emotional issue, they finally had a successful pregnancy.

I did EFT to let go of my age-related fears, I reconnected with my womb, I visualized myself covered in a glowing waterfall of light and I slowly began to trust my body again. I asked myself lots of questions I hadn’t contemplated before. I looked at my relationships, my perspective on my fertility journey and on my life in general. I tried to change the way I was seeing my fertility experience, the way I was experiencing the journey. I realized that I could be an exception to my prognosis…

Unfortunately my IVF cycle did not result in pregnancy, but the egg quality and sperm quality improvement over our previous cycles were incredibly encouraging. I was sure it had something to do with my change in attitude which was also incidentally rubbing off on my husband. I was suddenly very optimistic that it could work naturally. I didn’t feel as impatient. I felt that my baby would arrive when it was ready.

I heard an interview with Joanne from the 2010 Telesummit and I decided to purchase the Circle + Bloom’s Natural Cycle for Fertility Program. I added these to the visualizations I was already using. I can’t say I was completely zen, but I was definitely more at peace than I had been in years.

I truly believe that the Circle + Bloom guided meditations, in conjunction with the others I was listening to, changed my physiology as well as my state of mind.

The very next cycle, a few weeks after my 41st birthday, I got a positive pregnancy test and I am 100% certain it’s due to the mind-body work that I had done. I’m now at 27 weeks and baby’s doing great. I still have to deal with the fear of loss but I use the visualizations to get me through.

It’s strange how the mind-body connection is often one of the last things we look at. We seem to only look at it when we’ve run out of other options. Yet, it’s the least expensive and least invasive thing we can do. Plus I feel it’s made me a better mom to my son and a better partner to my husband. Guided visualizations are so easy to do. I recommend them to anyone, wherever they may be on their fertility journey.

After 3 years and 40 cycles trying for our second child we got a positive pregnancy test less than two months after starting visualizations and mind-body work…my first cycle using the Circle + Bloom Natural Cycle Program.

Thank you Circle & Bloom!!


Thank YOU, Sandra – for opening your heart to us and sharing about your journey.

With love + gratitude ~


If you could improve your everyday experiences by taking one small step, would you take it?

What if that one step took only a few minutes of your day? Imagine what you could achieve…

Circle + Bloom has been helping women tap into the immense power of the mind + body connection for years – whether to provide support on the fertility journey, achieve greater happiness and health in the face of a cancer diagnosis, or simply sleep better and have more energy – we create, share, laugh, cry, dream and try to make a difference every day.

Now we’re using the same impactful mind + body techniques to help you become your best self. We’re thrilled to introduce four new Circle + Bloom programs designed to, empower, invigorate, balance, and bring more joy to your life.

Join us on an amazing voyage toward creating your best life with these powerful guided meditations:

Positive Thinking and Mindfulness Program
Living life to its fullest begins with a simple act of staying mindful in the present moment.

Circle + Bloom Positive Thinking and Mindfulness Visualization

Reach Your Life Goals
A new life for a new you, established through new habits and using the power of the subconscious to make these changes a constant reality.

Circle+Bloom Reach Your Life Goals Visualization

Body Detox Program
Use the mind-body connection to visualize a cleansing and detoxification of your entire body.

Circle + Blom Body Detox Visualization

Stress Reduction
Stay at the top of your game with healthy processing of stress.

Circle + Blomo Stress Reduction Visualization


Ladies, we are so happy to share this wonderful story with you! Late last year, we heard from an amazing Circle+Bloom-er named Maureen. Maureen used our PCOS for Fertility Program, and after a year of infertility struggles, became pregnant with her son in just 2 months of using the program!

Maureen’s story, like so many other success stories that we hear from our community, illustrates the amazing power of the mind + body to work together to find peace, heal, and thrive –


In December of last year I sent you a message thanking you because I had just taken a test and found out I was pregnant.

My husband and I had been dealing with infertility for about a year. I had made lifestyle changes but nothing seemed to be working. We were going to start Clomid in January. I heard about Circle + Bloom from PCOS Diva. I loved the idea of using my body’s intentions and my mind to help heal myself. I started your PCOS for Fertility Program in November. I finally felt like I had some control. It was the only change I made.

Circle+Bloom PCOS for Fertility success storyOn December 30th I found out I was having a baby. He is 2 months old now.

I also used your Healthy Pregnancy series. I found it incredibly helpful. It helped me manage my anxiety that we wouldn’t hear a heartbeat at the next appointment or that I’d wake up and find out I’d miscarried. Despite having gestational diabetes my pregnancy and baby were healthy and he was carried to term. I know that your system helped.

My husband and I plan to start trying again in a year and your programs will once again play a large role.

We would be honored for you to use our story and our son’s photo. Being able to read the stories of others helped me so much and we have told a lot of people about your programs and they should be celebrated.


With love + gratitude ~


When my husband and I were trying (and failing) to get pregnant, we came up against difficulties and strains that tested and stretched our relationship beyond what we ever imagined.

Like other #TTC couples, we were thrown into a whirlwind of stress, disappointment, and heartache, during a time in life that’s meant to be filled with joy, excitement, and the feeling of utmost intimacy – that incredibly special togetherness that comes from creating a life.

There were so many things that we learned about each other, about ourselves, and about our relationship as we navigated the winding and bumpy road of our fertility journey. Now, after much heartache, and eventually two beautiful daughters, I can say that I have never loved my husband and soul mate more deeply.

In both my own experience and from the countless stories of courage, vulnerability, and love that I’ve heard from you, our amazing community, I’ve learned that despite its immense challenges, infertility has the power to bring couples together.

Circle+Bloom - Intimacy & Infertility – How to Keep Your Relationship Strong While #TTC

But to get there, both partners have to be willing to open up, stare infertility straight in the face, and let it all in.

Be honest.

Women are often afraid to share the depth of their feelings when coping with infertility and it can make the experience feel even more isolating. Don’t be scared to open up to your partner and take the time to discover your own truth – it’s tough to be honest if you don’t learn to dig deep and figure out what you’re truly feeling in the first place.

Take good care of yourself.

Infertility takes a heavy toll, so it is an important time to look inward and take the time to connect with yourself. If you don’t face the inner fear and sadness, you’ll have a harder time letting go of it and embracing happiness within and with your partner. Be gentle with yourself and make sure that you are attending to all of your needs – emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental. Give yourself permission to put your needs first and for your partner to do the same. Be open with one another about how that looks.

Build a support network beyond one another.

There are certain aspects of the fertility journey that your partner simply may not be able to understand or connect with, and it’s a two way street. Allow yourself and your partner the space to strengthen outside relationships. Tap into a full range of loving and compassionate supporters – whether friends, family, counselors, or support groups – and accept that you both have limitations (and that’s okay).

Look for opportunity.

This might be the toughest part, but it’s also where there’s the most to gain. When we talk about the power of connection and how infertility can create deeper connection, the story of one of our community members, Renae, stands out in my mind – She shared about how our programs were recommended to her husband, and written on a crumbled piece of paper with the words “circleandbloom.” He said to her, this will help us connect with each other. They would then lay in bed together before going to sleep and listen to each day’s sessions. Together. That’s the power of connection.

What tools have helped you to keep your relationship strong during your fertility journey? We hope you share your story with us.

With love + gratitude ~

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Guest Blog by Phil Druce, Founder of Ovulation Calendar.

Knowing when you ovulate can really help increase your chances of getting pregnant, but most women have no idea how to tell. If you are among them, do not worry. We can help.

In order to truly understand ovulation, you must first have a basic understanding of the menstrual cycle.

Where ovulation falls in the menstrual cycle
There is no mistaking when you get your menstrual period. So, identifying the start of your cycle is easy. It is the first day of your menstrual period. Ovulation usually occurs 12 to 16 days before your next period.

Your actual fertile window will depend on a few things, including the length of your cycle. Your fertile window is only six days per cycle. The five days before ovulation and the day of ovulation.

The first part of your cycle, from menstruation to ovulation, is called the follicular phase. The phase after ovulation until the day before your next period is called the luteal phase. The follicular phase length can vary from cycle to cycle, but the luteal phase length is usually constant. Because normal cycles can vary from 21 to 35 days, it can be hard to know when you are going to ovulate based on cycle length alone. Other things, like stress, can impact your cycle too. So it’s good to know the signs of ovulation to be sure you can identify your fertile window.

Circle+Bloom Ovulation - Phil Druce - Ovulation Calendar

The many symptoms of ovulation
There are many potential symptoms of ovulation, but not every woman experiences them all. Still, there are common symptoms that almost any woman can use to identify their fertile window.

Cervical Mucus – As your body’s hormone levels increase in preparation for ovulation, you will notice some changes in your cervical mucus. When you are not fertile, it will be dry or absent. When you are just starting to enter your fertile window, it will become sticky. When ovulation is imminent, your cervical mucus will be a creamy texture. And when you are finally at your most fertile, cervical mucus will resemble egg whites in consistency and texture.

SHOW – Cervical positioning also plays a role in your fertility. If you can feel your cervix as Soft, High, Open and Wet (SHOW), you are at your most fertile. When you are not in your fertile period, your cervix will be feel, low, closed and dry.

Other signs – As your body is preparing to ovulate, many changes may occur. You may experience spotting, heightened senses, ovulation pain, increased sexual desire or more. Click here to learn about all of the symptoms.

Other ways to detect ovulation
If you are having trouble checking for cervical changes and other symptoms, or if you want another way to identify ovulation, consider the follow methods:

Charting Basal Body Temperature (BBT) – Your BBT is your body’s lowest temperature, usually attained during sleep. Take your temperature with an accurate thermometer as soon as you wake up every day (before even sitting up). Due to hormones, your BBT changes during your cycle. Before ovulation when estrogen levels are high, your BBT remains low. After ovulation when progesterone levels are high, your BBT rises by about 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Your temperature will remain elevated until your cycle ends.

Ovulation Prediction Kit (OPK) – These over-the-counter kits test your urine for an increase of luteinizing hormone (LH). When you see a positive result, your body is preparing to ovulate. These tests are very accurate, but it is also the most expensive way to track ovulation.

Saliva Ferning – This less-common way of predicting ovulation involves saliva and a microscope. Under a microscope, you will notice a ferning, or snowflake, pattern when you are preparing to ovulate.

Philip Druce - Ovulation -CalendarPhil Druce launched OvulationCalendar.com after a personal family battle to get pregnant, Ovulation Calendar aims to provide the necessary tools and educational resources for those couples hoping to achieve a safe and healthy pregnancy.


I love the turn of the year because it feels like a chance to wipe the slate clean and dream big with fresh energy and optimism. It’s a time to examine where we’ve been over the past 12 months, and to get revved up about our hopes and goals for the future.

As I reflect on my own journey over the past year, I feel proud of everything that we have accomplished at C+B as a community and of the efforts that I’ve made to personally improve myself throughout the year.

I’m always looking for ways to make life better – whether in self help books, life hack articles, etc. – but in order to really create positive change, there comes a point where you have to tune out the noise, start doing, and see what works for you.

3 Top Tips 2016 from Circle+Bloom

So here’s what I’ve learned in the doing – 3 key habits rise to the top for my growth and happiness. They’ve truly made a world of difference in my life, and I hope that they have the same profound impact on yours:

  1. Simplify, simplify, simplify.
    Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, changed my life. In her book, Kondo shares her insights for evaluating the usefulness of possessions, but I’d argue that her system also works for streamlining habits and relationships:

    “The best way to choose what to keep and what to throw away is to take each item in one’s hand and ask: ‘Does this spark joy?’ If it does, keep it. If not, dispose of it. This is not only the simplest but also the most accurate yardstick by which to judge.”

    I not only applied Kondo’s advice to my garage and my closet, I went on a purging spree of epic proportions, determined to focus only on what brings me happiness in life and to leave the rest behind. And the results have been blowing my mind, let me tell you! In simplifying each part of my life, I’ve found contentment and happiness that I didn’t know was possible.

  2. Do a few random acts of kindness to keep you things in perspective.
    Kindness is so powerful because it redirects our thoughts and energy from ourselves to others. Flex your empathy muscle and make someone’s day just for the hell of it. Not only will it make you feel really good, it also helps to give you perspective and to remind us that what goes around comes around – from giving up your seat on a busy train to an elderly person, to inviting a new work colleague to lunch or paying the toll for the person behind you – every act of kindness, no matter how small, makes an impact.
    Need some kindness inspiration? We love this list from Buzzfeed.

  4. Become better 1% per day. Changing your life involves making mini decisions constantly.
    Last year I wrote a blog post called 10 Steps to Improving Myself By 1% Every Day, and I can’t express enough how this approach has positively impacted me. Here’s how the 1% rule can change your life: Overall objective: improve x,y,z habit or behavior by 1% each day. If you grow by 1% per day, the math works out to be that you are completely transformed in something like 3 months. It’s the power of exponents.
    Set goals that you want to reach in the next 3 months and then start making the magic happen, bit by bit! Don’t let fear paralyze you as you move outside of your comfort zone to reach your goals – define them clearly and celebrate your micro-victories. Each step of the way is leading you toward a happier version of yourself. Take pride in your accomplishments, and keep chugging along until you get exactly what you want.

What other habits or tips have helped you find greater happiness?

With love + gratitude ~


Success Stories from 2015

Happy New Year, all! How was your holiday season? What are you most excited about for 2016?

I’ve been on vacation with my family in NYC this past week and I’ve had some great time to reflect on the wonderful things that we’ve accomplished in 2015 – from the incredible growth of our secret Facebook Group, The C + B Infertility Support Circle, to the successful launch of our Healing from Cancer Program – there’s much to feel grateful for as the year comes to an end.

But, in reflecting on 2015, the thing that brings the most joy to my heart is knowing how much amazing support, energy, and light has come from YOU, our incredible community of Circle + Bloomers.

Circle+Bloom Fertility Success Stories

There is nothing more rewarding and encouraging than hearing how our programs have changed your lives. You’ve changed ours, too! Your stories of strength, perseverance, and love are what get us out of bed each and every day. You inspire us to continue working to make making Circle + Bloom the best it can be.

We thank you for opening your hearts to us, and we hope that hearing others’ stories of encouragement and success will bring you the same immense hope and happiness that it brings us.

Here are a few of the amazing Circle + Bloom success stories from 2015:

“Your recordings exceeded ALL of my expectations. Every night before bed my husband and I would lay and listen to the recordings. It connected us, it saved me from loosing my mind. I want to tell you what you do is simply amazing! I am sure the stories and hard work is difficult at times but like Circle + Bloom tells us that we are performing a selfless task…so are you! You don’t know me but you helped me strive, fail and heal. For the rest of my life I will think of a difficult journey that you helped me overcome!” ~ Renae, Natural Cycle for Fertility Program

“It is difficult to put into words just how much the Circle + Bloom Healing From Cancer program helped me, Joanne. I was diagnosed with cancer seven years ago, for the second time. I had two young children, one child in middle school, and I was paralyzed with anxiety. Circle + Bloom’s meditation helped me immensely during this time. I looked forward to the end of the day when I could lie down and drift away to a safe, calm place. I found the guided meditation to be incredibly empowering and I believe it really helped me to beat my cancer. I also think that the background music and guided meditation used are superior to other meditation programs I have tried. Nothing was jarring, everything seemed to flow and create a great sense of peace and well-being.”~ Kristen, Healing from Cancer Program

“Thank you so much!!! Your IVF relaxation and meditation CD’s worked (again)! The first time we got pregnant using them was in 2013 (that was our 3rd IVF attempt), and now we just got pregnant a second time using them. Looking forward to listen to your pregnancy program! :)”~Maria, IVF & IUI Program

“I very rarely give this sort of feedback but I just have to thank you for this wonderful program and informative emails. I’m still on my TTC journey and currently trying ovulation induction injections to help with my PCOS. I was at first hesitant to spend the $60 on the PCOS audio program, but then I realized how little that was in comparison to the hundreds and thousands of dollars already spent on doctors appointments, medical bills and medication costs! Regardless of the outcome (although I’m feeling more positive than ever!) this program has helped so much with my stress levels and given me such a clear understanding of what’s happening in my body every step of the way. I can’t wait to email you (soon!) to give you my great news – I’m finally confident that one way, one day it will happen and I can visualize it without worrying. Thanks again!”~ Katrina, PCOS for Fertility Program

“I am writing to share with you my success story. I purchased the fertility meditation after going through a miscarriage and used it for only one cycle. It turns out I got my BFP today! I loved the program and it helped me relax and let go of my anxieties so well. Now, I need to move on to the healthy pregnancy meditations to help keep me calm and positive for this pregnancy to hold on.”~ Melissa, Natural Cycle for Fertility Program

We look forward to hearing more of your good news in 2016! Cheers to a year of health and happiness!

With love + gratitude ~


Guest Blog by By Staci Swiderski, Co-Founder of Family Source Consultants.

I have helped to screen countless surrogates over the years and have even used a surrogate to complete my own family. If you’re considering becoming or using a surrogate, there are some important facts to consider before you make the decision:

    1. Understand the difference between a traditional and gestational surrogate. One of the most common misconceptions that I often hear about being a surrogate is that she will be genetically-related to the child. Traditional surrogates utilize their own genetics (i.e. their own eggs), while gestational surrogacy – which is the only type of surrogacy we provide at Family Source Consultants – sees the embryo created with either the intended mother’s genetics or an egg donor; or in some circumstances, a donated embryo could be utilized.
    2. Understand the surrogacy laws where the surrogate resides. The current legal landscape for surrogacy across the USA is inconsistent, with surrogacy laws differing between states. It’s important that the surrogate delivers in a state where the intended parents’ and surrogate’s legal rights are protected. Some of the best states for this legal protection include Illinois, Florida, California, Nevada, Arkansas and Connecticut. Some of the less surrogacy-friendly states include New York, Michigan, Washington, Nebraska and New Jersey. I can’t stress enough the importance of working with an attorney who specializes in reproductive law (a good surrogacy agency will be able to recommend attorneys to clients) and having a legal direct agreement in place prior to the surrogate beginning inject-able medications.
    3. Surrogates need to have at least one child of their own to be accepted. This is one of our requirements of surrogates at Family Source Consultants. When I first told my friends and family I was planning to complete my family by having a child through surrogacy, a few of them were fearful that the surrogate might want to keep the child. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that surrogates already have their own children. They sign up to the process to help make baby dreams come true for other people. All surrogates should be comfortable with the fact that if any complications arise, they are content with their family should they not be able to have additional children of their own in the future.
    4. Surrogates need to be comfortable with the medication protocol. For example, all of the surrogate’s previous pregnancy and delivery records will need to be obtained prior to the matching process and the surrogate may need to have inject-able medications at the beginning of the pregnancy. Most fertility medication will be discontinued around the tenth week or so of pregnancy.
    5. Understand that the surrogacy journey is a group effort. The decision to become a surrogate affects not only the surrogate, but the surrogate’s family too, and they should be part of and support the journey. Surrogates can expect the intended parents to often be actively involved in the process – they’re usually typically excited to be included in the pregnancy and delivery. I have an abundance of love and appreciate for my surrogate family. I feel extremely blessed that they gave me the most special gift in the world – my son. It’s also useful to know that the matching process between surrogates and intended parents is a mutual decision. Surrogates share their expectations of their intended parents and vice versa before both parties are matched.

Staci Swiderski SurrogacyStaci Swiderski is Co-Founder of Family Source Consultants, one of North America’s leading surrogacy agencies based in Illinois and Florida. She has extensively researched Gestational Surrogacy for over 13 years and is a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.Staci and her husband completed their family through surrogacy and she has also been an egg donor twice.

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Believe. Visualize. Heal. – Whether conquering infertility, recovering from painful loss, or facing incredibly taxing treatments from a cancer diagnosis – the path that enables us to heal and transform starts with these three steps.

We believe deeply that nurturing the mind + body connection through each of these actions is the key to unlocking our body’s immense potential for physical, emotional, and spiritual self-healing.

What happens when we are able to harness this innate healing power is that we undergo a transformation – we emerge with wings and the will to take flight. We chose the Hummingbird as the symbol for our Healing from Cancer program because it so beautifully illustrates this resilience and strength:

“The Hummingbird symbolizes great courage, determination, flexibility, and adaptability. It is only a few ounces in weight, yet has the courage of a lion. Hummingbird is a totem of fearlessness, and represents lightness of being.” 1

So how do all of these pieces work in harmony to promote real healing? The answer is Guided Imagery. Dr. Bernie Siegel describes guided visualization and meditation as “powerful tools to help you be aware of your true needs and then make them happen. Seeing what you want in your mind’s eye helps convince your unconscious that it’s possible, and that helps create an atmosphere of healing and hope.”
Circle+Bloom Guided Visualization
How Exactly Does Guided Imagery Work?

  1. The Placebo Effect – As you probably know, the placebo effect is what happens when some people who are given a pill with an inactive ingredient get better because they think they are taking a real medication. The mind acts as a powerful commander with the rest of our body and positive belief plays a part in the positive outcome. Even though our lungs, heart, immune system or blood flow doesn’t actually speak in words, there is a very intricate and impactful way in which the body communicates within. The mind, including our emotions and belief system, plays an enormous role in this.
  2. When you visualize, you believe, and when you believe, you heal. Connected and intertwined with the placebo effect, belief in what your body is capable of can instill real change from within. The mind’s eye, which is not capable of discerning when you are visualizing something versus actually experiencing something, acts as the conduit and base level of response and communication within the body. Very simply, if you see a juicy piece of fruit that you are about to bit into, you will begin to salivate. If you simply imagine that same piece of fruit, you will also begin to salivate. It’s the same theory. Visualization versus actually experiencing something is the same thing. You can communicate and tell your body to do certain things by visualizing.
  3. It certainly can’t hurt, and it feels good to be doing everything you can to help in times of extraordinary difficulty. Helping yourself by taking action takes you out of the victim mentality and puts into you a state of empowerment. Endorphins, or happy chemicals, will flood the system as you take action and send “live” messages to your body that help boost your immune system. This fact alone is a great reason to practice meditation and visualization.

How has guided imagery helped you to heal and what other tools have you found useful along your healing journey?

With love + gratitude ~



Guest Blog by Dr. Jill Hechtman, an OB/GYN and the Medical Director of Tampa Obstetrics, Florida’s leading medical center for women, Tampa Florida.

If you or a friend has ever had a miscarriage, you know how heartbreaking it can be. But if you’re like many women, you’re probably not aware that what you don’t know about miscarriages can be harmful to your health and healing process.

Unfortunately, despite our share-everything culture, miscarriages are still a taboo subject, even among family and friends. This shroud of silence and secrecy often leaves women isolated and in the dark about one of the most devastating experiences in their lives.

What’s worse, many women blame themselves for their miscarriage. A recent survey in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology found that among those affected by a miscarriage:

  • 47% said they felt guilty
  • 41% said they felt like they did something wrong
  • 28% reported feeling ashamed
  • 38% said they felt like they could have prevented it somehow

Although each person has a unique way of coping, knowing the truth about miscarriages in general – and yours in particular – could help with your emotional healing. It’s time to bust some myths and bring the facts about miscarriages out into the open.

Myth: Miscarriages are rare (the survey cited found that 55% of both men and women believed that miscarriage happened in only 5% or fewer of all pregnancies).
Fact: Miscarriages happen in up to 25% of all known pregnancies.

Between 750,000 and 1 million U.S. women have a miscarriage each year. The risk increases with age, for example: between the ages of 20-30 the risk is 9-17%, at age 35 the risk is 20%, age 40 is 40% and at age 45 the risk is as high as 80%.

Myth: Miscarriage is caused by a stressful event or lifting a heavy object.
Fact: The great majority of miscarriages happen because of medical or genetic reasons, and not because of stress or heavy lifting.

About 60 percent of miscarriages occur because of a missing or extra chromosome in the fetus that prevents a baby from developing normally. These abnormalities are usually not inherited and typically happen by chance. They are not caused by anything that either of the parents did or did not do before or during the pregnancy.

Myth: My doctor can’t tell me what caused my miscarriage.
Fact: New tests are better (and faster) at identifying chromosomal abnormalities in fetal tissue, if a chromosomal abnormality was the cause.

Most of the respondents in the Obstetrics & Gynecology survey were not told what might have caused the miscarriage. Some were told, “It just happens,” or “we don’t know.”

But today it’s easy to find out if your miscarriage was caused by a chromosomal abnormality on losses as early as 6 weeks. The Anora™ miscarriage test from Natera provides a collection kit for your doctor and results are received in about a week.

Knowing the reason for your miscarriage may help you begin to heal and possibly avoid other costly and time-consuming medical tests. Testing can also help you to plan your next steps. If you have had more than one miscarriage, and a chromosome abnormality was found, special In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatments with Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) may be an option.

Myth: It’s best to just forget about my miscarriage and not worry about why it happened.
Fact: Knowledge can bring peace of mind and help you prepare for the future.

The vast majority of survey participants (88%) said they’d want to know the cause of their miscarriage. The study also found that this knowledge can help women let go of the notion that they had somehow caused the loss. Another survey found that 95% of patients who had chromosome analysis for a miscarriage were glad they had the test done.

Even if your miscarriage was due to a chromosome abnormality, your chance of having a chromosome problem in another pregnancy is low. In fact, between 50% and 80% of women with recurring miscarriages eventually have a successful pregnancy.

Dr. Jill - Shining a Light on the Facts about MiscarriageDr. Jill Hechtman is the Medical Director of Tampa Obstetrics and the Chairman of Obstetrics and Gynecology at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital in Tampa. She is the past Chairman of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Brandon Regional Hospital and served on the hospital’s Board of Trustees for 2 years. She is a frequent face in local media as “Dr. Jill” and currently is the obstetrics and gynecology expert for “Daytime,” a nationally syndicated talk show. Jill was also recently appointed as a member of the Florida House of Representatives Medicaid Low Income Pool Council. She is also featured in various videos about pregnancy.


Can you believe how quickly the holiday crept up? I probably say that every year, but it’s always the same – autumn flies by in the blink of an eye and before you know it you’re sitting down to carve the turkey and planning how to navigate the many events and festivities of the season.

There’s excitement around this special time of year – warm reminders to take some quiet moments and reflect on what we are truly grateful for, reconnecting with family and friends that we don’t often see, and dreaming about the exciting possibilities that next year may bring.

In the midst of these wonderful things, this time of year that can be really hard and one when many of us could use some extra support – to remind us to be gentle with ourselves if we’re missing those we’ve lost, to help us stay positive after a tough round of chemo, or to help us keep our sh*t together during the two week wait.

Circle + Bloom Holiday Coupon

But we love you and we want to help make your holiday season the best it can possibly be! So, we’re extending an early gift to you… A special holiday discount of not 10%, not 20% – but an amazing 25% that we hope helps you make the decision to download and get started with on your new journey of tapping into the amazing power of your mind + body connection. Simply enter coupon code Holidays25 at checkout (expires December 15th).

Start your journey now and give yourself the gift of peace of mind.

With love + gratitude ~

PS – Feel free to check out more of our favorite holiday resources on the Circle + Bloom blog:


Hormones and Fertility

Guest Blog by Robyn Srigley, www.thehormonediva.com

A thorough knowledge of your menstrual cycle is important if you want to conceive naturally. Using a natural method like FAM or Fertility Awareness Method to track your cycles can help you pin point problems in your cycle as well as when you are fertile.

Hormones + Fertility

Estrogen is the dominant hormone in the first half of your menstrual cycle, and is linked with FSH or Follicle Stimulating Hormone. Both of these hormones help your body to mature a follicle to release an egg when you ovulate. Estrogen also starts to build up the lining and blood flow of your uterus to potentially implant a fertilized egg.

Progesterone is the dominant hormone in the second half of your menstrual cycle, and is linked with LH or Luteinizing Hormone. A surge of LH is what indicates that you have ovulated, and are primed for baby-making. The egg then needs progesterone to be high in order to finish making your uterus comfy for a fertilized egg, and to sustain pregnancy if it should happen. This is often where women have problems, not having a good LH surge coupled with low progesterone. This can lead to miscarriage, as well as other hormonal problems like PMS, irregular cycles and menstrual pain.

Ovulation Detection

One of the main ideas that the Fertility Awareness Method of conception promotes is that ovulation is one of three main fertility signals, and can indicate the overall health of your cycle. If you begin to chart your cycles using FAM and by taking your Basal Body Temperature (BBT), you will notice ovulation happen when your temperature spikes about a half a degree and stays high.

  • No shift = Imbalanced Hormones
  • Post-ovulatory (Luteal) Phase less than 12 days = Imbalanced LH + Progesterone

Natural Fertility + Hormone Helpers

One of the things I really love about hormone awareness and FAM or similar methods is that you can easily detect health problems. As an example, if you have been very stressed, you may notice that ovulation occurs later, not at all or your temperatures are constantly jumping around. Once you have the basics of this figured out, there are many natural remedies to help. The nutrients listed below can be taken as supplements, or you can fill your diet with foods full of these nutrients. Herbs can be taken as capsules or tincture.


  • Vitex – To balance LH and progesterone from the pituitary gland in your brain
  • Black Cohosh – Helpful for balancing estrogen and healthy ovulation
  • Dong Quai – Overall a great reproductive tonic
  • Ginseng – To support your adrenal glands during stress (a major cause of infertility) and increase libido


  • Vitamin C – To balance progesterone and reduce inflammation
  • CoQ10 – To increase the health of your eggs, and to provide anti-oxidant action
  • Inositol – A member of the B vitamin family, helpful for women with PCOS who are trying to conceive
  • Vitamin B5 + B6 – Both will balance mood + stress, and B6 promotes healthy progesterone levels
  • Folate – To prevent birth defects which develop very early in pregnancy, and reduce risk of miscarriage

Robyn Srigley The Hormone Diva PCOSRobyn Srigley is The Hormone Diva, a women’s holistic health coach. Robyn’s own journey with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) jumpstarted her passion for helping women replace their anxieties with joy to open possibility in their lives and break free of hormonal imbalance. Robyn is the creator of Cramp Tea and Hot Flash Tea, is a regular contributor to Be Prepared Period.com and is featured on MindBodyGreen. www.thehormonediva.com


It’s been an exciting and emotional month at Circle + Bloom, with the release of our new Healing from Cancer Program.

We’ve received a wonderful response from our online community, and the entire Circle + Bloom team feels incredibly honored and humbled by the amazing outpouring of support we’ve experienced.

I wanted to share with you an early testimonial about the program.

One of my dearest friends, Colleen, was diagnosed with rectal cancer this year. She used our Healing from Cancer Program during the course of her treatment, and here’s what she had to say:

When dealing with a diagnosis of cancer, it can sometimes feel as if you have lost all control over everything – your life and even over your own body. That overwhelming feeling completely changed for me when I began listening to the Circle + Bloom Cancer program. The visualizations helped me to both relax and focus on the positive aspects of the treatments. For example, instead of viewing chemotherapy as a medicine that would make me sick or lose my hair, I began to see it as a “positive force” that was going to help my body beat cancer and heal. I suddenly felt empowered – that I could help myself during this process. What an amazing feeling that was to realize that my attitude and my actions made a difference in the treatment of my cancer. Circle + Bloom gave me back that power. As a result, I was able to get through my treatments with minimal side effects.

Another of the amazing benefits I found from listening to the program, was the effect it had on me even in the moments when I wasn’t listening. There were many times, while I was receiving treatments, or not feeling my best, when I would find myself bringing to mind certain visualizations or instructions from the program. I was able to relax and focus on these images and help bring myself to a better, calmer place.

Your programs are what kept me grounded throughout my treatment and I am so thankful to have them as an integral part of my cancer treatment.

Thank you Circle + Bloom!

~ Colleen

We hope that you will continue to support us in this new space and share the news about Healing from Cancer program with anyone in your life who may be battling this disease.

Want to learn more? Experience the power of this incredible program with our complimentary Cancer Relaxation Download.


With love + gratitude ~