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Next week, April 23-29, 2017 is National Infertility Awareness Week. It’s a time every year that we celebrate the strength of the infertility community, work toward educating and spreading awareness about the disease, and lend extra support to those on their fertility journey. Resolve, The National Infertility Association, started NIAW nearly 30 years ago and [...]

TTC in your 40s?

Would you love to feel more relaxed and confident about becoming a Mom in your 40s? 40 is definitely the new 30 and the possibilities are wide open for women who truly desire to have it all—a successful career, financial stability, a great partner, and yes a baby! While indeed the landscape is different when [...]

Trying to conceive is a time in a woman’s life when a trusty, long-term relationship she has had is suddenly “on the rocks”—her relationship with her body. Whether that relationship has been one of ambivalence, frustration, complexity, or an undying love affair, it will undeniably enter into a new phase when conceiving isn’t happening as [...]

Guest blog by Meera Watts, founder and owner of Siddhi Yoga International. Yoga is a multi-faceted exercise that has tons of benefits for the body. Learning yoga for good health has been increasingly popular because of the impact it has on stress management and all in all well being. Amongst all the benefits of yoga, there [...]

Are there days on your fertility journey when you just want to scream, “Is IT ever going to happen for me?!” If so, rest assured, you aren’t alone! With uncertainty being an inherent (and annoying) aspect of this chapter in your life, it’s easy to feel discouraged and anxious. This is why having real, heartfelt, [...]

Guest blog by Sophie Yang, an infertility specialist at Fertile, a surrogacy agency in California. Any Fertility Center will tell you that, when discussing fertility in women, the age of the egg is the most important factor. The age of the uterus doesn’t really matter, how young the woman looks is irrelevant as is the [...]

Manifesting a Miracle

Guest blog by Stephanie Roth, a certified fertility and integrative nutrition health coach and founder of Your Fertile Self. In January 2013 I was waiting to return to fertility treatment after a cancelled IUI cycle a couple of months before. I’d thought my cancelled cycle would just be for a month, but it ended up [...]

Do you ever wish you had someone to really talk to about how you can best approach life on your fertility journey? Maybe even ask the scary, perhaps even messy questions, you wouldn’t dare ask your friends, family, or partner? Certainly you’ve got your doctor, treatment team, nutritionist, and other healthcare professionals to talk to [...]

Guest blog by Sarah Grathwohl, a social media specialist and writer for Infertility may lead to stress, and this can affect a woman’s mental health and well-being. While not being able to conceive can be difficult, it is important to relax and manage stress, as it can negatively affect the health of one or [...]

Guest Blog by Nita Ewald, Holistic Health and Fertility Coach. The holidays are filled with joy, feasts, family gatherings and more. Unfortunately, the holidays can come so fast that it startles you. Gifts buying and wrapping, cocktail parties, volunteering, holiday recitals, decorating, baking holiday goodies…. the list goes on. You feel like you don’t have [...]

Will 2017 Be Your Best Year Ever?

Can you believe that 2017 is just a few weeks away? This time of year can be so much fun, with tons of laughter, celebration, and forging deeper connections with the people you love. But in the back of your mind, when you are trying to conceive, there is a question looming in the background… [...]

When The Holiday Mood Strikes

There is always one day of the season when my spirit finally kicks into gear and I get excited about celebrating the holidays. Maybe it's because every year - growing up - we would put up and decorate our tree on December 8th. That was the day that the feeling of the season would begin [...]

How Does Energy Affect Fertility?

Guest blog by Nancy Mae, Creator and Author of The Energetic Fertility Method™ Have you ever considered that your desire to have a child is a request bound of energy? Everything is energy; the words we say, our pets and houseplants, the clothes we wear, foods we eat and the electronics we use. Even our [...]

Guest blog by Dr. Eva Littman, Founder and Practice Director of Red Rock Fertility Center. We want all of our soon-to-be moms to be as prepared as possible for the journey of bringing a little miracle into this world. After all, the state of the mother’s health influences the baby’s health so it’s best to [...]

Guest blog by Rebecca Hogan, Founder of Your Fabulous Fertility If you’ve been struggling to get or stay pregnant for a while now you don’t need me to tell you how frustrating the wait between fertility appointments can be. Whether infertility is ‘unexplained’ or you’ve been given a diagnosis, the eternal waiting between appointments is [...]

Do The Holidays Get You Down?

Can you believe that the beginning of the holiday season is just a few weeks away? This time of year can be filled with so much fun, laughter, celebration, and forging deeper connections with the people you love. When you are trying to conceive, it can also be a time when you are faced with [...]

Guest blog by Nicole Aurelio. For a long time now, science has been quietly on the side of positive thinking. Cynics might tell you that it’s all New Age spiritual mumbo-jumbo, but that’s not true at all. In fact, science shows you are better off when you hold on to happy thoughts and keep an [...]

Money can be a loaded subject. When you add it to the mix of all of the other things that we have to consider on the fertility journey, things can quickly go from “interesting” to downright scary. One minute you might find yourself delightfully daydreaming of the family you desire to create and in the [...]

Guest Blog by Naomi Shaw. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one million married women between the ages of 15 and 44 suffer from infertility, and 6.9 million women have sought medical intervention to try to become pregnant. “Just relax” is a phrase that many infertile women hear often, and it’s become a phrase [...]

How different would your day be if you could approach your fertility journey with unstoppable confidence? What would a gorgeous infusion of confidence do for your self-esteem, relationships, stress-level, decision-making process, and overall well-being? It would be nothing short of transformational, right?! Whether you realize it or not, cultivating confidence is powerful self-care. In fact, [...]

Guest blog by Anna, blogger at When I started sharing with people that we were having a “hard time getting pregnant” I couldn’t believe how many people told me if only I’d “just relax” it would happen. They said I needed to stop “stressing out” about getting pregnant. I read fertility blogs and fertility [...]

Guest Blog by Naomi Shaw At Circle + Bloom we are passionate about the power of the mind-body connection and helping women, including those wanting to conceive, to use this unbelievable resource and body “intelligence” to improve health, well-being, fertility, energy, and anything else we desire. We want to ignite a mind-body movement that empowers [...]

Guest Blog by Anabelle Petersen. As I’m writing this I realize it’s been exactly 10 years since our in-vitro procedure (on August 7th 2006) resulting in the birth of our son Andy in April 2007. The moments before and after his birth are so rich in details and vivid in my mind that I get [...]

Guest Blog by Nita Ewald, Holistic Health and Fertility Coach. Several years ago my husband and I were diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’. The diagnosis was devastating. The ‘unexplained’ factor made it even more painful. I felt lost and confused. It seemed as if my dreams of motherhood had been ripped from my grasp. I began [...]

Make that luxuriously low stress to be exact. Ladies this month in our teleseminar series we are fearlessly diving into one of the most hand-wringingly stressful times on this journey: the two-week wait. These 14 or so days are where excitement and freak-out converge. They can leave you wishing you either had a crystal ball, [...]

Guest Blog by Vineetha Reddy. Yoga is a great way to heal your body. The best part is, all you need to practice yoga is a mat. The health benefits it offers outweigh the benefits of most other workouts. It offers a more holistic approach to health and takes care of your body, mind, and [...]

Guest Blog by Dr. Lisa Ashe, D.O. Medical Director of Be Well Medical Group Like many women, my focus for the past decade has been on my career and, in the last several years, I’ve also been called to ministry. I admittedly have thought about what I might name my children and where I would [...]

“I lost myself and I forgot that I was more than someone desperately trying to have a baby. Meditation and the mind-body connection was my way to find my ground again.” - Davina Fankhauser __________________________________________________________________ 15 years of trying to build their family. 6 IVFs. Countless miscarriages, including those with twins and triplets. A painful [...]

When Rosanne and I were discussing what the topic would be for this month’s teleseminar, we could not help but remember how challenging it was to juggle trying to conceive with a career, work stress, medical appointments, fertility treatments, special diets, friends, family, pets…and, well, you get the point. Whether we are immediately aware of [...]

“Struggling with fertility does not define you. How you live in the face of it will.” - Rosanne Austin __________________________________________________________________ Coach. Mentor. Provocateur. Author. Speaker. Survivor: These are just a few words to describe the powerhouse that is Rosanne Austin. Rosanne reached out to me probably about three years ago. You know when you first [...]

We absolutely love the Circle+Bloom community. We continue to be inspired and honored to share in your journey. The stories you share delight us and are constant reminders of why we do what we do. As we have gotten to know you, it is also clear to us that you want more of the knowing [...]

This heartfelt email we received from Julie is a true story of faith and unwavering commitment. She’s got chutzpah in every sense of the word. She reminds us that living a life of accomplishing our dreams is for the courageous and the determined. We are proud that our programs helped her through to living the [...]

Next week is National Infertility Awareness Week. It’s a time every year that we celebrate the strength of the infertility community, work toward educating and spreading awareness about the disease, and lend extra support to those on their fertility journey. Resolve, The National Infertility Association, started NIAW nearly 30 years ago and each year they’ve [...]

Guest blog by Sarah Prater, L.Ac., Founder and Acupuncturist of Tennessee Center for Reproductive Acupuncture. If you find yourself sitting in the waiting room of the fertility clinic, you’re probably wondering if you’re doing all you can to help your cycle be a success. You might have heard about some women adding acupuncture to their [...]

Happy Friday, All! In my mind, there’s no better way to end the week than with a story that brings hope, inspiration, and light into our hearts. Sandra’s story does just that. Read on to hear the heartfelt story of Sandra’s journey with secondary infertility and how she tapped into the power of her mind [...]

Ladies, we are so happy to share this wonderful story with you! Late last year, we heard from an amazing Circle+Bloom-er named Maureen. Maureen used our PCOS for Fertility Program, and after a year of infertility struggles, became pregnant with her son in just 2 months of using the program! Maureen’s story, like so many [...]

When my husband and I were trying (and failing) to get pregnant, we came up against difficulties and strains that tested and stretched our relationship beyond what we ever imagined. Like other #TTC couples, we were thrown into a whirlwind of stress, disappointment, and heartache, during a time in life that’s meant to be filled [...]

Guest Blog by Phil Druce, Founder of Ovulation Calendar. Knowing when you ovulate can really help increase your chances of getting pregnant, but most women have no idea how to tell. If you are among them, do not worry. We can help. In order to truly understand ovulation, you must first have a basic understanding [...]

Success Stories from 2015

Happy New Year, all! How was your holiday season? What are you most excited about for 2016? I’ve been on vacation with my family in NYC this past week and I’ve had some great time to reflect on the wonderful things that we’ve accomplished in 2015 – from the incredible growth of our secret Facebook [...]

Guest Blog by By Staci Swiderski, Co-Founder of Family Source Consultants. I have helped to screen countless surrogates over the years and have even used a surrogate to complete my own family. If you're considering becoming or using a surrogate, there are some important facts to consider before you make the decision: Understand the difference [...]

Believe. Visualize. Heal. – Whether conquering infertility, recovering from painful loss, or facing incredibly taxing treatments from a cancer diagnosis – the path that enables us to heal and transform starts with these three steps. We believe deeply that nurturing the mind + body connection through each of these actions is the key to unlocking [...]

Guest Blog by Dr. Jill Hechtman, an OB/GYN and the Medical Director of Tampa Obstetrics, Florida’s leading medical center for women, Tampa Florida. If you or a friend has ever had a miscarriage, you know how heartbreaking it can be. But if you’re like many women, you’re probably not aware that what you don’t know [...]

Can you believe how quickly the holiday crept up? I probably say that every year, but it’s always the same – autumn flies by in the blink of an eye and before you know it you’re sitting down to carve the turkey and planning how to navigate the many events and festivities of the season. [...]

Hormones and Fertility

Guest Blog by Robyn Srigley, A thorough knowledge of your menstrual cycle is important if you want to conceive naturally. Using a natural method like FAM or Fertility Awareness Method to track your cycles can help you pin point problems in your cycle as well as when you are fertile. Hormones + Fertility Estrogen [...]

Love Your Journey: Holiday Rescue

With the weather getting a bit more brisk, the leaves turning beautiful colors, and pumpkin spice “everything,” no matter where we turn, there can be no question that it’s Fall. While this time of year can be positively magical, it can also be a time of stress for those of us on the fertility journey. [...]

New England area Circle + Bloom-ers: don't miss your chance to be a part of this amazing event. Join Resolve New England and show how strong the IF community is and that infertility is a disease that needs and deserves attention. Gain inspiration and strength from “Why I Walk” by Kerri Kivolowitz - Infertility (IF) [...]

Keep Calm and Carry On

Guest blog by Smita Parikh, MD, founder of The Fertility Advisor. As a fertility coach, one of the most common questions I get asked is “how do I remain calm when dealing with the stress of infertility?” It is well know that one of the reasons infertility is so challenging is because couples feel they [...]

Happy weekend, Ladies! We’re so happy to share this wonderful success story from Linda – a 43 year old woman who used our programs to FINALLY get pregnant with her second child naturally. By using our Natural Cycle for Fertility Program to alleviate her stress around trying to conceive, and tapping into the amazing power [...]

The fertility journey presents us with many challenges, but it also gives us the opportunity to celebrate our strength and embrace each step forward with a confident and happy heart. We’re continuing on with our special Fertility Circle Series and for this month’s post, we asked our resident joy-maker and soul-shaker Rosanne Austin to share [...]

When you Google “infertility” or “how to get pregnant” the flood of results on topics from LH, to FSH, ovulation, progesterone, temperature, and pituitary glands can be so overwhelming and technical that you’re left feeling anxious from reading all the things you should be doing, and completely exhausted by trying to decipher medical jargon. All [...]