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Relax and tune in to this guided meditation program for pregnancy

If you’re feeling anxious in anticipation of your upcoming frozen embryo transfer (FET), it’s time to slow down and recognize your body’s changes. You may feel like this is your one chance to get it right—that’s a lot of pressure! Our guided meditations for pregnancy are tailored specifically for the FET process, helping you feel less anxious and in control every step of the way.

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The Frozen Embryo Transfer Program features 11 audio meditation for pregnancy sessions aligned with the FET process. Sessions are organized into four categories to match your cycle, including Suppression (when you’ll be taking Lupron or birth control pills to down-regulate your cycle), Estrogen Cycle for when you start to take estrogen, a special session for when you undergo the FET and post-transfer sessions to encourage acceptance and implantation. Tune into this transformative program that has helped many women undergoing FET regain feelings of control and relaxation.

Listen to a sample:

  1. Frozen Embryo Transfer Program Circle & Bloom LLC 3:46

Your one-time purchase includes lifetime access to this program and is also available risk-free with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Other benefits include:

  • Learn proven stress-reduction techniques to help in your everyday life and during your pregnancy;
  • An adaptable program that you can customize for your cycle;
  • Gain back joy for life and love for your amazing body.

Each session is under 20 minutes, and you can listen to them on any mobile device. You’ll feel new appreciation for your body by focusing on improving your mind-body connection and decreasing stress. Make this process count.

Circle+Bloom Fertility Support Circle:

You’ll also be able to join our Circle+Bloom Fertility Support Group, a private Facebook group. This is a special and secret (shhhh) support group for women who are on a fertility journey. When you are on a journey to build a family, it can feel isolating at times and feel like you have no to talk to – no one who really understands. Rest assured that you don’t have to walk this journey alone.

Our Private Facebook Group is a group of women dedicated to learning, helping, and supporting each other on the journey to building a family. In this group we will share our stories, be inspired, find hope, discover kinship, and take joyous, positive action in our journeys. Since this is a private group – rest assured your family and friends on Facebook will not be able to see you are member of this group or anything you post in this group.

We also offer free online live events on our private group where we will be joined by fertility coaches, yoga instructors, nutritionist and other partners we work with to help provide you with free classes and resources for your journey. To join our Private Facebook Group, please send an email to to be added to our group.


Check with your company’s health benefits team to see if this program qualifies for reimbursement under your Flexible Spending Account.

Read what our clients have to say about the Frozen Embryo Transfer Program:

After almost two years of going through fertility treatment, I ordered the FET CD and got my first positive pregnancy confirmation. The CD’s have been amazing! I work the night shift at a hospital, and it’s hard to fall asleep on my nights off but listening to Circle and Bloom is so relaxing, and I am normally asleep before the end of one segment. — Emily

I used the program for IVF/IUI and then the program for Frozen Embryo Transfer and have been really, really pleased with them!! I credit them to a large degree for how relaxed I felt while going through IVF! And since I’m now buying the pregnancy program, you can see that it was successful  Thank you! — Karen

Thank you, Circle+Bloom for your FET Program. I listened to the transfer session last night, while being driven in, while waiting for the transfer, and then straight after. I had quite a painful experience with the FET, and during the session after, I felt all my insides relax again. I felt so much better right away. — Sarah

I bought your IVF and FET meditation sets and am 5 weeks and three days pregnant!!! I’m so excited, but I still can’t seem to shake the anxiety that something will go wrong after all it took for me to get to this point. I really attribute much of the success of my treatment to the guided meditation and relaxation. The mind-body connection has really helped me stay positive and be in tune with myself. So much love and many thanks. — Lauren

I have listened to the IUI/IVF program while conceiving my son and the FET program while conceiving this baby. It has helped me focus, stay relaxed and prepare my body. I am very pleased to hear there is a new pregnancy program now available. — Anon

Program Outline

This program includes 12 audio sessions containing a total of 3.1 hours.  Each session lasts 13 – 18 minutes. You will receive instant online access once you create your account and will be able to download the sessions as well to listen to it however you prefer to.

As with all our programs, the session consists of three distinct components:

  1. Body Scan Relaxation
  2. Guided Visualization
  3. Strengthening Emotional State and Optimistic Feelings

To learn more about how our guided meditation programs work, please view here.

Suppression Sessions

Listen to the suppression sessions while you’re down-regulating your cycle do you don’t ovulate. Listen to them in any order for as long as your suppression phase lasts.

Suppression Session A: An introduction to the mind-body connection and awareness.

Suppression Session B: An introduction to body awareness and becoming rooted in being.

Suppression Session C: An introduction to abundance in health.

Estrogen Sessions

The estrogen cycle sessions are designed for you to listen to when you begin to take estrogen. Listen to them in order.

Estrogen Cycle Day 1 – 3: Focus on the healthy development of uterine lining.

Estrogen Cycle Day 4 – 6: Focus on the healthy development of uterine lining.

Estrogen Cycle Day 7 – 10: Focus on the healthy development of uterine lining.

Estrogen Cycle Day 11 – Transfer: Focus on the healthy development of uterine lining, and preparing your body for pregnancy.

Special Session:

Listen to this when you undergo the frozen embryo transfer, before and during if you wish. This session will help you achieve optimum relaxation of the uterus and accept the fertilized egg/s.

Your doctor will most likely ask you to relax for 24-48 hours after the transfer procedure. Listen to this session as many times as you like during this period.

Listen to the post transfer sessions in any order until you take your first pregnancy test.

Post Transfer Session A+B+C: Focus on implantation, progesterone and acceptance of the egg.


What does relaxation have to do with getting pregnant?

You’ve probably heard about how chronic stress negatively impacts sleep, but it also negatively impacts fertility. While research is still inconclusive about why this is, it’s clear that relaxation techniques like visualization and meditation help reduce stress and increase the chances of perception. We’ve received countless stories from our community about how our programs have not only helped people become pregnant, but also how their feelings of well-being and calm have positively impacted their lives.

Learn more about the science behind our work.

How can a simple MP3 file really affect my health and reproduction?

The audio files you receive with the programs employ mindfulness meditation techniques to help with fertility. We use a science-based technique that enhances and balances your mind-body connection. While stress is experienced emotionally, it can negatively affect your reproductive health. Listening to calming music and meditation prompts helps you relax and increase your feeling of well-being. We offer audio files so that you can listen privately through your headphones at any time of the day.

Listen to a free mind-body seminar to start your experience.

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