Happy Birth for Relaxed Delivery Program

Happy Birth for Relaxed and Enjoyable Delivery
Leverage your Innate Mind-Body Connection for Birthing

Joanne Verkuilen

Did you know that delivery can actually be enjoyable? In fact, according to Dr. Christiane Northrup, even ecstatic? What can you do now to best prepare both your mind and body for a fearless – and more importantly – enjoyable delivery of your baby? Introducing the latest addition to our family: Happy Birth for Relaxed Delivery. And now, receive a completely FREE session designed to teach you about the powers of the mind-body connection.



“After using your Happy Birth program, I can say that I had a close to perfect 4 hour natural drug free labor. Your program gave me the strength and courage to put trust and faith in my body through the birthing process.~ Taylor

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Benefits Include:

  • Learn how to relax your body on the inside and outside to best prepare for childbirth
  • Employ powerful mind-body exercises that help you visualize your body going through each stage of labor to help minimize fear and improve your physical response
  • Connect emotionally with your baby during your last trimester.
  • Use your mind-body intelligence to potentially improve blood and oxygen flow, healthy growth of placenta, balance hormones, etc.
  • Feel in greater control through the entire delivery process; and
  • Finding a few minutes each day for yourself to renew and rejuvenate, something every new mother should know how to do.

Program Features

  • 24 minute sessions designed to be listened to every day for the last three weeks of your pregnancy in anticipation of a natural labor.
  • Can be used for a natural birth, water birth, or even a c-section.
  • Using a combination of music and words for optimum relaxation and mind-body connectedness.
  • Each program begins with proven body-scan techniques which enables you to enter into state of deep relaxation, followed by guided visualizations of optimum health throughout pregnancy.


  • Download files contain 3 Mp3 files, containing approximately 35 minutes. Downloads are both PC and Mac compatible, and are simple ZIP file that when extracted as all of the programs to be either played directly on your computer (headsets would be fantastic with this option, and a chair or couch nearby), or synced onto your iPod, iPhone, or other Mp3 player. For a more complete description of the downloading instructions, click here.
  • Purchase completely risk-free as we completely guarantee our programs with a full 100% money-back guarantee.

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