PCOS for Health

PCOS for Health Program
Let’s Remove the Word “Untreatable” from the PCOS Diagnosis Together!

Joanne Verkuilen

Finally, a guided visualization program for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, designed to help guide the body back to balance to potentially reduce the effects of PCOS. Visualization is a key “tool” in mind-body medicine. The first of its kind, our new brain-body program specifically for PCOS is now available.

What is guided visualization? Sounds difficult? We’ve made it as easy as 1-2-3. Our brains and bodies are constantly talking to each other. Our cells respond to stimuli that are brought to us by our senses. Emotions and “body memory” are held in various areas of the body that can negatively affect the natural balance our body should possess. It has been shown that our bodies don’t know the difference between what we are imaging and what we are physically seeing with our two eyes. And so when we simply imagine certain things happening within our body, our bodies follow suit. What the brain sees, the body can accomplish.

PCOS for Health for those wishing to reduce the symptoms of PCOS, including insulin sensitivity and reduction, weight-loss, reduction of male androgens to potentially minimize excessive hair growth, promote healthy circulation and reduction of depression. The program consists of 5 tracks each covering a specific symptom of PCOS, designed to be listened to how often you wish, alternating the tracks as you see fit.

“I have been using the program for PCOS and really feel like it is helping me with the visualization exercises. I have been feeling so much better. Thank you so much!” ~ Neha




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Benefits Include:

  • Use advanced visualizations to use brain-body therapy to help address the symptoms of PCOS
  • Focus on minimizing insulin in the blood stream that could be contributing to your PCOS
  • Help to increase cellular response to insulin that could be contributing to your PCOS
  • Feel in greater control of your body, levels of health and well-being

Sound too good to be true? PCOS has no effective treatment?

The power of the brain is still not fully understood at the scientific level…but what we do know is that it has a direct correlation to the health of our body. Our emotions, how we feel, our thoughts and stress all impact our health and our immune system. People who are happy tend to live longer. Our emotions become physical packets of information and literally change our cells
(Pert Ph.D., Molecules of Emotion). Bernie Siegel, M.D. reports on thousands of cases of cancer survivors who use the power of visualization to reduce and remove the cancer tumors form their bodies.

“I just wanted to say that out of anybody I have ever heard or listened to, your voice is the most soothing and relaxing. I get so much out of your programs & certainly recommend them to others at every opportunity.” ~ Rebekah


Insulin / Pancreas Session

Addressing the underlying root cause of the hormonal imbalance stemming from insulin. Visualizing balance, reduction of insulin and improving our cellular insulin sensitivity.

Ovary Cleansing

Using visualization to address the ovaries and improving their size, function and minimizing cysts that may exist.

Excess Androgens

Focusing on minimizing and reducing the excess androgens that cause male factor hair growth, loss, acne and more.

Weight Loss

Some women with PCOS struggle with weight gain associated with elevated insulin levels. We use the power of the mind-body connection to reduce the desire for certain foods, while improving the desire for healthy “green” foods.


Circulation includes visualizations with respect to our blood, oxygen and nutrients ensuring that all parts of our bodies are receiving adequate amounts to nourish all of our cells. We give special attention to ensuring that enough vital blood-oxygen reaches past our lungs and into all areas of our bodies.

Programs for PCOS from Circle + Bloom on Vimeo.



  • Download files contain 6 Mp3 files, containing approximately 1.6 hours or 92 MBs. Downloads are both PC and Mac compatible, and are simple ZIP file that when extracted as all of the programs to be either played directly on your computer (headsets would be fantastic with this option, and a chair or couch nearby), or synced onto your iPod, iPhone, or other Mp3 player. For a more complete description of the downloading instructions, click here.
  • CD-Set contains 2 CDs that are playable on a CD player, as well as on your computer (with a CD or DVD compatible drive)
  • Purchase completely risk-free as we completely guarantee our programs with a full 100% money-back guarantee.

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