Mind + Body Research

Guest blog by Cathy, a fitness writer at Garage Gym Planner. Cancer affects billions of people worldwide and has earned its reputation of being an aggressive and terrible illness. Today, mental health is taken very seriously and is a huge part of many peoples’ lives, so it’s key to remember that what and how we [...]

Guest blog by Meera Watts, founder and owner of Siddhi Yoga International. Yoga is a multi-faceted exercise that has tons of benefits for the body. Learning yoga for good health has been increasingly popular because of the impact it has on stress management and all in all well being. Amongst all the benefits of yoga, there [...]

Guest blog by Cassie Brewer. We live in a fast-paced world. Our everyday lives are filled with to-do lists and we are a constant stream of activity. After a while, that constant activity can really start to weigh you down. Your mind and body start to feel overworked, worn out and even disconnected from the [...]

Guest blog by Nicole Aurelio. For a long time now, science has been quietly on the side of positive thinking. Cynics might tell you that it’s all New Age spiritual mumbo-jumbo, but that’s not true at all. In fact, science shows you are better off when you hold on to happy thoughts and keep an [...]

My Cancer Story

I’m discovering that expressing gratitude even in the most darkest of situations is vital to living a healthy life (follow us on Instagram where I post my daily expressions of gratitude). It’s breast cancer awareness month, and in honor, I’d like to share a bit of my own story and find ways to be grateful. [...]

Guest Blog by Naomi Shaw. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one million married women between the ages of 15 and 44 suffer from infertility, and 6.9 million women have sought medical intervention to try to become pregnant. “Just relax” is a phrase that many infertile women hear often, and it’s become a phrase [...]

How different would your day be if you could approach your fertility journey with unstoppable confidence? What would a gorgeous infusion of confidence do for your self-esteem, relationships, stress-level, decision-making process, and overall well-being? It would be nothing short of transformational, right?! Whether you realize it or not, cultivating confidence is powerful self-care. In fact, [...]

Guest blog by Anna, blogger at tomakeamommy.com. When I started sharing with people that we were having a “hard time getting pregnant” I couldn’t believe how many people told me if only I’d “just relax” it would happen. They said I needed to stop “stressing out” about getting pregnant. I read fertility blogs and fertility [...]

Guest Blog by Naomi Shaw At Circle + Bloom we are passionate about the power of the mind-body connection and helping women, including those wanting to conceive, to use this unbelievable resource and body “intelligence” to improve health, well-being, fertility, energy, and anything else we desire. We want to ignite a mind-body movement that empowers [...]

Guest Blog by Nita Ewald, Holistic Health and Fertility Coach. Several years ago my husband and I were diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’. The diagnosis was devastating. The ‘unexplained’ factor made it even more painful. I felt lost and confused. It seemed as if my dreams of motherhood had been ripped from my grasp. I began [...]

Make that luxuriously low stress to be exact. Ladies this month in our teleseminar series we are fearlessly diving into one of the most hand-wringingly stressful times on this journey: the two-week wait. These 14 or so days are where excitement and freak-out converge. They can leave you wishing you either had a crystal ball, [...]

Guest blog by Cathy, a fitness writer at Garage Gym Planner. Sitting in my garden, I am thinking how my life has changed upside down in the past few months. It's astounding when I delve into it. I must share with you what I went through. Not too long ago, I was at the lowest [...]

Guest Blog by Vineetha Reddy. Yoga is a great way to heal your body. The best part is, all you need to practice yoga is a mat. The health benefits it offers outweigh the benefits of most other workouts. It offers a more holistic approach to health and takes care of your body, mind, and [...]

I’m running a little experiment on our Instagram account. I have to say it has made me a tad nervous to be revealing so much about my personal life, but I’m committed. I've started creating a daily gratitude list (or journey) for the next 365 days to help maintain a positive outlook. I’ve read in [...]

If you could improve your everyday experiences by taking one small step, would you take it? What if that one step took only a few minutes of your day? Imagine what you could achieve… Circle + Bloom has been helping women tap into the immense power of the mind + body connection for years – [...]

Believe. Visualize. Heal. – Whether conquering infertility, recovering from painful loss, or facing incredibly taxing treatments from a cancer diagnosis – the path that enables us to heal and transform starts with these three steps. We believe deeply that nurturing the mind + body connection through each of these actions is the key to unlocking [...]

It’s been an exciting and emotional month at Circle + Bloom, with the release of our new Healing from Cancer Program. We’ve received a wonderful response from our online community, and the entire Circle + Bloom team feels incredibly honored and humbled by the amazing outpouring of support we’ve experienced. I wanted to share with [...]

Are you or a loved one coping with a cancer diagnosis? With the American Cancer Society predicting over 1.6 million new cancer cases in 2015*, it’s a sobering fact that most of our lives will be touched by the disease. The inspiration for creating these programs designed specifically for cancer comes from a very near [...]

Hello Ladies!! How excited are you for fall?! Cool crisp nights, the beauty of the changing leaves, and pumpkin EVERYTHING! Can you tell what my favorite season is? :) But we are excited about more than just the change in weather here at Circle + Bloom, and we are honored to share some truly special [...]

You may have guessed that practicing yoga is one of our favorite ways to relax here at Circle + Bloom. Beyond the physical benefits that yoga provides (like improved flexibility, strength, and balance) there’s an incredible sense of mental and spiritual well-being that comes along with yoga practice. Yoga’s amazing effects are beneficial for everyone, [...]

I cannot lie. Stress consumes me. Yup, the creator of *relaxation programs* is a stress-monger. There are nights that I lie in bed, staring at the ceiling amidst a personal hurricane of regret, worry and general negativity. It usually surrounds a situation of dealing with others in my life… or a sudden life event that [...]

Guest Blog by Stephanie Fry, author/blogger of The IVF Journal book. Anyone who is battling infertility and undergoing IVF treatment knows that there are loads of options when it comes to selecting complementary treatments and therapies. There are diets, exercises, mind body options, acupuncture, acupressure, massage, yoga, herbal remedies and so much more. With all [...]

Guest Blog by Ken Myers. Although nutrition is a vital component to keeping yourself healthy, relaxing your body through meditation could be almost as important. The mind can do a great deal for your physical form, and practicing methods of meditation can make an impact in ways you never thought before. What's more, you don't [...]

I’m going to let you in on a secret—guided imagery is one of the best ways to better health, including fertility. Well, maybe it’s not much of a secret anymore. Over the past few decades the effectiveness of guided imagery / visualization has been established by research findings that demonstrate its positive impact on health, [...]

A Moment of Clarity by Greg Malouf

Guest Blog by Greg Malouf, founder of Epsilon Healing Academy I came to a point in my life where I felt like something was not working the way I wanted it to. I struggled with addiction, stress and anxiety, and had to go through a painful divorce. Once I was finally ready to make a [...]

We have heard many opinions on this question, and we thought it would be helpful to use a bit of science to help you answer this question and decide what side of the fence you are on. Lets start with a very high level understanding of Cellular Biology. We have trillions of cells that make [...]


Guest Blog by Helen Adrienne - Author, On Fertile Ground: Healing Infertility Interest in the placebo effect in general medical care has undergone resurgence in recent years as emphasis on the mind/body connection has come to the center of medical science. When state-of-the-art brain imaging techniques are used to study the placebo effect, the involvement [...]

Simple Mind + Body Exercise

Take a minute to repeat the following sentence three or four times. Make sure each time to make the tone you use a bit more authoritative, and switch it from a sentence you are reading to a command your brain is giving to your body... "I have the power over my body to bring it [...]

Our Happy Mind and Healthy Body Program, which improves your health, was recently reviewed by a member of The Connected Mom. The Connected Mom is a natural parenting site that focuses on fostering positive connections with our children, our communities, our planet, and each other. We are happy to share this review with you. I'm [...]

Welcome our guest blogger A Birth Within. "The journey to becoming a parent is a different road for every woman. Fertility by Hypnosis® relieves stress and empowers women to fulfill their dreams and prepare their mind, body and spirit to conceive a child." Due to its unique ability to address the body, mind, and spirit, [...]

We are pleased to be working with mind-body series to help you learn powerful visualization techniques for not only your www.newyorkfertilityacupuncture.com Registration Required There is no charge for this event, but you must register as space is limited. Please register via phone or email: 212.685.0985 / patientservices@berkleycenter.com

It’s Fun to Be Shameless

Do one thing every day that scares you. We've kept these babies under wrap for some time... and we're thrilled to finally let it out for the world to enjoy! Working with the one and only Pamela Madsen (more on her and her new book here) we are thrilled to announce the latest addition to [...]

"In my view there is no conflict in being a rigorous scientist and a person who believes in a God who takes a personal interest in each one of us. Science's domain is to explore nature. God's domain is in the spiritual world, a realm not possible to explore with the tools and language of [...]

"I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road." - Stephen Hawking Welcome to Week 9 of our How Einstein Would Get Pregnant blog series. Last week we covered a special story from our friend Stephanie Fitzgerald, who "just [...]

In last week's How Einstein Would Get Pregnant series, we talked with a special guest, Stephanie Clark Fitzgerald, who recently adopted domestically and shared her incredible story of courage, love and bravery. This week, we return back to our roots and pose an interesting on the mind-body equation. We know that thoughts, feelings and emotions [...]

"The truth is: love heals." - Bernie Siegel, M.D. Welcome to week 4 of our new How Einstein Would Get Pregnant blog series to learn more about how we can proactively use our brains to influence our bodies and reproductive health. This week, we are positively thrilled to have our own "Einstein" - Dr. Bernie [...]

Congratulations Jennifer!

This incredible email was waiting for me on this Monday morning and I thought I would share it with you in all its glory. Thank YOU Jennifer for writing this, for using our programs and promising to shout from the rooftops when you hit your second trimester! She is a patient of Mike Berkley of [...]

With this study published definitely linking stress and trying to conceive, we are one giant step closer to understanding more about our female bodies. Three years ago when I had my “a-ha” moment, standing in my kitchen holding a cup of coffee, with the idea of Circle+Bloom banging me on the top of the head, [...]

We are setting our sights on you, PCOS!  We are in our labs right now mixing up a deadly concoction of brain-body therapy to rid you forever! When we sent out our questionnaire a few months ago as to what next product you would like us to develop, PCOS was high up on the list. [...]

When people talk about Circle + Bloom they use different ways to describe our programs and how it works. We hear our programs referred to as meditation, mind-body therapy, relaxation exercises, etc. To a certain extent our programs incorporate parts of all of these descriptive terms, but our programs are also different from all of [...]

This is an actual email we received from a customer earlier this week regarding our Energy Program. Thought we would share it, because she goes to great lengths to connect it back to her life and her meditation practice. Keep these emails coming, folks! It makes our day, our week, our month! Just wanted to [...]

When creating our Energy for Empowerment Program, I did a lot of research on the effects of lack of sleep on our body.  Turns out, lack of sleep can be the first domino in a chain of events that can wreak havoc on all aspects of your well-being.  When you do not get enough sleep, [...]

How to use Circle + Bloom

Just to show you how truly easy it is to use our programs and integrate it into your daily life - take a minute and watch...We had fun making it!

Here is just a quick idea of what you can learn about how we can begin to our brain to improve our fertility: *How the mind-body connection effects your fertility *How stress can effect fertility and what you can do about it *Learn how you can reduce the anxiety and stress associated with infertility *How [...]

We all have a superpower and it is called the internal communication between mind and body. The fancy and scientific name for it is Psychoneuroimmunology, which means your thoughts and feelings (psycho) affect the chemicals in your brain (neuro), which affects the hormones that fight disease or replicate viruses (immunology). Research centers have sprung up [...]

I have had an amazing couple of weeks, a beginning of a life style change that I know will help me live my life to the fullest. I joined Joanne at Circle + Bloom because I wanted to make more of a difference in the world. That might seem odd, but something stirred within me [...]

Whenever I approach the challenge of creating a new habit - whether it is start a new exercise routine or to eat better - I have found it's always easier when others before me lead the way and provide advice on how best to do it. Our intent with this post is to do two [...]

We're thrilled to announce that the Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness in New York City will be offering their patients our programs on iPods to listen while they are being treated with acupuncture. Mike Berkley, L.A.c., founder and director, was very complimentary of the quality of our programs - including our detailed physiological visualizations - [...]

How to Trust Your Instincts

Recently, we received an email from a woman who told us about an "epiphany" she encountered while using our programs. In a blink of an instant, while in a relaxed state and mentally focusing on her reproductive organs, she realized that she didn't trust her body to do what it is supposed to do. Having [...]

I thought I would share this wonderful post from Zen Habits, specifically a guest post written by Jai Kai, Success Coach, Yoga Instructor and Blogger for SharingSuccess.tv. He enjoys teaching people the art of perusing passion. As we move through our daily routines we are often faced with obstacles and challenges which can lead to [...]