Personal Experiences, Stories and Insights

Guest blog by Anna, blogger at When I started sharing with people that we were having a “hard time getting pregnant” I couldn’t believe how many people told me if only I’d “just relax” it would happen. They said I needed to stop “stressing out” about getting pregnant. I read fertility blogs and fertility [...]

I’m running a little experiment on our Instagram account. I have to say it has made me a tad nervous to be revealing so much about my personal life, but I’m committed. I've started creating a daily gratitude list (or journey) for the next 365 days to help maintain a positive outlook. I’ve read in [...]

This heartfelt email we received from Julie is a true story of faith and unwavering commitment. She’s got chutzpah in every sense of the word. She reminds us that living a life of accomplishing our dreams is for the courageous and the determined. We are proud that our programs helped her through to living the [...]

Happy Friday, All! In my mind, there’s no better way to end the week than with a story that brings hope, inspiration, and light into our hearts. Sandra’s story does just that. Read on to hear the heartfelt story of Sandra’s journey with secondary infertility and how she tapped into the power of her mind [...]

Ladies, we are so happy to share this wonderful story with you! Late last year, we heard from an amazing Circle+Bloom-er named Maureen. Maureen used our PCOS for Fertility Program, and after a year of infertility struggles, became pregnant with her son in just 2 months of using the program! Maureen’s story, like so many [...]

Success Stories from 2015

Happy New Year, all! How was your holiday season? What are you most excited about for 2016? I’ve been on vacation with my family in NYC this past week and I’ve had some great time to reflect on the wonderful things that we’ve accomplished in 2015 – from the incredible growth of our secret Facebook [...]

It’s been an exciting and emotional month at Circle + Bloom, with the release of our new Healing from Cancer Program. We’ve received a wonderful response from our online community, and the entire Circle + Bloom team feels incredibly honored and humbled by the amazing outpouring of support we’ve experienced. I wanted to share with [...]

Happy weekend, Ladies! We’re so happy to share this wonderful success story from Linda – a 43 year old woman who used our programs to FINALLY get pregnant with her second child naturally. By using our Natural Cycle for Fertility Program to alleviate her stress around trying to conceive, and tapping into the amazing power [...]

Ladies! We are over the moon with this pregnant with PCOS success story and as always, a testament to the extreme power of our mind-body connection. She focused on the particular special sessions of our PCOS program that focus on regulating insulin and androgen programs in particular. I just love these stories that not only [...]

Sometimes I receive an email from y'all that hits me deep to the core. This one comes from Renae. And no, she did not have the greatest of news. Her last and final IVF failed, and they have decided to end their journey. She shared with me extreme sorrow and pain with this decision. There [...]

Guest Blog by Stephanie Fry, author of The IVF Journal book. Back in 2009, I was lucky enough to help the folks at Circle + Bloom as they developed their IVF/IUI Mind-Body Program by giving them a patients perspective on an IVF cycle. Since then their product has helped thousands of women and I hope [...]

I've found another book to add to my list of recommended reading related to fertility! Rebecca Fett’s It Starts With The Egg is an important read, and one I am happy to see getting such positive feedback. Circle+Bloom is grounded in science. The development of our mind-body programs was done in collaboration with the professional [...]

Hello! My name is Meagan. Some of you may already know me if you are a Circle+Bloom partner since I help work with our wonderful affiliates and partners. If not--hi! It's nice to 'meet' you :) I also do some of the blog writing here. I'm going to take advantage of that and use this [...]

We've been doing a lot of reading while we wait for warm weather to arrive and wanted to share some recommendations for books that are wonderful resources for dealing with infertility. There are plenty of good ones out there, so be sure to check our 'books we love' page for more recommendations, as well as [...]

Stories to Brighten Your Day

Well another snow storm is suppose to hit Charlotte this week, but that's not putting a damper on my day. Why? Because of these two wonderful success stories I received recently. I wanted to share them with you because they filled me with hope and joy when I read them. We all need a little [...]

Congratulations to Kelly and Matt! A fertility journey of a couple becoming pregnant after their first IVF/FET with the help of Circle + Bloom’s IVF mind+body audio program. After 7+ years of trying to conceive with my husband we are finally pregnant and are expecting our first child in Sept 2013. When I met my [...]

I didn’t know what to expect when sitting down to watch the film Forks Over Knives, directed by Lee Fulkerson. I didn’t know if a movie about a vegan, whole foods diet would have much relevance to my life, but oh boy was I wrong! The premise is extremely simple, but eye opening as to [...]

A Moment of Clarity by Greg Malouf

Guest Blog by Greg Malouf, founder of Epsilon Healing Academy I came to a point in my life where I felt like something was not working the way I wanted it to. I struggled with addiction, stress and anxiety, and had to go through a painful divorce. Once I was finally ready to make a [...]

There are many times in one's life where it seems utterly impossible to feel good and peaceful in the storms that dust up and seem to overwhelm us. On a very personal note, I am having one such occasion now. It involves a great period of uncertainty and it is very scary. I find myself [...]

Samantha shares with us her exciting news. After being diagnosed with endometriosis with laproscopic surgery scheduled for December 20th, Samantha decided to listen to our Natural Cycle program in October and November. She found out in early December that she conceived and is now 5 weeks pregnant. Congratulations to Samantha! We are so thrilled to [...]

Guest post by Amanda L. Johnson, a nutrition and wellness coach specializing in natural fertility guidance and enhancement, as well as supporting the health and wellness of clients during the process of advanced fertility treatment. At the fairly young age of 26 I started my journey trying to conceive knowing that I had polycystic ovarian [...]

While navigating the windy (and usually rocky) path of infertility, we expect to face challenges. Physical challenges to our bodies, challenges to our mental well-being, and even financial difficulties. It can be surprising, however, to realize that one of the biggest challenges infertility entails is having to become self-advocates. Whether it's dealing with a doctor, [...]

How I Learn from Fear

Howdy! Joanne here. Thought I would share some personal updates with you all. We upped and moved to the fine state of North Carolina. New house, new town, new friends, new schools. It's a lot to take in and I've definitely gotten overwhelmed at times. And the winds of change will continue to tornado through [...]

Father’s day

This is a personal blog post from our founder and partner Joanne. Father's day. Maybe not as stinging as Mother's day for the TTC community, but still difficult for the sweet DHs in our lives. My dad died when I was only twelve. So Father's day for me is bittersweet. My father-in-law just passed away [...]

As the school year winds down across the nation’s college campuses, prominent speakers offer advice and words of wisdom to new graduates who are preparing to enter the next stages of their lives. Someone forwarded us the commencement address that Tony Blair gave at Colby College and we loved his advice so much that we [...]

Simple Mind + Body Exercise

Take a minute to repeat the following sentence three or four times. Make sure each time to make the tone you use a bit more authoritative, and switch it from a sentence you are reading to a command your brain is giving to your body... "I have the power over my body to bring it [...]

Congratulations Jennifer and Tom! A fertility journey of a couple becoming pregnant after their first IVF with the help of Circle + Bloom's IVF mind+body audio program. My husband and I have been married for 7 years. I am 37 and he is 38 we met at work and fell very hard for each other [...]

When it comes to getting pregnant, it seems that everyone in your life wants to have their say and provide you with their opinions (whether those opinions are wanted or not). Unfortunately, negative influences do not help you get pregnant. Disapproving looks from your mother-in-law and rude questions from co-workers can definitely take a toll [...]

When you're trying to get pregnant it's very easy to get stuck into a routine where everything is about conceiving and, as a result, your own needs get left behind. Trying to get pregnant can be an emotional rollercoaster and painful. Here are a few recommendations to take a bit of time for you – [...]

When a couple is struggling with infertility, it can put quite a strain on your relationships, especially the relationship with your spouse or partner. It is very common. Everything suddenly seems to be about making a baby and your personal needs and emotional relationship seems to fall to the wayside. In fact, many couples who [...]

One couple trying to help another couple afford their IVF treatments - Here is their story: It all started in 2011 when Cameron & Kristin found out they would need to raise money quickly in order to afford the treatments necessary for starting a family.   People around them were incredibly supportive and the response and [...]

Denise is one of our guest bloggers who is reliving her TTC story in the hope of helping others. She is sharing her most intimate thoughts, emotions and physical and medical journey on having her baby. To date she has explained how she came to the decision to start to try to have a baby [...]


Every once and a while a stranger begins to have this incredible impact on your life. That stranger brings you inspiration, faith, hope and causes you to pause in life and think about something bigger than you to do list. This is exactly the impact that Denis is having on me.....a stranger to me just [...]

We all know the basics of how to get pregnant. The birds and the bees are something that is taught to us in our grade school years. The reality of getting pregnant, however, can be much more complicated than health class leads us to believe. When it is explained to us in grade school it [...]

100% Free Fertility Relaxation Program Reduce stress for those TTC. with Joanne Verkuilen From Circle+Bloom Are you feeling stressed, tired, or overly worried about becoming pregnant? Are you tired of hearing "just relax!" but know there is some truth to the stress-infertility connection? Are you confused about the best way to relax and reduce the [...]

We introduced you to Denise about two weeks ago, she was our first brave volunteer to share her personal fertility journey with all of you! If you missed her first post be sure to click here and read it now! She opens up about her fears and nerves on her first visit to the Reproductive [...]

We are very excited to share with you the personal blogging journeys of women who are trying to conceive. These women are dedicating their time and energy to share their ups and downs, medical details and very personal reflections on their lives in an effort to spread TTC awareness and to get the dialogue moving [...]

We are very excited to share with you the personal blogging journeys of women who are trying to conceive. These women are dedicating their time and energy to share their ups and downs, medical details and very personal reflections on their lives in an effort to spread TTC awareness and to get the dialogue moving [...]

Be Concrete for Lasting Change

Last week, I decided to do some internal spring cleaning. New Years resolutions aren't for me, but when spring comes around, I totally want to remake over almost everything in my life. I shared with you last week my intentions for improving my health and well-being. If you are like me, this kind of fundamental [...]

Unless you have been through it, it is nearly impossible to understand the feelings of helpless frustration that unexplained infertility can cause. Each and every month it is the same thing over and over again. You hope and you pray that something will be different, but the pregnancy test always comes back negative. You want [...]

Healthy Changes

I'm as guilty as you when it comes to having great plans to make real and fundamental changes in my life, set lofty goals and then fall flat on my face. I want to exercise more and eat better. I want to wake up earlier in the day, and consistently meditate. I believe the fact [...]

"Like a lot of women in this series, including myself, I think Mary and Diane wanted to get as much out of their pregnancy as they could. Having battled infertility for so many months and then years, posing for the portrait was like a badge of honor -- and I was thrilled to document their [...]

This makes it all worth it. Allow us to be "shameless" and share this jaw-dropping testimonial from one of our customers who used our programs while trying to conceive, through an IVF, all through her pregnancy, and to help prepare her for her delivery. Thank you so much Rebecca for all your support. "I honestly [...]

Let's make no bones about it. Life sometimes is downright hard. It challenges us to our core, but time after time, we get up to fight the good fight. What Dr. Eva Selhub teaches us in her book, The Love Response®, however, gives us a very powerful weapon to steer us towards finding peace no [...]

Mastering the Elephant

How are you doing on your New Year's Resolutions? If you are like me, right about now, it's becoming harder and harder to remain in that highly optimistic, the sky-is-the-limit feeling that you have the first week of January. All of those wonderful goals and new habits that you want to take hold in your [...]

We are excited to share with you a guest blog post from Lori Shandle-Fox, author of the blog Laughing IS Conceivable. Lori was a professional stand-up comic for about fifteen years and also struggled with infertility. We love that she is bringing her passion for humor to help women struggling with infertility. We love her [...]

50 Things We Are Grateful For

"Thanksgiving is more than eating, Chuck. Those early Pilgrims were thankful for what had happened to them, and we should be thankful, too. We should just be thankful for being together. I think that's what they mean by 'Thanksgiving,' Charlie Brown." - Marcie There is lots of advice for the TTC community on how to [...]

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.." - Unknown In last week's How Einstein Would Get Pregnant series, we talked about the role of the brain - specifically the hypothalamus and the pituitary - in fertility. How each month, there is a [...]

Resolve NE Conference 2010

What a difference a year makes! Last year, we were a new company and just simply attended the event.  This year, however, not only were we exhibitors, speakers, but Sue is also on the board and helped run the event. That's progress! The day started wonderfully with Melissa Ford delivering the keynote speech over breakfast [...]

Over the last two weeks, we talked about the influence our emotions and negative thought patterns have on the delicate balance of our endocrine - or hormonal system - as well as our overall health. As Bernie Siegel M.D. discusses it, changing our thought patterns is one essential "tool in our mind-body toolkit." The other [...]