PCOS for Fertility

Circle+Bloom PCOS for Fertility Program
PCOS for Fertility Program
Let’s Remove the Word “Untreatable” from the PCOS Diagnosis Together!

Joanne Verkuilen

Finally, a guided visualization program for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, designed to help guide the body back to balance to get pregnant, or to potentially reduce the effects of PCOS. Visualization is a key “tool” in mind-body medicine. The first of its kind, our new brain-body program specifically for PCOS is now available.

What is guided visualization? Sounds difficult? We’ve made it as easy as 1-2-3. Our brains and bodies are constantly talking to each other. Our cells respond to stimuli that are brought to us by our senses. Emotions and “body memory” are held in various areas of the body that can negatively affect the natural balance our body should possess. It has been shown that our bodies don’t know the difference between what we are imaging and what we are physically seeing with our two eyes. And so when we simply imagine certain things happening within our body, our bodies follow suit. What the brain sees, the body can accomplish.

PCOS for Fertility for women who wish to conceive a baby, but also have polycystic ovaries – which is one of the leading causes of infertility. The program offers an in-depth, day-by-day relaxation and visualization that tracks to the female reproductive cycle, just like our Natural Cycle and IVF/IUI Program, but specifically geared toward PCOS imbalances.

“It worked!!! I finally ovulated! You have no idea how happy I am! Thank you all so much! I am telling everyone I know. This is the best money I’ve ever spent!” ~ Liz

Secret Support Group on Facebook:

  • Invitation to C+B Infertility Support Circle, a secret/private Facebook group created to serve women living with infertility
  • In this group we share our stories, be inspired, find hope, discover kinship, and take joyous, positive action in our journeys
  • Studies show that participating in a community support group can help reduce stress and boost fertility results
  • Invitation details will be send via email

Monthly Online Jam Session:

  • Circle+Bloom™- in collaboration with Rosanne Austin – hosts a free monthly fertility online jam session
  • Deep dive into the topics that will support you to live your fertility journey with more ease and less stress
  • Each 60-minute teleseminar is our gift to you and will offer a highly interactive combination of great education and access to powerful support
  • Registration will be send via email


“After 3 unsuccessful rounds of IUI, we decided to TTC naturally. To support my body, I had to do all I could to reduce my insulin (and some of the excess androgens). I found your PCOS program online – even though I don’t actually have PCOS, I thought the insulin and androgen sessions would be good for me. Turns out they were! Yesterday I got two lines on my pregnancy test and a positive blood test result! I cannot believe that after years of trying and endless disappointment, I am finally able to do my own two-line tango! Thank you so much! Your guidance and support really got me through!” ~ Michelle

“I had been on the pill for 12 years straight when I stopped it and experienced complete amenorrhea for 4 years. I got my period back after working with a naturopath and a chiropractor. Once my cycle did return I began working with an acupuncturist and I also immediately started listening to the Circle & Bloom PCOS program after hearing about it on the Fertility Friday podcast (I chose the PCOS program based on my irregular menstrual history) and it became my favorite 15-20 minutes of the day. The doctor gave us the okay to start trying on my fourth cycle, during which I continued to listen to Circle & Bloom throughout, and we conceived! I’m now a returning customer for your pregnancy program! Thank you so much for your work! I can’t imagine going through this journey without your guided relaxation and visualizations! C&B is simply the best!” ~ Andrea

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Benefits Include:

  • Use advanced visualizations to use brain-body therapy to help address the symptoms of PCOS
  • Visualize balancing your reproductive hormones to potentially improve fertility each and every day
  • Focus on minimizing insulin in the blood stream that could be contributing to your PCOS
  • Help to increase cellular response to insulin that could be contributing to your PCOS
  • Feel in greater control of your body, levels of health and well-being

“I got pregnant after 2 months of listening to the PCOS Fertility Program and having been told our chance to conceive naturally are 5%. This program works magic, literally. My endocrinologist was shocked to find out about my natural pregnancy, since the first ultrasound showed that I produced the usual multiple eggs, as I always did because of my PCOS. It was my mental power that made it happen.” ~ Anna

Sound too good to be true? PCOS has no effective treatment?

The power of the brain is still not fully understood at the scientific level…but what we do know is that it has a direct correlation to the health of our body. Our emotions, how we feel, our thoughts and stress all impact our health and our immune system. People who are happy tend to live longer. Our emotions become physical packets of information and literally change our cells
(Pert Ph.D., Molecules of Emotion). Bernie Siegel, M.D. reports on thousands of cases of cancer survivors who use the power of visualization to reduce and remove the cancer tumors form their bodies.

Detailed Description:

Cycle Day 1/2: Hypothalamus-pituitary shedding of excess stress. Internalizing a visualization of the mind-body connection. Visualizing the mind-body connection again to strengthen the subconscious understanding and intuition.

Cycle Day 3/4: Continued visualization of the hypothalamus communicating with the pituitary. Shedding of uterine lining (menstruation) to create optimum situation for implantation later in the month.

Cycle Day 5/6: Relaxation touching on all aspects of your reproductive organs. Focusing again on the feedback loop between the hypothalamus-pituitary and ovaries.

Cycle Day 7/8: Seeing hormonal balance and effects of stress reduction throughout the entire body. Visualization of uterus and the beginning phases of preparing for fertilized egg.

Cycle Day 9/10: Picturing the perfect development of an egg and the preparation of the uterus with just the right amount of hormones in a balanced, natural state.

Cycle Day 11/12: Visualizing and having confidence that hormones are passing through at just the right time and speed, and are gearing up to release an egg.

Cycle Day 13/14: Special focus on ovulation. LH surge, and complete and utter relaxation of all elements of your reproductive system. Seeing complete balance and harmony. Using the Law of Reversed Effort, thinking of a time when you did NOT want to get pregnant and using a fun visualization that will help reverse the way the more you try to do something, the less you may succeed.

“My husband and I had been dealing with infertility for about a year. I had made lifestyle changes but nothing seemed to be working. We were going to start Clomid in January. I heard about Circle + Bloom from PCOS Diva. I loved the idea of using my body’s intentions and my mind to help heal myself. I started your PCOS for fertility program in November. I finally felt like I had some control. It was the only change I made. On December 30th, I found out I was having a baby. He is 2 months old now.” ~ Maureen

Cycle Day 15/16: Focus on ovulation, release of an egg, softening and moistening of the cervix with the right amount and consistency of cervical fluid, and the full acceptance of healthy sperm. Seeing sperm travel through uterus toward fallopian tubes.

Cycle Day 17/18: Fertilized egg tiny movements and traveling through the fallopian towards uterus. Progesterone hormone communication from ovary to uterus.

Cycle Day 19/20: The blastocyst moving and having it’s own energy. Seeing it grow at just the right time and amounts. Progesterone hormone communication continues. Everything in perfect balance.

Cycle Day 21/22: Traveling fertilized egg through the fallopian tubes toward the building uterine waiting for its arrival and implantation.

Cycle Day 23/24: Implantation of the egg into the uterus. The right hormone circulation and balance of growth.

Cycle Day 25/26: Growth of the implanted egg and the beginnings of the placenta, growing in harmony and just as it should.

Cycle Day 27/28: Uterus as being full, heavy, round. Uterus giving just the right amount of energy and love for the perfect development of the embryo.

“I decided to get the PCOS for fertility program to try to calm down and let things take its course. I used it for that cycle and it helped immensely. I felt so calm and relaxed during this cycle that I was OK with whatever happened that month. Well, that month I got pregnant!! I found out October 21, 2010 that I was pregnant and the only thing that we did differently that month was this program. Thank you Circle + Bloom.” ~ Danielle



“I have used your PCOS for Fertility and your Healthy Pregnancy CD’s that have led me to my currently beautiful life with my 8 month old daughter, who I never thought I could have. Unfortunately, once I stopped breastfeeding my PCOS came back! I know these meditations along with a better concentration on a healthy lifestyle will help me! Thank you!” ~ Kelly


Insulin / Pancreas Session
Addressing the underlying root cause of the hormonal imbalance stemming from insulin. Visualizing balance, reduction of insulin and improving our cellular insulin sensitivity.

Ovary Cleansing
Using visualization to address the ovaries and improving their size, function and minimizing cysts that may exist.

Excess Androgens
Focusing on minimizing and reducing the excess androgens that cause male factor hair growth, loss, acne and more.

Weight Loss
Some women with PCOS struggle with weight gain associated with elevated insulin levels. We use the power of the mind-body connection to reduce the desire for certain foods, while improving the desire for healthy “green” foods.

Circulation includes visualizations with respect to our blood, oxygen and nutrients ensuring that all parts of our bodies are receiving adequate amounts to nourish all of our cells. We give special attention to ensuring that enough vital blood-oxygen reaches past our lungs and into all areas of our bodies.

“Thank you for putting your amazing programs out there. I am a 40 year old woman with PCOS and was told by my doctor that I had only about a 12% chance of getting pregnant. Luckily, I came across your program and after listening to it every night I was free of any anxiety and relaxed as can be. To make a long story short, I AM PREGNANT! On my very first try against all odds and I am convinced that it’s to a large part thanks to your program! A BIG thanks to you, Joanne and Amy! These are the best $60 I have EVER spent!” ~ Stephanie


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  • Download files contain 20 Mp3 files, containing approximately 5.5 hours or 306 MBs. Downloads are both PC and Mac compatible, and are simple ZIP file that when extracted as all of the programs to be either played directly on your computer (headsets would be fantastic with this option, and a chair or couch nearby), or synced onto your iPod, iPhone, or other Mp3 player. For a more complete description of the downloading instructions, click here.
  • CD-Set contains 5 CDs that are playable on a CD player, as well as on your computer (with a CD or DVD compatible drive)
  • Purchase completely risk-free as we completely guarantee our programs with a full 100% money-back guarantee.

“My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about 1 1/2 years, with no success. I used your PCOS for Fertility program and after 1 full cycle, I’m pregnant! I see now how crucial the mind-body connection is to this process… some yoga, a fertility massage, and listening to your program every night did the trick 🙂 I really can’t thank you enough for Circle + Bloom’s support!~ Stephanie

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